3 Steps to Overcome Weight Gain Caused by Thyroid Problems

While weight gain by thyroid is not easy to beat, usually is not as difficult as most people think it is.

Even though people with or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are the ones who commonly suffer from this problem, people with hyperthyroidism are also affected by gain. The problem is with the approach of most people with thyroid or problems.

That is, they try to lose weight based solely on reducing calories and exercise. Undoubtedly it is important to minimize calories and exercise regularly. But, it is usually not enough to lose weight. So the goal of this article is to explain what you can do to lose weight… and avoid getting it back.

How to Overcome Thyroid weight gain

1. Do not focus exclusively on reducing calories

Obviously you should not consume too much calories, but eating , minimizing the amount of refined foods and consuming sugar helps reduce weight gain caused by diet.

Again, calorie restriction will also help, but most people who gain weight are due to excess processed foods in their diet.

They may think they are eating healthy, and SOME of the foods they eat may be healthy, but most also eat many foods that are not considered healthy, and therefore gain weight.

For example, many people think pasta is healthy.

While whole wheat pasta is definitely healthier than white pasta, whole wheat pasta is still a processed food.

I’m not suggesting that you stop eating whole wheat pasta at all, but if you eat pasta several times a week, as many people do, and you do not watch the portion size, then you’ll probably gain weight.

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Many people with thyroid and / or autoimmune thyroid disorders avoid gluten.

This of course is usually a good measure, but you should be aware that gluten free does not necessarily mean it is healthy.

The same concept applies with organic foods.

For example, you can buy organic gluten-free cookies, and it might be okay to consume them from time to time.

But if they are part of your regular diet, then losing weight will be complicated.

So again, I’m not suggesting that you need to follow a perfect diet, but a diet consisting of 80% to 90% of whole foods, will make it easier for you to lose and maintain your weight.

2. Exercise regularly

Yes, exercising regularly is important for anyone who wants to lose weight.

But this does not mean that you need 30 minutes of strenuous exercise every day.

Ideally, you should have at least 30 minutes of mild to moderate cardiovascular exercise three to five times a week.

If you do not currently follow an exercise program, then you need to start slowly.

Maybe starting with a five minute workout, and then gradually start to increase endurance.

People with hyperthyroidism should exercise caution if they have a high resting pulse rate.

In addition to cardiovascular exercise, doing some can also be beneficial.

Not only can it help with , along with following can also help with bone density and can prevent the development of osteoporosis.

So try to have at least 15 to 20 minutes of light weight lifting three or four times each week.

If you have thyroid, Hashimoto or Graves disease and you do not have the energy to exercise for 30 minutes, then obviously you have to do what you can, and focus on other areas vital to health.

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So for example, if you can find the energy to do five to ten minutes of light walking each day, and at the same time eat better, get enough sleep, and take other actions to help restore thyroid health, then with the You will have more energy.

This will allow you to increase the amount of time you exercise.

3. Correct any existing hormonal imbalance

It is one of the main reasons why people with thyroid disease or autoimmune thyroid problems have difficulty losing weight.

Many people with such conditions also suffer from estrogen dominance and / or insulin resistance.

Either condition will make it extremely difficult to lose weight.

I have mentioned on numerous occasions, as most endocrinologists and other medical specialists do nothing to determine if there is hormonal imbalance.

Both insulin resistance and estrogen dominance are very common conditions.

And in my personal opinion it is a mistake that nothing is done to detect these conditions.

The good news is that these hormonal imbalances are usually relatively easy to correct once detected.

However, it takes time to achieve this.

Myths About Thyroid Weight Gain

If you suffer from weight gain by thyroid, and if calorie counting and regular exercise do not work, then you should pay attention to what I have told you in this article.

With regard to diet, I understand the media bombardment by which they sell diets to lose weight and tell you that you can eat what you want, as long as you restrict calories.

But while this strategy may work for some people, for most it is not a long-term solution.

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The best long-term solution to maintaining proper weight is to eat primarily natural foods, minimize the consumption of processed foods, and exercise regularly.

Implementing this approach will also help a lot with the problem of hormone imbalance.

Eating healthy most of the time and exercising regularly will greatly reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance, and will also help prevent the prevalence of estrogen.

Latest words around thyroid weight gain

If you already have problems with insulin or estrogen (or both), then, in addition to eating healthier, you may have to go through a detox program.

This is not always necessary, but for many people with estrogen dominance or insulin resistance can be a great help.

It is especially true for those who have accumulation of hormones in their tissues due to taking bioidentical hormones like estrogen or progesterone.

Either way, correcting hormone balance will help a lot with efforts to lose weight.

In short, ” overcoming weight gain ” by thyroid can be a challenge, but as the title of this article suggests, it is easier to achieve than most people think.

Obviously it takes time to lose weight.

However, many people with good thyroid problems or who try to lose weight are frustrated and give up.

However, following the three I have explained are an excellent opportunity to eliminate undesirable excess weight… and keep it forever.

I hope you found this article helpful and help me share on your social networks.