7 Amazing Hair Beauty Tips For Women

Do you want to always look great, healthy and well cared for? Do not hesitate, there are wonderful hair beauty tips for women that will offer you a great result. We do not need to spend large amounts of money on cosmetics, using simple homemade ingredients, you will always get what you are looking for. We show you how!

Hair Tips For Women

1. Parsley for shiny hair

Surprised? Surely I miss you, but numerous shampoos and hair creams contain this essential element that gives us the parsley. It manages to restore the hair, treats it and regenerates it to give it a great shine. It is perfect, for example, if you dye your hair since as you know, after weeks it is dry and the shine fades.

How do we prepare it? Very easy. Bring a glass and a half of water to boil, and add five sprigs of parsley. If you also include a sprig of rosemary, the effect will be much more intense. Once it has boiled and the infusion has been obtained, let the water cool down. When you have damp hair, pour this mixture doing a gentle massage for 15 minutes. Then, clarify it normally.

2. Nettle and vinegar for dandruff

Do you usually suffer from the effect of dandruff from time to time? Do not worry, an excellent solution is to use an infusion of nettle mixed with apple cider vinegar. If we do it twice a week, in a short time you will have finished with it. To prepare you only have to warm a cup of water and introduce three nettles. Let the infusion be done well. Next, include a half-cup of apple cider vinegar, mix well and apply to your damp hair. Leave to act the preparation for a few minutes and rinse with warm water (neither too hot nor cold).

3. for your open ends

There is nothing more effective, we assure you. Almond oil restores, cares for, protects and tones the structure of our hair. You will find almond oil in stores that sell natural products or specialized perfumeries, it is not very expensive. Once the hair is washed, put four droplets in your hands and massage the ends of your hair. Let it act for a few minutes and then rinse. Very easy!

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4. Avocado and honey for

Do you usually have rather dry hair? Then point this simple treatment to follow two days a week: take the pulp of half avocado and, with a spoon, go making a kind of pasta. It also includes two tablespoons of honey, to obtain a well homogeneous mixture. When the hair is wet, apply this for 15 minutes. Simple and effective. After this time, rinse with warm water.

5. Orange and aloe vera for oily hair

You may be the one who usually has greasy hair. It cakes and offers a sloppy look. Do not worry; we can end it using this great treatment. For this, the first thing we will do is obtain the juice of an orange. Then we will take it to the fire and include a spoonful of aloe vera or aloe vera gel. See stirring so that everything mixes well if you see that it is very thick or with a little liquid, include a little water. When you are ready and your hair is wet, massage with this great mixture. Absorbs fat from your scalp and allows you to look more carefully for longer, without it being caked.

6. Cucumber and egg for a spectacular curly hair

One way to make your waves or curls looks bright, alive and with a really attractive air, is to prepare a simple mask with cucumber and egg. They are ingredients that moisturize and provide a nice elasticity to the hair. How do we prepare it? You only need half a cucumber, an egg (with its yolk and it’s clear) and a few droplets of coconut oil or olive, whichever you prefer.

We bring the ingredients to the mixer and mix well. Once your hair is wet apply this mask for half an hour. To make it easier you can use a plastic cap. After this time, rinse with warm water. Perfect if you do it once a week.

7. Enjoy your smooth hair with castor oil

For smooth hair, you have a very suitable treatment with which you get a natural and spectacular straightening. The first thing we will do, once the hair is wet, is to apply castor oil to your hands: it has to smooth properties on the hair. Apply it from the root to the tips.

After 10 minutes, apply a mixture of coconut water with the juice of half a lemon. Again massage him, noticing how your castor oil is still in your hair. If you wrap your head with a warm towel and let it act 20 minutes, when you wash your hair after normal, your hair will be smooth and just .

Ideal to do it once a week.

The perfect shampoo for your hair type

And you, do you take care of your hair the right way? The Low Shampoo range of treatments is a revolutionary new way to take care of your hair as you always dreamed.

If we know that we always look for quality products for our daily care of the hair, it is not easy to find that shampoo that fits perfectly to our characteristics, our needs.

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Dry hair is different from dyed hair, for example. Neither will it be useful for a shampoo that will serve both curly hairs if we seek to achieve a perfectly smooth and shiny.

It is time to simplify and give an answer to every need. You have finally reached that ideal option with which to be able to take care of your mane in a healthier and at the same time more delicate way.

Because the hair washing is an essential part of our beauty rituals and we deserve the best. Low shampoo can help.

Discover below which is the perfect shampoo according to your type of hair.

The of sulfated surfactant shampoos

We are sure that you have already heard of the famous sulfate surfactants that are included in most shampoos, gels and other beauty products.

Low Shampoo offers you the opportunity to use for the first time a unique shampoo whose formula excludes these elements to get an extra touch of nutrition, strength and that shine you almost gave up for lost.

Now, but are surfactants really so negative? Here are some doubts.

  • Surfactants derived from sulfate are foam agents that trap very well the fat and dirt of the skin and hair.
  • Many of us have already associated the amount of foam that a product gets with the effectiveness of its treatment. However, it’s not always like that.
  • Sulfates have a high cleaning power, but what they do is also to eliminate the natural oils of our hair, essential to keep it hydrated.
  • In addition, they cause the frizz and leave us very rough hair to the touch.

What Low Sulfate Shampoo Will Offer To Your Hair

  • Elvive Low Shampoo without sulfated surfactants offers a total cleaning of your mane, without aggression and respecting at all times the nature of your hair.
  • Low Shampoo does not generate foam, however, remember: less foam more nutrition, more shine and more healthy for our hair.
  • Your hair will be unraveled, loose, luminous, and with that attractive vigor that gives and beauty to your mane.

If you try it once, you’ll be instantly convinced.

How to choose your type of shampoo

The ranges of Elvive Low Shampoo products have a solution for every need.

We are faced with something more than a shampoo: we are faced with wonderful revolutions in the hair treatment, where you are the protagonist, and where you can choose the product that best suits your needs.

We know it is not easy to choose that shampoo that can work best. So, we leave you some small tips.

1. Hair dyed and dry

We are many who, to our regret, we have a hair that we do not know how to care, what to offer and how to care for it.

If you dye your hair regularly and also notice dry and curly, note what is the best treatment for you:

  • Low Color-Live Shampoo for dyed and sensitized hair is a revolution in the hair treatment market.
  • It is enriched with linen elixir, a wonderful ingredient that protects the color, prolongs the brightness and has UVA / UVB filters, essential benefits to protect and maintain the intensity of your coloration.
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2. Curly and dry hair

Curly hair has character, is beautiful, we love it and of course, it brings us many times of head because we do not know how to take care of it so that it always looks spectacular. 

If you also perceive it increasingly dry, more muted and less vigorous in your curls, note what is your best treatment:

  • For this specific case, choose Low Shampoo Extraordinary Oil for curly and sensitized hair.
  • In its formula contains a very special element: amla oil, plus 6 flower oils that, together, create the perfect formula for your hair type.
  • With Low Shampoo Extraordinary Oil your curls will be defined, loose, you will say goodbye to the frizz and you will once again enjoy that hair full of shine that you missed so much.

3. Hair dyed and curly

If we know the people who have curly or wavy hair and we also dye it regularly is that, little by little, we notice our hair more muted, weaker and with a tonality in coloration that seems to last less and less.

Is there a solution for this particular case? Of course.

  • Low Color-Live Shampoo for dyed hair is perfect for embellishing the color of your hair, to enhance the durability of that tone that goes with you, not forgetting also that you will notice it more nourished, disciplined and stronger than ever.

Do not fit into any of the above categories?

The Elvive Low Shampoo range has a product that fits any type of hair. So if you want to take care of it as you deserve and do not fit in the proposals detailed above, your best option is Low Shampoo Extraordinary Oil for dry and sensitized hair.

Its global action and ultra-thin formula without sulfated surfactants will give you washing after washing that nutrition, that softness and that shine that will love you already since the first time.

Start today to enjoy the hair that you had always dreamed of, because sometimes it is enough to make a small change to achieve spectacular results.

And Low Shampoo can help you get it.