13 Home Tips to Clear Your Armpits Naturally

Nothing that looks different on your skin is good, including your armpits. It is embarrassing to have dark armpits. You can not raise your hand if you wear certain clothes. Do not leave it like this, clear your armpits.

They give the feeling that they are dirty or sloppy, something that is far from the impression I like to give. When we notice that we have darkened armpits, we end up looking for clothing that prevents them from seeing, even if it is summer, and not thinking about raising arms or doing sports. You never feel comfortable, you will always be aware that you do not notice.

Here are the 13 natural remedies to clear the armpits quickly:

1. How to Whiten the Armpits with

The lemon will not only serve to whiten the skin of the armpits, but also the skin will look younger and healthier because it has a clear exfoliating action because of its acidity. However, a third action is the one that will grant us a welcome extra advantage: it has antibacterial action, so it is fundamental to avoid the bad smell in the armpits since it is the bacteria that inhabit that area that produce it. With this method, we will have the skin of the armpits with a much younger appearance, without darkening and without problems of unpleasant odors.

What you are going to occupy:

  • 1 fresh lemon
  • moisturizer

How to apply:

We have different ways of using it, but the two most efficient and simple to apply are the following:

  1. Cut a thick slice of lemon and massage each armpit at least five minutes before taking a shower. It should be done daily. Whitening will notice after a week. The only drawback of this form of application is that it tends to dry the skin a lot, so it is recommended to apply a moisturizer in the armpits after the shower.
  2. Prepare a cream by mixing a little lemon juice with yogurt, or if you do not have yogurt at home with honey and turmeric. well until a is formed and apply with a massage for 10 minutes in the armpits. After that, you take a shower to remove the cream.

2. Shave your armpits with potatoes

Potatoes are wonderful for whitening the skin and are a great alternative for those who find lemon very irritating or are allergic to it. The potatoes have a certain level of acidity but clearly lower than the lemons. Besides being very effective for whitening the skin, it is a very cheap method and we just have to have a little constancy in its application. They can be used in two ways:

  1. Cut a slice of potato with sufficient thickness to manipulate it without breaking, and massage the skin of each armpit with it, for 10 minutes. Then remove with warm water.
  2. If you have a juice extractor at home, you should extract the juice from a potato and then apply directly with the fingers or with a cotton ball, with a as in the previous item for 10 minutes, then remove with warm water. If you do not have a juice extractor at home, there is no problem. What you will do will grate a potato and then the sieves with a clean cloth, so that you extract the juice from it. The rest of the procedure is the same: massage with your fingers or with a cotton ball.
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With this method, you will notice results in one week as long as you apply it every day twice a day.

3. Whiten your armpits with cucumbers

Cucumbers will always be seen as an important part of of the skin, as it has many advantages in that regard. Its antioxidant content that combats , its ability to hydrate and nourish the skin, plus availability and ease of use make them very popular.

How to apply:

  • Lemon juice with cucumbers and turmeric. The advantage of using this option is that we will get several positive effects at a time since the lemon will exfoliate and whiten the skin, the cucumber will nourish it and bleach it gently, and turmeric will prevent areas with greater Discoloration than others. It is prepared very easy: we mix lemon juice with a little cucumber juice and we add turmeric. Before applying we mix perfectly. Apply with your hands directly and let it act for a few minutes. It is removed with warm water. The daily application is ideal for lasting effects. Ayurvedic medicine is commonly used.
  • Cut a slice of cucumber and massage directly into your armpits. You remove with warm water, but if you want do not need to do it, since if you want to leave it all night there is no problem.
  • Apply with freshly extracted cucumber juice directly with your fingers or with a cotton. As in the previous case, it is not necessary to remove it quickly.

4. Use natural scrubs to remove armpit stains

Often the problem of dark skin in the armpits is that dead cells have accumulated in significant amounts, so achieving a proper exfoliation is attacking the cause directly. In the market, there are exfoliants of all kinds, but all of them contain chemicals that are usually strong enough to make the recommendation very cautious. There are many highly effective natural exfoliators that will make the skin in your armpits look young and unstained.

However, it should be noted that excessive exfoliation (as is often the case with strong chemicals) can produce more problems than solutions. Never exfoliate the armpits using brushes or pumice. It can infect the hair follicles which can be a serious problem, as well as very annoying. The scars that may remain are unpleasant. Therefore, exfoliate the armpits is good, but with natural methods and without exceeding the frequency.

A) Lemon juice and sugar

It is important to pay attention in the preparation: it is not about mixing sugar in lemon juice so that there is a sweet juice. Contrary to what we do will be to moisten a little sugar (can be brown or white, no problem) with lemon juice. The important thing is that the small grains of sugar are visible and palpable. Let’s apply this paste under the armpits, with a gentle massage, in circles. Let’s spend 10 minutes with each armpit, then remove with warm water. This is the ideal whitening method for those who have darkened axils for shaving

B) Walnut paste ground with lemon and honey

This paste in addition to exfoliating nourishes the skin, effect that honey will achieve. It is important to have ground nuts (also can be peanuts) well homogenous and small in size to avoid injuring the delicate skin of your armpits. It is prepared by moistening the walnuts ground with lemon juice and forming the pasta with a spoonful of honey. When touching it you should feel the nuts, but soft. Apply with a massage for 10 minutes as in the previous case, and then remove with warm water.

5. Whiten your armpits with bicarbonate

With baking soda, you will not only get underarms without dark areas, but you can even save money on buying deodorants. The bad smell in the armpits is due in large part to the accumulation of dead cells and partial obstruction of the sweat glands so that bacteria proliferate. Without using baking soda you will be able to exfoliate and therefore eliminate the dead cells, while the sweat glands are clear and without bacteria. This way you will not have to use deodorant, which in turn is the cause in the good form of the darkening of the skin. It is about breaking that vicious circle that produces unpleasant odor in the armpits, in addition to darkening of the skin. You have two ways to use it:

  1. Prepare a paste of baking soda and water, and thoroughly massage the area, about 10 minutes on each side. Afterward, rinse with warm water.
  2. Here the preparation is similar, but instead of giving a massage what you will do will be to clean the armpits with that paste and to remove with a clean cloth just moist. The bicarbonate will be your new way of cleaning the armpits, thus avoiding the use of deodorant.
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6. Orange peel for blanching the armpits

Orange peels for bleaching the armpits are by far my preferred method. It is extremely effective and very easy to do. It bleaches but is also exfoliating, so it removes dead cells and avoids unpleasant odors while leaving us with that delicious fruit scent. The preparation is quite simple but you have to respect each step:

  • Dry the orange peels, respecting the necessary time. It is better to do it in the shade
  • Once dried the husks we will crush them conscientiously.
  • Mix the dried and crushed shells with a little rose water and milk. It is important to remember that we want to form a paste so that the rose water and milk are added very slowly so as not to pass us.
  • Massage the armpits for ten minutes with this paste we have made. It should be done gently and then removed with warm water. The natural perfume of oranges lingers longer than you think.

7. Whiten your armpits with saffron

Saffron besides bleaching your armpits can act as an excellent deodorant so it compensates in some way for the cost. It is a fact that saffron is expensive, but the amount used is small and you can save the deodorant.

It is prepared by forming a paste by mixing strands of saffron with a little milk. Once the pasta is homogeneous we have two options:

  • Apply with a gentle massage and leave overnight. If we do this the results will be seen sooner.
  • Apply with a massage and leave 20 minutes and then remove with warm water.

8. Milk to bleach the armpits

Milk applied directly to the armpit with cotton twice a day will make your armpits look stained and cleaner.

We can also make a whitening paste with milk that is very good exfoliating. We are going to need:

  • A spoonful of milk
  • A spoonful of curd
  • A spoonful of flour

We mix everything well so as to form a paste and apply it giving a massage. Leave 15 minutes and remove with warm water. It is applied daily.

9. Whiten your armpits with a wide variety of oils

There are several recipes with oils to treat the skin, especially to bleach the skin of the armpits. You can choose the one you like most with the safety that is proven and efficient methods.

A. Use olive oil and brown sugar to unblock the armpits

To apply this recipe you only need two tablespoons of olive oil and one cup of brown sugar. Just form a paste by mixing both and apply on the armpits with a gentle massage. Leave on for 5 minutes and then remove with warm water. It should be repeated twice a week, taking care to always remove it very well as it can stain clothes.

B. Use coconut oil to unweave your armpits

The advantage of coconut oil is the large amount of vitamin E it contains which improves the skin. On the other hand, it is an excellent deodorant, although there are people who are not fanatical about their perfume. You should only massage the armpits with the coconut oil and then remove them in the shower.

C. Use vitamin E oil to remove armpit stains

You only have to massage the armpits with this oil, and not only achieve much clearer armpits, but the skin will look much more smooth. The only downside is the price which is a bit high.

D. Use mixture of oils

An excellent armpit bleach can be prepared by mixing three drops of olive oil, three drops of wheat oil, three drops of jojoba oil, three drops of citrus oils (the one you like) and a little water. The oils are mixed well and a massage is applied to each armpit and left for a few minutes. As it is applied daily, respecting the proportions can be prepared a greater quantity and to store it, to avoid doing it daily.

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10. Whiten your armpits with a mask of chickpeas

This mask will leave your armpit skin healthy, clean and clear.


  • Two tablespoons of chickpea flour
  • Two tablespoons of yogurt
  • A spoonful of lemon juice
  • A pinch of turmeric


Mix all ingredients, apply with a massage leave to act half an hour before conscientiously remove with warm water. It should be applied daily for two weeks and then twice a week to conserve the effects achieved.

11. Whiten your armpits with herbal remedies

You can prepare an excellent bleach for the armpits that has all the advantages that nature offers us, in a very simple way.


  • Licorice Root Extract
  • Aspen extract
  • Raspberry extract

I have not put the amounts because they can be prepared to use for a long time, so it depends on how much you want to store. What is important is that it is about equal parts.


Apply with a massage, leave for half an hour and remove with warm water. It is ideal to do it before the shower, so make sure we take it off very well so we do not stain the garments. The first two weeks are used daily, and as in the previous case, maintenance is done twice a week as long as you want.

12. Never do this

As they say … prevention is better than cure. Nothing better than keeping the skin of healthy armpits, so you do not have to rebuild it. There are many things we do very often that can seriously damage underarm skin.

Do not shave your armpits. Shaving the armpits irritates the skin, and predisposes it to darken. On the other hand, shaving does not manage to remove the root hair but cuts it at the base, so in a few hours, it emerges naturally, which gives the feeling of being much darker.

  • Do not use depilatory creams. They are irritating and eventually seriously damage the skin.
  • It avoids electrolysis since the stains it can produce are very difficult to remove.
  • Remove hair with wax. Depilatory wax applied by a professional removes root hair. The first two or three times it hurts a bit, but then not even upset.
  • Avoid using deodorants with many chemicals, tend to the most possible. Try baking soda and you’ll see how it works.
  • It maintains a strict hygiene. Without good hygiene, dead cells accumulate, bacteria that produce very bad odor. Clean skin is an indispensable condition to keep it healthy.
  • Avoid very tight garments in the armpits, and especially the artificial fabrics. Cotton garments, or with the highest percentage possible, are much healthier.
  • Remember to exfoliate the skin from the armpits, to remove dead cells and avoid bad odors and darkening.

We have seen several ways to do it, choose the one you like most and repeat it frequently weekly if you use natural methods.

13. Low weight to remove stains from the armpits, and visit your doctor if nothing works

People with obesity have a lot more problem with the skin of the folds, not just the armpits. In such cases, irritations and even infections can occur.

If you have diabetes keep it under strict control since the characteristics of diabetes are skin problems are much more frequent and solutions more complicated.

Visit your doctor if you can not bleach underarm skin with previous methods.

If you have tried several methods to bleach the armpits and you have not gotten it if you have reviewed well the list of what you should not do and still the armpits are still seeing dark, perhaps you have some condition that so determines and it will be the doctor Who diagnosed it. There are several diseases that can give areas of hyper pigmentation in the skin (darkening) in particular in the areas of folds.

Acanthosis Nigrincans is a condition where you can see darkening and occurs along with a malfunction of the endocrine system. All this should be explored by a physician to indicate the appropriate treatment for the underlying disease.