5 Homemade Methods to Smooth Your Hair

Do you want to change your look without permanent modifications? Then choose some of these temporary methods of , to look a different style every day.

5 Homemade Methods to Smooth Your Hair

How to Smooth the Hair at Home

Today we teach you 5 homemade methods to straighten your hair with which you can modify your hairstyle for each occasion, helping to reduce the volume and frizz in those days of high humidity, and also highlighting their color without burning, drying or damage your hair. Did you think such a thing was impossible? No way! Keep reading and learn how to change your hair every day.

Hair Care Tips

Before learning the different temporary methods of hair straightening, let’s briefly review how we have to protect it so that the heat does not dry out or damage it. On the one hand, it is essential to make regular treatments, feed on many fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink no less than two liters of water per day.

Although distant issues seem like a good nutrition, your hair will give you the strength you need to grow strong, healthy and at a normal rate, while good hydration will keep you from drying out or falling. In addition, eating healthy and drinking water is great for your entire body, from the hair to the toenails of your feet.

The home iron is still the favorite, but it is not the only tool to smooth the hair temporarily.

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“Before applying these hair straightening techniques, make sure the hair is dry or just moist, and protect it with a heat-protective oil.”

When it comes to treatments, once a month at least make a homemade nourishing mask made with natural ingredients, to help preserve better the structure of each strand. Find the best alternatives for your hair type by following this link.

Finally, before applying these techniques of hair straightening, make sure that it is dry or just moist (depending on the technique), and protect it with a heat-protective oil, which you will get at any hairdresser, pharmacy, cosmetics store and In many supermarkets, at very low prices.

5 methods to straighten your hair temporarily

Choose one of these techniques and use it to modify your appearance, whenever you want and without leaving home:

  1. With the regular dryer: The is a great tool to smooth the hair for a few hours, especially if you can regulate its temperature, avoiding to damage it.

With the hair barely moist, divide your hair into small wicks, pulling them to the side of the head. It works from the wicks on the nape of the neck and from below, and to the front and up, one at a time. Take the hair with a round brush of bushy bristles, and stretch it while giving the heat to the dryer, slowly, stretching it in the process. When you are satisfied with the result, follow the next wick.

  1. With the straightening dryer: This is a hair dryer at the end of which has attached an implement with plates that open and close by a trigger, as if it were a comb of flat and wide teeth.
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Taking the mane from small wicks, open the palettes of the accessory, inserted in the base of the hair, and release the trigger so that the “teeth” press it. Activate the dryer with warm to hot air, and see it dragging towards the tips, drying it and smoothing it at the same time. Other models include a rounded brush at the end that can also be effective.

  1. With the iron: The traditional hair iron is well known by all, and every day more models with sensational functions that look after our hair appear on the market. Make sure it is dry and preferably clean (especially free of combing creams or similar ones), and apply a protective oil to the heat before using the appliance.
  2. Smoothing the hair on the iron: Years before, before the invention of smoothing irons, thousands of women wore clothes iron. This technique is not recommended, as it is very easy to damage the hair and burn your ears, face or scalp. If you are going to use it anyway, put a cloth on dry hair and protected with an oil for high temperatures, and use the iron at medium to low temperature, making constant passes to not burn it.

“With these methods of hair straightening you will achieve a perfect straightening for a few hours, until you wet it again.”

  1. Temporary smoothing with brushes: If you have enough time and docile hair, when leaving the shower dry your mane with towels, brush it well, and use fine-tooth combs to stretch as much as you can, and wrapping it around your head. Hold it with tweezers after each turn and, at the end, wrap your “hair helmet” with an old cotton shirt. You can also screw your hair into large tubes.
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Let dry (you can do it before going to sleep) and, when removing the tweezers, your mane will be much more lacy. Finish modeling with a round brush with bushy bristles, or with the techniques mentioned in this list.

With these methods of hair straightening temporarily you will achieve a perfect lacy for a few hours (until you get wet again), and wear sensational hair without spending at the hairdresser, or put your health at risk with the use of chemicals and toxic products.

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