4 Tips to Have a Perfect Nose

Most people consider a sharp nose a symbol of . It makes you stand out from the crowd and makes them come back to see you. Women with a sharp nose can wear almost any make-up look they want.

Here we will tell you what you must do to have a perfect nose.

There are those who have big noses, with shapes maybe not so aesthetic, but they do not care a bit. That is ideal, accepted as they are and do not feel it is something bad.

At the other end we see people with very nice noses, but somehow they see something bad and they want to change it. That can become pathology and not less, since they will believe that they will never feel satisfied, whatever procedure is done.

Surely that dissatisfaction is much more interior than aesthetic and there will be no procedure, whatever, to solve it, until they resolve their inner discomfort.

Between the two extremes, not as wise as the first, nor as distressed as the last, are the vast majority of people. Everyone may be happy or not with their nose, and may be willing to do more or less invasive procedures to overcome it. Is that in fact there are noses that affect a face, but that same nose with another context is very well.

We will see some to solve this problem considering from the most radical solutions to the most innocuous.

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Tips to Have a Perfect Nose

1.     or

This is the most . The surgeon or surgeon will try to correct what is bothering us most. The most important thing is to choose the right surgeon, with a lot of experience and seriousness. An important tip in this case is to see your previous work. If all noses resemble one another, perhaps he is not the right doctor.
He has to be able to advise us what is best for our face, but respecting our taste. An important point is to meet people who have had surgery with him or her, or have a serious reputation.

As all surgery is not without risks, but really are minor especially if done properly. It is painful, there are bruises for weeks and edema (swelling) although it is getting smaller, lasts for months. On the other hand, the results are permanent, and if we liked, solves the problem in one go. We reiterate that the choice of the surgeon is the key, because to be permanent, if we did not like it we must accept it or resort to another surgery, something that usually does not go so well.

2.     How to have a perfect nose without surgery

In recent years has undergone a real revolution. The development of a remarkable aesthetic aparatologia and medicines that are injected giving spectacular results and in a very safe way, it has changed almost everything. Since these are non-surgical procedures there are almost no risks, recovery is immediate and results are visible at the moment.

In the case of procedures aimed at improving the appearance of the nose, Botox, Radiesse or Restalyne is used, depending on the need of each case and the way the doctor works. It is essential to make it clear that these procedures, although they are non-surgical, must be done by a medical specialist, must have experience and the place must have a very favorable reputation that guarantees the authenticity of the procedure.

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These are procedures that are performed in about 15 minutes, usually in a single session and that gives results at the time. These treatments are completely painless, although some patients may feel that it is somewhat annoying. After the procedure, the usual activities are resumed, with no need for recovery and without bruising or bruising like those occurring in surgery.

It is possible to smooth the nose, to splash it, to remove areas that are somewhat more sunken; In short, it is modeled completely. It is ideal for those who do not have much time to lose, want immediate results and do not want to suffer pains.

In patients with major nose problems, with significant deviations of the septum or need to reduce size in a very significant way, this is not the procedure indicated. For these cases, obviously, surgery is the best,

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3.     Nasal correction devices or nose grommets

These devices are an excellent solution for those who either want to have a surgery or pass by the doctor’s office to receive injections on the face. They are ideal because of course the result is appreciated at the exact moment it is placed, it does not hurt or annoy. Once the person learns how to place it, it is very easy to do. Removing it is also very easy. There is a person who uses them every day and others only for special occasions, but it is so easy to place it that those who learn to do it well, do not always use.

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The negative point is that it only manages to solve some very specific cases, where the problem is a very wide nose and with the tip not very raised.

4.     Makeup tricks to improve the appearance of the nose

Make-up can do real miracles if done right. The advantages are many: it is very cheap, it does not hurt and can always be corrected if we do not like the result. Once you learn the techniques is very easy.

Basically we must keep in mind that the light colors enlarge and approach, while the dark ones shrink and move away. With that idea we will use the base and the corrector.

  1. A) Very straight nose

For that we are going to apply the darker tone in the center of the nose, giving depth. Obviously then we will blur.

  1. B) Broad nose

We will apply the darker tone on both sides to make it appear thinner. We must go from the eye to the termination of the fin of the nose.

  1. C) To reduce

Darker tone at the tip of the nose.

  1. D) To lengthen it

Here we will apply a to our cheekbones in tune with our skin and we blur it towards the ears. This gives the feeling of being much longer.

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