3 Ways How to Make Nose Smaller without Surgery

How To Make Nose Smaller Without Surgery-I’ve always had a big nose. Unfortunately my nose is a little ‘wide’ and my big smile only increases its aspects, in fact, took a little over my face.

When I was younger I used to bother me more than it is now (because now I have a self-confidence bordering on narcissism in the making) but still have companions around me charge saying that instead of nose have a “snout”.

I then decided to study whether it was possible to reduce the size of the nose without undergoing cosmetic surgery that apart from painful is very expensive and of course I realized I was not alone in this difficult situation and that others were out there trying it same.

Of course I found that there were suggestions and advice and, therefore, I decided it was worth trying, so the question was: Do any of these ideas of How to Make Nose Smaller without Surgery work?

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Here I will introduce how useful findings proved.

Tightens and shapes

The first thing I found How to Make Nose Smaller without Surgery were the many statements in which say you can reduce the size of your nose, just squeezing as it is made of cartilage, it follows that it would be more malleable than bone and would be more likely to have an effect .

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On my first attempt I must admit that worked and my nose looked a little thinner. I pressed the sides at the top firmly about two minutes, so he felt uncomfortable and when I blurted had a less pronounced nose and flared at the top where the problem area was. I have to admit that this gave rise to a thinning of my nose that was perceptible to the touch and it was almost perceptible to the eye as well.

The problem with that immediate effect, although my nose was also very red and actually attracted more attention it could say that it is not ideal. The idea is that when you do this for a few minutes each day, your nose will be smaller, but of course, has consequences because doing so often you will produce bruises and blemishes.

The ‘Nose-Up’

The next thing I found How to Make Nose Smaller without Surgery was the nose-up or nose magic (a variation on the same concept) which is essentially a clip designed to compression in the nose for 10-15 minutes a day. Now I’m a little skeptical about whether this can really work, because although the cartilage may be softer than bone but definitely will not dissolve magically, but looking on the internet does seem to have some pretty happy testimonies that seem relatively legitimate. What I gained from the review it is that it takes about a month to have any effect and is really only useful for those who want to make the tip of her nose thinner. Its cost is very cheap but do not expect miracles.

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Nose Makeup

Finally, the other option how to make nose smaller without surgery is using makeup. Now the idea here is not to hide the nose, but rather to create an optical illusion of class by using “shadow” or a slightly darker on the sides of the nose base. This way makes it seem as if the nose is more steeply inclined to either side and make the singing half look narrower. It is a temporary effect, and one that is not willing to deal for a man. But for women who are willing to give a little time it can be a very effective technique. It is the option that most women use.

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