7 Easy Ways on How to Get White Teeth

-Everyone dreams of snow-white teeth. Because as much as we care for our teeth, a coloring by different food from our everyday life can not be stopped. However, fortunately, there are different variants with which you can whiten your teeth. The that we would like to present in this article will explain to you how to get white teeth.

From variations of white teeth with home remedies and up to the dentist, several options are listed.

How to Get White Teeth without Bleaching

Before you go to the more extreme bleaching or visit your dentist, you can try using simple . This saves you a lot of money and can lead to success with slight discoloration of the teeth. Also with various articles from the drugstore market can be helped you quickly. So try using these tips for white teeth first. Remember, however, that a difference can not be seen after the first measure.

How to get white teeth with baking soda

Perhaps you have heard of the fact that baking soda is very suitable when you want to get white teeth. The advantage is that this product is usually already in the household and is also very cheap. An alternative to this is backnatron. Since the effect is minimal at the beginning, you must not risk exaggerating it. Once a week is enough. The baking soda could otherwise damage your teeth, which is ultimately not the goal of brightening. To get whiter teeth with baking soda, first moisten the toothbrush. Then dive into the baking soda so that all bristles are covered. Then brush your teeth for 2 minutes. Finally, rinse your mouth with clear water. If the taste of the baking sod is unpleasant, you can also use mouthwash for this purpose.

How does baking soda help?

The reason why the treatment should not be carried out too often is that the baking powder rubs the upper layer of the teeth, which damages the tooth in too short distances. The grinding of the teeth causes them to become whiter after cleaning, but this usually does not persist. Only an upper layer of the discolored tooth is removed, but the tooth itself is not brightened. After a few weeks your teeth will look as before. The surface, that is, the molten tooth becomes rougher. This, in turn, makes the teeth more susceptible to further discoloration, because they remain adherent to the rough surface. So if you want to get permanent white teeth, this variant is not perfect. Especially if you own a braces, this variation is to avoid the tips to get white teeth. Baking powder can dissolve the adhesive and remain under the braces. You can get them from there only hard or for the time being.

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How to get white teeth with lemon juice and salt

The teeth whiter you get as an alternative to baking soda also with salt. The rules and also the dangers to the of the teeth are the same as with the baking powder. So that you do not have to deal with the salty taste, you can also mix the salt under the toothpaste. You can also get white teeth when you use lemon juice, but not in combination with the toothpaste. Keep in mind that the citric acid attacks the molten tooth. For this reason, this variant should be avoided as far as possible. If you still want to get white teeth by using lemon juice, repeat the procedure as rarely as possible. For both types of teeth, we recommend to clean the teeth as usual. This will remove any leftovers from the lemon juice, or from the salt.

A rinse with oil

Oil can form a protective film in the mouth and, more precisely, on the teeth, which prevents discoloration by binding bacteria. This trick is supposed to apply Gwyneth Paltrow. So that the whole is not quite as unpleasant tastes, coconut oil can be used. The oil must be kept in the mouth for at least 15 minutes so that it can be pulled through the teeth and absorbed. Then just spit it out without rinsing.

How to Get White Teeth with Foods

Many who want to get white teeth also resort to other foods. The apple should be very good. It is true that it removes the coating and some of the bacteria on the teeth, but a lightening effect can not be confirmed. Since apples are healthy, however, it is advisable to regularly use the teeth for cleaning the teeth. Do not forget that it contains acids and sugars. The apple is not suitable as a substitute for brushing teeth. The fact that strawberries whiten teeth is also a myth. If the fruit is rubbed over the teeth, it is supposed to make the teeth whiter. But this fruit contains natural acids that attack tooth even on the contrary.

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It is similar in turmeric. The powder is supposed to banish discolorations, but also this is not proven. The opinions are divided. If you still want to try it, mix some powder with water and you will get a toothpaste. Use an old toothbrush as the bristles will discolor through the spice.

How to Get White Teeth – products from the drugstore

Just as inexpensive, but more effective is to use certain articles from the drugstore market, if you want to get white teeth. These include the so-called whitening strips, as well as pens and ultrasonic toothbrushes. The strips are used twice a day and remain on their teeth for half an hour. Success is already apparent after some applications. With this technique you can enjoy bright white teeth for six months. Equally effective are the whitening pens. It is a gel that is applied to the teeth with a brush. The exposure time is only one minute. Some also wrap the teeth with aluminum foil. The ultrasonic toothbrush does not have a direct lightening effect but rather a deep cleansing. Available cracks in the teeth accumulate dirt which makes the teeth look discolored. However, the toothbrush has the ability to remove even such particles. In this way the natural whiteness of your teeth can be seen again. So it is a good addition to other remedies if you want to get white teeth. Do not use bleaching products on open teeth. Before you do anything about the discoloration of your teeth, consult your dentist.

White teeth get at the dentist

Teeth bleaching at the dentist are the most expensive, but also most effective variant. The whitening costs between $500 and $1000. At the dentist, first select the appropriate shade of teeth. The gel, which the dentist then uses to get your teeth white, contains hydrogen peroxide. This agent provides for a permanent brightening of the teeth, since it can penetrate the inside of the teeth and release oxygen radicals, which are responsible for the discoloration. Side effects are sometimes noticed, but these are extremely light and present for a short period. In the treatment of the teeth, water is removed. As a result, the canals present in the tooth are released, which makes the teeth more sensitive to hot and cold foods and other stimuli. During this time you should also do without coloring foods such as coffee, red wine or blueberries. However, this sensitivity will pass after a short period of time, as soon as water is added to the teeth. In order to avoid renewed discoloration, a regular cleaning of the teeth at the dentist is recommended. Not getting just white teeth, respectively, keep it. Caries are also suggested in this way. The costs for this can in some cases be at least partially covered by the health insurance company. However, you should inquire about it in advance.

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Use toothed rack

A toothed rack is used at home, but is made by the dental technician on behalf of the dentist. On the track, give a gel, which should then act overnight, following the instructions of the dentist. The rail costs between $200 and $300. In addition, the gel must also be purchased. Alternatively, trade is offered in trade. In order to adapt these to your teeth, they are made flexible. Again, we recommend that you consult with your dentist in advance.

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