6 Easy Ways How To Treat Irregular Menstruation

This is the 6 easy ways in treating version of this site. is an event of bleeding from the uterus as a result of the egg is not fertilized by a sperm. The arrival of means signifies a woman’s reproductive function has been able to function optimally and mature. The female will end at the age of about 40 to 45 years. Women who have not experienced menstruation is called menopause.

Menstruation in women is not always run smoothly. Among the many women on this Earth many experience complaints when she was menstruating. Among them is a pain in the waist and abdomen, blood coming out of the womb is not smooth, up to the amount of blood that comes out comes with late. Menstruation which is running smoothly is the desire for every woman, but for an already paired a late menstrual wife thus became one of the wishes of both partners. But in essence, period comes certainly provide healthcare to women which remove dirty blood.

The following will explain about How To Treat Irregular Menstruation.

  1. Sexual intercourse

For the woman who already has a husband, sexual intercourse at least once a week proved to be able to make the becomes regular. This is because during of sexual intercourse, a woman will experience orgasm. Orgasm is what makes the blood flow in the uterus of a woman obtain sufficient oxygen supply. That’s why, for those of you who already have a husband, you can regularly have sexual intercourse on a regular basis at least once a week to maintain the smoothness of the .

  1. Drinking
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In addition to maintaining the health of the reproductive organs, traditional herbal medicine is also able to make menstrual cycles become regular. One of the examples of herbal medicine that can facilitate menstruation is herbal turmeric, tamarind. That’s why you need to drink this herbal medicine at least 2 times a week so your menstruation can be organized.

  1. Reduce consumption of fatty foods

In addition to stockpiling cholesterol, eat foods rich in can make a woman’s menstrual cycle becomes irregular. The fat enters the body through food may inhibit the process of menstruation in the uterus so that menstruation is not smooth.

  1. Reduce excessive activity

Daily activities that are too heavy and tiring can make work of hormones in a woman’s body becomes unbalanced. It will then make the menstrual cycle becomes irregular. Therefore, you are good to reduce activities that you’re physical so damning of the menstrual cycle can still be organized.

  1. Selective to foods

Women who want menstrual smoothly must be selective about the food that went into his stomach. Especially for women who suffered from the disease of cysts. According to the doctor, women who have disease cysts are required to avoid spicy foods, sour and also kind of fast food.

  1. Increase vegetable consumption

Blessed are those of you who like food made from vegetables because these foods have many for the body. One of its is able to induce menstruation for a woman. This is because the vegetable provide lots of vitamins and minerals can make menstruation become regular.

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That’s 6 easy ways to treat irregular menstruation that bebeautyps.com website can be informed. Hopefully give a lot of benefits for you.