5 Natural Ways to Treat Constipation during Pregnancy

Many women suffer from  before they become , but with increased hormones and pressure of the uterus against the bowels, the problem can worsen considerably.

Fortunately, there are some tried and tested natural ways to normalize bowel movement, without the need to resort to over-the-counter medications that may harm the baby’s normal development. One of the culprits of causing constipation during pregnancy is the increase in progesterone. This hormone contributes to the gastrointestinal smooth muscle fibers relax the body, preparing the mother and the baby for childbirth.

But it also softens the intestines, that is, the peristaltic movement is rather weak, as both food and move only through the , the problem is aggravated. Another reason is the compression that the intestine suffer when leaving the necessary space for the growth of the baby, that is to say, little by little the space is reduced that normally occupy, also causing slow digestions.

5 Natural Ways to Treat


Eating foods high in fiber, since fiber is vital for the body even when it is not pregnant. Insoluble fiber helps move undigested food through the digestive tract and during pregnancy it is vital that fecal matter is moved. Almonds and flax seeds have a high fiber content, as well as fruits and vegetables. If due to morning sickness you are not consuming the required amount of such foods, try taking psyllium tablets or eating a bowl of organic oat bran with strawberries.

2.      Watermelon is key

This is an ancient remedy commonly used by midwives for constipation. TBAs boiled seeds watermelon to make a tea for pregnant women suffering from constipation. It is clear that you can also eat portions of the fruit. By having a high water content, it also helps to move food through the intestines.

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3.      Magnesium supplements to the rescue

Magnesium supplements in high doses are safe during pregnancy and can really help a mom who could not evacuate organic waste for several days.

4.      The humble chamomile

Consuming chamomile tea is a great way to relax the intestinal tract and the person in general, chamomile has been used for centuries for such purposes. Calms the nerves exhausted, helps with insomnia, another problem that tarnishes the happiness of pregnant women, along with gastric reflux. However, you should not drink more than two cups a day, as there are untested rumors that can cause abortion at higher doses.

5.      Change of position

There are yoga poses that mimic many of the postures of pregnant women when they are in labor. These poses are also very useful with constipation, but it is not the goal of teaching any yoga routine. Caution should always be exercised when exercising while pregnant.

Besides, the ideal is to ask the doctor’s advice to orient you to a specialized center where, with the help of experts, you can learn everything you need to overcome constipation during pregnancy. Having said all that, the fruit you carry in your belly is highly appreciated for trying to learn yoga poses in internet blogs.

While I was writing, I was also browsing some pages for ideas, it was my surprise to see an image of a pregnant woman, who recklessly took a position that was too dangerous for both the mother and the baby.

Relieving Constipation During Pregnancy

If to the discomforts of pregnancy we add discomforts such as being swollen, gases and especially, desire to go to the toilet to eliminate the waste.

It is extremely frustrating not being able to do so, and it is understandable desire of women to seek relief from constipation during pregnancy, reason why in health issues, we bring you some other valuable suggestions.

On constipation everything that is said is bad, however when it comes to pregnancy, most symptoms serve a well – defined purpose.

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So, if we take for example the hormone known as progesterone, it relaxes the smooth muscles of the large intestine.

By slowing the passage of food through the digestive tract, allowing nutrients instead of being absorbed by the bloodstream, are absorbed by the new life that is forming in the womb.

But seen from constipation, the problem of accumulation of organic products to eliminate increase, so that it is vital to find out how to relieve constipation during pregnancy.

Other guilty of constipation during pregnancy

At 10 weeks after starting the pregnancy, other guilty persons appear of the obstruction in the colon.

The expanding uterus, a process that will continue as time goes by, tends to occupy part of the valuable space reserved for the intestine in such a way that its space is reduced and thus constipation is aggravated.

Worse still, the prenatal vitamins you are taking may contribute to the clog, stopping the intake of vitamins that have been prescribed by a specialist, is a bad idea.

If you take into account that mid-pregnancy, the most likely is that your gynecologist will advise you to include an iron supplement.

So it’s best to keep trying some of these ideas since more than one of them will give relief from constipation during pregnancy.

Consumption of fluids and constipation during pregnancy

Prepare to increase the amount of fluids you drink daily, whether by water, fruit juices and / or vegetables, broth, etc., so as to maintain a good rhythm of the movement of solids in the digestive tract.

At the same time it is prevented that the feces solidify and it is easier to evacuate them when being in a state as soft as possible.

As far as I can try to consume daily plum juice, which in addition to being a mild natural laxative, is the best in its class, they are rich in calcium.

If you feel that you are stuck prune juice will make miracles in your body, mix that juice with other fruits so that it does not come to hate its taste.

Hot water accompanied by a little lemon, help the peristalsis, so that they can also help to eliminate the jam that occurs.

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Foods rich in fiber

Foods rich in fiber throughout life have helped fight constipation, so in pregnancy can also work miracles.

Try to eat whole grains, vegetables, fresh or dried fruits, kiwi though its tiny size is a powerful laxative, be sure to include a good amount of fiber foods in your daily diet.

If you are not accustomed to fiber, remember that 35 grams is little and you can make an effort to change your eating habits and instead of the donuts you use to eat breakfast, try to change them for apples, bananas, oranges and so on.

Supplements and constipation during pregnancy

Ironically, many of the supplements (prenatal vitamins, calcium and iron supplements ) that have been prescribed for your pregnancy to perform as well as possible have the negative effects that favor constipation.

So talk to your doctor about possible alternatives, adjustments in dosages, or in the case of supplements, switching to a slow release formula, that there are no options.

Self-medication and constipation during pregnancy

We should never think of self-medicating and in the case of an embracing woman, it should be even more imperative.

Advertisements where they show an easy and quick way to relief, but not all laxatives and stool softeners (especially herbal or homemade) are safe for use during pregnancy.

So before you get to buy one, check with your doctor.

Physical exercise

Being pregnant, the worst thing you can do is to sit still all day in your favorite rocking chair. So it is best to look for an exercise routine, according to your situation, to walk gently, in a way that strengthens the muscles for when the big day arrives and has to push in such a way that a new life comes to light.