7 Facts You Will Like To Know About The Vagina

Due to the taboo that has existed around female sexuality, the vagina is one of those great unknown even for women

The vagina is the organ of the feminine genital apparatus whose functions are fundamental in the sexual as hormonal and reproductive. It has a mucous tissue that is responsible for maintaining lubrication and , avoiding the excessive passage of infectious agents such as viruses and .

Its walls are made up of fibromuscles which, in addition to giving it elasticity, allows it to carry out many of its main functions. It serves as an outlet for fluids such as the cervical mucus and mucus, and because it has hundreds of , is a center of pleasure and .

And, although there are now many caveats and myths about their functions, there are some curious facts that many still do not know. Ready to discover?

7 Facts about Vagina

1. Size changes with orgasm

The vagina is an elastic organ that expands easily during sexual intercourse, since the blood is concentrated in this area to facilitate penetration. Its interior walls are composed of small folds that open like umbrellas during intercourse. However, when the orgasm is near, its size decreases up to 30%,  because the vulva muscles contract abruptly.

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2. Has the ability to self-clean

The female intimate area has a that provides a protective barrier against viruses, yeasts and bacteria that cause infections. The presence of a transparent or white flow is and, although for some it is uncomfortable, it is necessary for self-cleaning of this complex organ.

The use of perfumed soaps, deodorants and other intimate hygiene products can cause alterations in their pH, which is detrimental. That is why it is necessary to use natural ingredients with probiotics, which fight germs while promoting cleanliness.

3. Your muscles can strengthen

The muscles that are part of the vagina can be toned and strengthened through regular practice of exercises focused on work.

  • These activities contribute to reduce the risk of problems such as urinary incontinence, prolapse and other conditions that deplete the quality of life.
  • It is convenient to know that at least one in three women tends to have dysfunctions in her pelvic floor at menopause.
  • , lifting the pelvis and stretching are simple ways to work this part of the body.

4. is a source of pleasure

After finishing with hundreds of taboos that sought to hide its function, today it is known that the clitoris is the only human organ whose only purpose is to give pleasure. It has more nerve endings than any other place in the body, approximately 8000, and can measure between 6 and 12 centimeters in length and 6 in width, extending inside the body. Most female orgasms have their origin in the excitement and stimulation of this delicate organ.

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5. Sex keeps the vagina

Having sex regularly is one of the healthiest ways to exercise the delicate muscles that make up this organ. Prolonged withdrawal times cause the internal tissues of the vagina to become brittle, decreasing their flexibility and lubricity. In turn, in some, muscles may contract too much, making penetration painful by re-establishing relationships.

6. The vagina may fall

It is a condition known as vaginal prolapse, which occurs when the uterus, fallopian tubes and vagina fall out, exerting pressure on the vaginal area. It usually occurs after childbirth, by weakening of the pelvic floor or by surgical interventions that compromise the womb. Their immediate attention is decisive, since medical help is required to be able to solve it before it presents complications.

7. Its more sensitive after childbirth

After childbirth, all women need some time to recover before resuming their sexual life. Although the muscles gradually regain their normal size, it is appropriate to wait between 4 and 6 months for penetrative sex. This is because the pH of the vaginal flora takes some time to regain its balance, which increases the risk of bacterial or yeast infections. On the other hand, it is essential to avoid the consumption of sugar and alcoholic beverages, besides the use of undies adjusted.

All these data are useful to know more about the functioning of this delicate female organ.

However, when in doubt, consult your gynecologist for more detailed information.