8 Home Remedies to Lighten Dark Underarms Naturally

Although no one usually talks about it, the fact is that underarm stains are more common than many people believe and have their origin in various factors such as , the use of , the constant applications of Deodorants or antiperspirants that damage the skin and even poor hygiene.

Although a direct relationship has not been found in these spots with any disease, it must be taken into account that this is a merely aesthetic problem, so that social level is not well seen, leaving much to talk about people who suffer from it. However, there are drugs that pose a great relief because they allow remove underarm stains naturally without having to make large outlays of money on medical treatments.

Overweight or obesity as a factor for the generation of underarms

Not many know this, but overweight and obesity have a close relationship with many of the most , especially in folds such as the neck, underarms, knees, etc. Some of the most known causes are the body’s resistance to insulin, which is reflected in the appearance of that give the appearance of dirt in regions such as the neck.

But that is not the only problem, as people who suffer from these conditions also develop a greater sensitivity in the skin, becoming more prone to get infections and irritations in the affected areas.

Those who have diabetes should have much stricter control when these situations occur, since curative treatments are often much more complex, so healing can be successful.

How to prevent dark spots in the underarms

In addition to the health conditions mentioned above, there are certain recommendations that can be taken into account to prevent the appearance of underarm spots. As they say out there, prevention is better than cure.

  • Avoid constant shaving of the underarms: The shaving of the underarms and the skin in general causes a considerable irritation, which in turn causes the appearance of the dark spots.
  • Depilatory creams and other related products also cause irritation, especially when used frequently.
  • In order to avoid stains in the underarms, it is more advisable to opt for a shaving with wax, since in this way it is possible to remove the hair from the root, so that at the passing of the hours the spots will no longer be visible.
  • It may be painful, but the truth is that after a couple of sessions the body develops some resistance to the sensations.
  • As it is noticed at the beginning of the article, the hygiene is fundamental to maintain a healthy skin. This is so because it is possible to remove the dead cells that the skin gives off every day.
  • The use of deodorants with a lot of chemicals also represents a common problem for both the underarms and the clothes, which usually suffer the appearance of .
  • Perspiration also has a lot to do with dark spots, so avoid wearing tight clothing or overextend yourself to allow the body to breathe properly.
  • Whenever possible it is advisable to exfoliate the skin, from the face to the neck, as well as the folds where a greater amount of dead cells usually accumulate.
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As long as the problem of underarm stains is not caused by any medical condition, you can proceed to use any of the methods mentioned below that have proven effective over the years for lightening dark underarms naturally.

1. Whitening the underarms with lemon

Lemon is a fruit that provides a number of beneficial properties for the body. We know it has a high content of Vitamin C, so it acts as an effective antioxidant that improves the state of health of the body in general, including the skin.

At the same time, it has an exfoliating function due to its acidity which, in addition, makes it an excellent anti-biological agent that is capable of destroying the bacteria that cause the bad smell.

However, before applying it you must take into account some aspects to avoid damaging the exposed skin, because by the acidity itself, it can also cause irritation and other detrimental effects.

  1. One of the most common forms of application is to rub a slice of lemon directly into each underarm by means of small circular massages over five minutes. As a recommendation it is necessary to take a shower immediately after it is finished, as well as apply some moisturizing cream (never deodorants) to prevent dryness of the skin.
  2. A less aggressive way is to mix three tablespoons of natural yogurt with the juice of half a lemon and a spoonful of honey. Then stir very well until a homogenous mixture is obtained and apply directly to the underarms for ten minutes. Remove the mixture with warm water.
  3. You can also make a mixture of two tablespoons of sugar with a few drops of lemon juice, so that the sugar becomes softer and moister (more not wet). Prefer to use brown sugar and once the combination has been made, apply with the aid of the hands by gentle massages. Let stand for about ten minutes and rinse with warm water. This method is ideal for people who suffer from dark skin by shaving.
  4. As a final option, you can make use of a walnut paste with lemon and honey. In this case, the natural yogurt is replaced by the ground walnuts, stirring all the ingredients until obtaining a homogenous mixture. The effect remains the same, as well as the form and time of application.

For any of the cases, the results begin to be noticed from the first week. It is important not to apply more than two or three times each week to avoid adverse effects.

2. Bleach underarms with bicarbonate

Bicarbonate is another compound that acts as an excellent anti-biological agent that is able to eliminate the bacteria that cause the underarm odor, so it is also considered as a cheaper alternative to deodorants.

In the same way, it has exfoliating properties that reduce the dead skin cells, releasing the sweat glands to have a better oxygenation and prevent the accumulation of more bacteria.

  1. The method of application is to form a paste made of baking soda and water, mixing a tablespoon in a cup of the liquid. Afterwards, apply by means of small circular massages, letting stand for ten minutes. To finish, rinse with warm water and dry with a soft dry cloth to avoid damaging the skin.
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The bicarbonate, being able to be used as a deodorant, will avoid to continue the application of the latter, preventing irritability and dark spots caused by chemicals.

3. Bleach underarms with cucumber

Cucumber is a miraculous fruit, among its main properties we can find its high content in fiber and low caloric value that together, help to lose weight quickly and naturally. But already focusing on the main problem, it has Vitamin E, which is excellent for treating almost any skin-related deficit such as underarm spots. Not in vain, is that it is used in all beauty salons to reduce eye bags.

  1. For this method a cucumber without shell is required and cut into small cubes. The cubes should then be shredded in the blender until the thick consistency of a paste is obtained. Then wash the underarms with cold water to open the pores and apply with the help of a cotton. Let stand for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Voila!
  2. A more complex and at the same time effective method is to use lemon, cucumber and turmeric. Simply mix the citrus juice with the juice freshly extracted from a cucumber and a spoonful of turmeric. Once a homogeneous combination is obtained, apply with the aid of cotton and clean underarms for about 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft towel.
  3. In case you do not have enough time, you can also apply a slice of cucumber directly onto the underarms and even leave it overnight to prolong its effect.

The advantage of this remedy is that it is not at all aggressive and can be used every day until the spots have disappeared.

4. Whitening underarms with potatoes

Potatoes are also recommended to lighten the skin, including in the folds like the underarms. Although not as good as lemon, the truth is that it is not at all irritating, thus making it a real alternative for people who feel annoying when making use of citrus.

  1. The easiest way to use it is by cutting a thick slice of potato, applying directly on the underarms for approximately ten minutes. When finished, rinse with warm water.
  2. If desired, and for best results, you can use the juice of the potatoes, with the help of an extractor to obtain them. Then apply the juice on the stained skin with the help of a cotton ball, giving small massages for the same time. It is important to clean with when finished to shoot dead cells.

5. Bleach underarms with saffron

Without a doubt an effective method, but also expensive due to the price with which the saffron is obtained. However if you want to give it a try, you will have to do the following.

  1. Mix a few strands of saffron at a milk rate until a homogeneous combination is obtained. Then apply directly on the underarms with small massages, using a cotton and letting rest all night to improve the results.
  2. If desired it can also be applied for 20 minutes and then removed with warm water.

6. Blanch the underarms with oil essence

Oils are used in skin problems as powerful moisturizers, although they also function as exfoliants to get rid of all impurities. There are different methods that can be used and which are mentioned below.

  1. The first recipe is made from two tablespoons of olive oil and one cup of brown sugar. Combine both elements in the bowl until a smooth paste is obtained. Afterwards, apply directly with the aid of cotton or clean hands, letting it act for five minutes. Clean with warm water. It is important to use it only twice a week, making sure to clean properly to avoid staining the clothes.
  2. Coconut oil is also excellent for the task, as it has a high content of vitamin E. It is applied directly on the skin and does not require combinations with other ingredients. As an added bonus, it also works as a deodorant since it has a fresh aroma that characterizes it.
  3. In some health food stores you can get pure Vitamin E Oil. It is applied in the same way as the rest and has an impact both visually and healthily, as it leaves the skin smoother. Perhaps one of the drawbacks is that this solution is not as affordable as the first two.
  4. Finally, the fourth option is to mix olive oil, wheat oil, jojoba oil, citrus fruit oil (all oils should be in the same amount, eg five drops) and water. By doing this you get a powerful bleach that should be used at most twice a day, preferably before each bath and with clean underarms.
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7. Whitening the underarms with herbs

This bleach includes natural ingredients obtained through different herbs. They are quite easy to make and can be obtained at health food stores at affordable prices.

  1. For this it is necessary to have licorice root extract, aspen extract and raspberry extract (all in equal amounts). They are thoroughly stirred in a glass container and applied over the affected areas for about 30 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with cold water to prevent staining. With this in mind, it is preferable to use it before the shower. The treatment consists of applying every day the first two weeks; After this period, the doses change to a maximum of twice a week until the spots completely disappear.

Once finished, the mixture can be stored in a clean, well-covered container inside the refrigerator.

8. Bleach the underarms with orange peels

This method has proven effective because the orange peel not only removes stains in the underarms, but also functions as a powerful exfoliant capable of removing dead skin cells and fight the bacteria that cause the bad smell.

  1. For this procedure you start by leaving the orange peels in the shade to dry them. This can take from a few hours to a day. Once they are completely dehydrated, they are cut into small pictures and subsequently mixed in minute quantities milk and rose water so that a homogeneous paste can be formed. It is then applied to clean underarms and allowed to stand for 10 minutes. At the end of this time the pasta is removed with warm water and dried with a soft towel.

Due to its natural aroma, the essence of orange can last up to several hours.


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