7 Effective Home Remedies for Dandruff Treatment

Effective -Regularly, each person loses his scalp, which is not noticeable with the naked eye. However, it becomes an unpleasant pain when dandruff is excessively strong and visible on clothing. Before one with suitable care products and home remedies for dandruff deals with the problem, the exact nature of scales should be noted.

Do you suffer from a dry scalp? Do fine shavings fall down on your shoulder with the slightest head movement? Then it is a dry scaling. If your hair fats quickly, the scalp as well as it goes off in yellowish, bigger scales, then you have a greasy scaling and it is usually a fungus attack. You should take great care in the selection of hair cosmetics since unsuitable products will aggravate the problem.

– What causes dandruff?

Head sheds are actually dead skin cells, which are abraded when the scalp develops new. In normal cases they are tiny, not visible at all. In some people, the scalp tends to produce new cells so quickly that the overlying ones can not be removed in time. Then large clusters of cells are formed, which are to be discarded in the form of large scales, which are then also visible. They arise when the scalp produces too much sebum, which can also cause a skin condition and is called greasy dandruff.

Overstretched, dry scalp, which trickles like a fine ‘snow’ on the shoulders, can have different triggers – heating air, solar radiation, air conditioning or hot air at blow-dry. Frequently repeated washing with an unsuitable, degreasing shampoo can lead to dehydration of the scalp and white flocks may form as a side effect. An accelerated skin metabolism due to allergic illness can cause hay fever, but also dandruff. Of this problem, mostly men are affected and in any case, it is perceived as disturbing and unattractive.

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or anti-dandruff shampoo

The anti-dandruff shampoo is available in any drugstore and promises a fast and long-lasting success. However, it does not help with any dandruff disease. In principle, care products of this type are designed for greasy scalp, and when used in a dry, the problem will only worsen. They flush the excess fat and contain, among other things, fungus killing ingredients, such as ketoconazole or clotrimazole.

In the case of the extremely dry scaly scalp, caution is advised as shampoos do exactly the opposite. The skin is additionally dried and stressed, therefore the itching and the dandruff formation intensify. It is advisable to use a mild shampoo with a dry scalp, which has no degreasing effect and is specially designed for dry and sensitive skin.

7 Effective Home Remedies for Dandruff – 1. apple celery or lemon juice

Lemon is one of the few household products which are effective both with the dry and greasy scalp. On the one hand cleans the vinegar, or lemon juice, the greasy scalp and acts porentief, so that the clogged sebaceous glands are freed from the fat and once again function normally. On the other hand, the acid regulates the natural pH, which is often shifted by unsuitable or basic shampoos in the case of a dry scalp. The itching soon tempered, the scalp soothes. You can enter apple cessation or lemon juice to shampoo and as usual to wash your hair. Another possibility would be to produce a dissolution of 200 ml of apple celery and 1 l of lukewarm water itself, and thus cover the head after washing the hair. Massage easily with your fingertips. Washing out is not necessary because the very acid odor quickly disappears when the hair is dry.

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Effective Home Remedies for Dandruff – 2. Beer

The beer can be used for dry scalp and dandruff. It provides hair and scalp with vitamins, nutrients, and trace elements, strengthens them and gives them fresh shine. Make your own powerful rinse when mixing 500 ml of beer with 1 l of lukewarm water and place in a spray bottle. Sprinkle from about 20 centimeters away. You do not have to rinse out since after a while the beer odor flies by itself.

Effective home remedies for dandruff – 3. Avocado and avocado oil

With avocado they can moisturize the dry scalp. The oil, which is extracted from the cores, refines the hair with a protective film and preserves it from drying out. This allows a natural shampoo to be prepared and massaged into the wet hair.

Effective home remedies for dandruff – 4. Tea tree oil (unsuitable for allergy sufferers)

If you suffer from oily dandruff, tea tree oil can have a positive effect on dandruff. Allergy tolerates it but often not, which is why an allergy test is advisable before the treatment. Essential oils have a porous effect, prevent clogging of the sebaceous glands and destroy fungi. Tea tree oil promotes healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss. You can enter it to the hair shampoo. For best results, a mixing ratio of 10 ml of tea tree oil to 100 ml of hair shampoo is recommended. A homemade shampoo against dandruff can also be prepared from the following ingredients:

  • 25 ml of tea tree oil
  • 250 ml of water
  • 2 tea bags of chamomile tea
  • 50 g of soda

Bring the water to a boil, then allow to cool to 8 degrees and add the chamomile tea. After 5 minutes remove the tea bags, add the soda gradually, stir in (it foams strongly) and stir the tea tree oil. In a suitable bottle, use as a conventional shampoo. It should only be left for a few minutes.

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Effective home remedies for dandruff – 5. Olive oil

Olive oil is a true home remedy, which is indispensable for hair and skin care. It prevents hair loss and moisturizes the dry scalp.

Effective home remedies for dandruff – 6 Willow bark extract

Willow bark extract can be used against dry dandruff since it contains an antiseptic agent, which counteracts scalp inflammation. You can make a willow brioche pudding yourself.

Effective home remedies for dandruff – 7. Colts fail

Colostrum has an anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effect and is recommended for dry dandruff. Particularly against severe redness of the scalp, care products with colostrum can be helpful. Shampoos and lotions are offered in the health resorts.

Home remedies for dandruff help to eliminate the problem