7 Easy Exercises to Increase Buttocks At Home

All women want firm buttocks, marked, and with good volume.

Use the : the sitadilla, the bursts, the extensions of hip, etc. If you start doing these exercises without weight, if you already have a few weeks added the use of dumbbell or bar.

If you want to the muscles of the gluteal region you must the intake of proteins. The diet is as important as the exercise you do to the muscle in the gluteal region. Your body uses proteins to your muscle mass.

Try these 7 buttock exercises in your home. Repeat each of these exercises for 1 minute with the order as they are. Repeat 3 times all the exercises to feel that you worked the muscles of the gluteal region. You can do this routine up to 2 times a week.

7 exercises to strengthen the at home:

1. Squats.

These are exercises to increase buttocks par excellence. You can do it without weight (if you are in your house), or with the bar (see here how to do squats with bar)

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How to do squats correctly:

  1. We start from a , right back, contracted abs, separated legs and feet slightly apart.
  2. Let’s lower your hip as if you were going to sit
  3. Make sure your chest is upright and your back is straight
  4. In that descent, we pay attention that the knees never exceed the line of the feet.
  5. We start with three sets of 10 repetitions, which we will gradually increase. We can also, over time, add some weight to increase the difficulty.

2. Stride or bustle.

How to take strides:

  1. We start standing and we will advance a skin as much as possible
  2. Let’s do bending of both thighs with leg.
  3. The knee below should almost touch the floor.
  4. Return to your starting position
  5. Do the same with the opposite leg.
  6. Three sets of 10 repetitions are a good start, which will then increase.

3. Bridge.

How to make the bridge:

  1. We left the position lying on our back.
  2. We raise knees but let our feet rest.
  3. We lift the trunk very slowly, always very well. We went down slowly.
  4. To increase the difficulty, we do not touch the ground when descending.
  5. We do three sets of 10 repetitions.

4. Simple .

How to do simple :

  1. We rest on the forearm and knees in upside down position. We should be in good balance and comfort.
  2. Let’s extend one leg, so we lift it as much as possible off the ground.
  3. We return to the initial posture.
  4. Repeat in three sets of 10 per side.
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5. Side hip extensions.

  1. We support the hands and knees on the floor in an upright position.
  2. We lift one leg in flexion (90 degrees between thigh and leg) until the knee reaches the highest position possible.
  3. Repeat in three sets of 10 per side.

6. Jumping jacks.

This exercise almost no one takes into account when to do to increase buttocks, and is especially effective, especially to decrease those hip sides that are usually bulging when we gain weight.

How to make jumping jacks:

  1. We start in the standing position, right back, well contracted abdominals, arms at rest to go sides of the body and feet slightly apart.
  2. Let’s jump and spread the legs.
  3. At the same moment we raise our arms wide spread over our heads, and we beat our hands.
  4. We repeat.
  5. This will be done for one minute (we will increase) three times during training (beginning, middle and final). As we see this exercise is aerobic and also helps to lose weight, so it is a good idea to emphasize it, in those situations.

7. Stairs.

This simple exercise tones our glutes and also helps to lose weight. If we do not have stairs at home, we will use a single step. If we do not either, we make one with a drawer, so there is no excuse possible.

How to exercise with stairs:

  1. Two minutes three times during training, we will increase over time.
  2. Adding ankles with some weight significantly increases their efficiency.
  3. As an extra exercise we can do during the day and not at times of training, is to raise our heels when we are standing. We just have to raise and support.
  4. It is not only excellent for increasing but it works fine twins (muscles on the back of the leg) and dramatically improves circulation, avoiding even the appearance of varicose veins.
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In all cases of starting a training and / or diet, it is key to consult the trusted doctor beforehand to see if it is necessary to make any previous adjustments and rule out risks.

One last tip to do the buttock augmentation exercises, properly at home. We can film while we do, in order to correct incorrect postures. This adds a greater level of safety and efficiency to our plan.