6 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Wonderful Hair

The use of coconut oil quickly grows in popularity for its wide variety of uses and benefits. It can be used to moisturize the skin, improve your health, lose weight, for cooking and other uses. One of the best uses of is to condition hair.

The coconut oil is of vegetable origin, coming from this fruit by a process of pressing the pulp, it is composed almost entirely of fat, also known as coconut butter.

This type of oil is used for various uses both cosmetics, for making shampoos, soaps, creams, etc. As well as culinary, industrial, and of course the use of coconut oil for the hair, because of the nutritive properties with which it counts as fatty acids: linoleic, palmitic, lauric, oleic, etc.

Benefits of Using :

It is considered a natural product of excellence along with coconut water,  which has been used since ancient times

  • It is a great ally for , helping it look healthy, beautiful and shiny.
  • Helps protect the hair, being of vegetal and natural origin, will nourish from the scalp to the tip.
  • It is very helpful to apply coconut oil for dry or damaged hair, it will allow its restoration.
  • Helps
  • Moisturizes the scalp, preventing the appearance of dandruff

How to use coconut oil to have wonderful hair

With some simple guidelines to follow. They will be able to take full advantage of the benefits of this oil, obtaining positive results:

  • It is advisable to obtain virgin coconut oil, free of odors, additives, artificial ingredients.
  • To apply in the form of a conditioner, it is recommended to comb and untangle the hair very well, moisten it a little, and then divide it into sections, put the oil from the middle of the hair towards the tips, do not put on roots, then put a cap Bathe a warm wet towel over your head, let it act for 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Another way to apply it is to put a little oil in the hands and rub on the hair, giving a massage from the scalp until reaching the tips, this prior to normal washing, ie before applying the shampoo. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Coconut oil can be used for hair dyed, smoothed, or any other treatment that has been applied. In addition, it is for all hair types.
  • This type of oil is ideal as a star ingredient in the preparation of natural masks for hair care.
  • It can be used as a conditioner without rinsing on the ends of the hair only after normal washing. Apply small amounts.
  • It is not advisable to leave coconut oil on the scalp as it can cause it to be greasy.

The way to use coconut oil for hair, is very diverse, everything will depend on the taste, preferences, and needs of each person. It is a natural, simple, nutritious alternative to take care of this important part of the body.

1. Use coconut oil as a conditioner:

Coconut oil is a very healthy alternative and the best to take care of your hair, so one of the smartest ways to use is as a conditioner, in addition, this oil is free of agents and chemicals, many of the products For hair care have.

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Coconut oil is an excellent conditioner for all hair types, according to some studies published by the Journal of Cosmetic Science this oil far surpasses the sunflower oil, mineral, in addition, it prevents the loss of proteins.

Generally, this loss of protein, can cause the hair to become brittle, and is dry. The rich nutrient composition of this oil penetrates into the . Also, using it prevents the damage it can cause when combing it using irons, dryers, etc.

How to use it?

Coconut oil can be used either as a conditioner after the usual washing of the coconut oil or as a deeper treatment allowing to act for hours for better results.

For short hair:

The amount of oil to be used will vary depending on the amount of hair you have and how long you are. Therefore, if it is short hair, just a teaspoon and heat it with the palms of your hands. And pour on this. Giving a light massage.

For long hair:

In this case, for long and thicker hair, you will use one to one tablespoon and a half. If the hair is thinner or thinner, it is necessary to use less amount, when applied, distributes the oil very well throughout the hair. You can comb in the usual way.

Intensive conditioner:

Depending on the results you wish to obtain, you may need to use this oil as a remedial treatment. For this, on clean hair and short hair use only one teaspoon of oil, while for the length of two teaspoons, rub it on your palms before applying it to your hair.

Apply from the scalp to the tip, and cover with a bathing cap, let it act for one to two hours or overnight, then wash it regularly and comb.

If your hair is badly treated, you can add a few drops of essential oil of geranium or sandalwood to the coconut oil to enhance the effects and repair it.

2. Use the oil as a for hair growth:

Coconut oil is one of the best choices if you want your hair to grow. This, because of its rich composition of nutrients and substances that in addition to repair and make your hair look healthy and beautiful, also helps that it can grow naturally.

Lauric acid penetrates from the scalp and therefore, helps the hair to be healthy and grow. Generally, the damage of the hair is due to the fact that it does not receive the necessary nutrients and therefore, the consumption of foods rich in good fats, omegas 5 and 6, help that the hair is healthy from the inside out.

It is suggested that before you start any treatment, you modify and better your diet, where you include foods rich in nutrients, if it is balanced, it will help your hair to be healthy. The use of products with chemical compounds irritate the scalp.

Natural treatment for hair growth:

By using coconut oil in your hair, it improves the circulation of the scalp. What supports and accelerates the growth of this. Use it as suggested, as a conditioner, three to four times a week.

For this treatment you will only need one teaspoon of coconut oil. But depending on the type of hair you have, you can enhance this treatment by adding a few drops of rosemary essential oil. It will increase hair growth by up to 20%.

The use of essential oils, Vitamin E, are very healthy alternatives also to be able to use in natural for hair growth. And also, they are also useful for repairing, preventing the fall, etc.

3. Use coconut oil as a treatment for dandruff:

Without a doubt, one of the most common problems is dandruff. Coconut oil has been used to treat this problem. To combat irritation, itching, condition that is usually caused by problems of dryness, sensitivity to chemicals present in hair care products.

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It may also be because of a fungal infection, the composition of the oil as the fatty acids, have antimicrobial, antifungal properties that prevent their appearance, and also combat this problem.

Many of the anti-dandruff products that currently exist can worsen this problem. Since they contain chemicals and chemical agents such as ammonium sulfate, selenium sulfide, etc. So using coconut oil, you can make a difference and treat this problem effectively by removing it from the root.

The idea about a treatment with coconut oil, to treat this problem is that the scalp is healthy, free of fungi and that is hydrated, the dandruff will not disappear overnight, but the results will be visible in just one week.

Anti-dandruff treatment with coconut oil:

In addition, from coconut oil, you can use essential oils such as lavender , for best results. For intensive treatment, you should only add two teaspoons of coconut oil, one of the essential oils mentioned and combine them with a massage on the hair.

Perfectly covers all your hair and covers with a bathing cap, the heat will be necessary so you can get to the ground for about twenty to thirty minutes, or you can use a dryer, then wash after the usual way. Do this two to three times a week.

You can also leave it to act all night.

4. Use coconut oil for a perfect hairstyle:

That’s right, coconut oil, can work perfectly as a useful product to achieve an ideal hairstyle. And above all, you will have the benefit of being free of chemicals and chemical agents, as these can be dangerous to your hair, making it look dry, battered and lifeless.

The use of hair dryers, among other tools to comb the hair, can mistreat and weaken the hair, therefore, opts for a natural alternative such as coconut oil, which prevents the damage caused by the heat, and if you use the Appropriate amount, depending on the length of your hair, then it will be of great benefit.

It will fight the frizz and you will wear beautiful hair. If your hair is curly you can also use it, even in humid climates the frizz will be away from your hair.

Against the frizz:

If you are looking to combat the frizz of your hair, whether it is straight or curly, you can easily apply a small amount of it, that is clear depending on the amount and length of your hair. You can rub a little on the palms of your hands and apply on it, and comb your way as you wish.

You will notice a big difference if you are aware of using it. In addition to this, another benefit you get when using it as a comb cream, is also to protect the hair from damage that causes exposure to the sun. You can also use it on your skin as a sunscreen.

Untangle your hair:

Coconut oil is very effective also to untangle your hair, if it is very rebellious, you have the solution, it nourishes deeply and also prevents it from breaking. Apply a little oil and pay special attention in areas more tangled or knotted, use a wide-tooth comb.

The usual use of coconut oil will improve the general health of the hair, it will keep you nourished and for that, it will look beautiful, silky and healthy.

Even if your hair is not mistreated, you can use this oil to comb it and beautify it even more.

5. Use coconut oil to treat baldness:

Another way to use coconut oil is to combat alopecia, it will be a 100% natural treatment, in addition, it works perfectly to prevent hair loss, due to its rich content of fatty acids, oleic acid, linoleic acid, Palmitic acid.

In addition, it has components and properties that benefit this oil is a good alternative to combat hair loss, which can be due to many reasons.

Coconut oil shampoo for hair loss:

It is very easy to prepare a shampoo with coconut oil and benefit from its properties. Whether you have a baldness problem or you are experiencing hair loss.

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You will need in addition to coconut oil, a mild shampoo, try to be of natural origin, it is better, avoid choosing shampoos with chemical components, as it may worsen the problem of hair loss or baldness.

In about 200ml of shampoo, add 6 to 7 drops of coconut oil, mix well and reserve, to enhance its effects you will need to use a natural lotion for hair growth.

This is very simple to prepare you will only need essential oils of rosemary, wheat germ, and coconut. Mix equal parts of coconut oil with the wheat germ oil, and add just a few drops of rosemary oil. It mixes very well. And apply on your hair letting the mixture work for a few hours, prior to washing with the shampoo.

Then wash in the usual way with the shampoo previously prepared. Wash your hair thoroughly with warm water. Do this at least twice a week so you can begin to see results.

6. Use coconut oil against lice:

The use of coconut oil is very effective for this problem, and can also prevent the occurrence of lice. According to some studies it is believed that it is very effective even more than certain products that are prescribed to combat them.

This type of oil is one of the most effective natural , and above all it will not harm the scalp because it contains no chemical agents. In addition, it will be effective to combat nits as well.

Treatment against lice:

What you will need will be very simple, the virgin coconut oil of preference, and a lendrera, a towel or bathing cap. You must apply the coconut oil in your hair completely dry and apply abundant amount, covering all the hair, once done, wrap it with a towel and bathing cap.

Let it work all night, you can protect the pillowcase with some towels to avoid staining them. The next day, comb your hair carefully with the lendrera to be able to remove all the eggs and insect remains or nits.

Another option:

Also, using coconut oil as a conditioner to keep your hair healthy is also very effective for treating an infestation of lice or nits, so you can use it in addition to the direct form on your hair, remember to be used The oil on your dry hair.

You only need of course coconut oil, three tablespoons and essential oil of anise and oil (one teaspoon) the amount will depend on the amount and length of the hair, but you can facilitate this, using twice the recipe given above If your hair is long

How to apply?

Once you have mixed the ingredients, apply on your dry hair an abundant amount and starts from the scalp to the tips of your hair. Cover your hair with a swimming cap, at least for two hours, or more if you can. And use a dryer or stand in the sun for about 20 minutes.

After time, remove the bathing cap, and take care of disposing it by putting it in an airtight bag, comb your hair with the lendrera. And rinse deeply and with plenty of water your hair twice and when it is still wet apply a solution of apple vinegar with water and apply half on the scalp and the rest on the other.

Comb again and apply more coconut oil as a conditioner without rinsing. Repeat treatment every 5 to 10 days, for the following weeks.