9 Delicious Foods Rich in Bioflavonoids to Avoid Inflammation

in  contribute to counteracting and can be included easily in the . Bioflavonoids, sometimes called vitamin P because of their ability to boost vitamin C, are super antioxidants found in many .

Scientists have shown that bioflavonoids have specific abilities to strengthen our health in different ways. Among them, that of potentiating strong cell formations, even avoiding the growth of damaged cells by allowing an anti-carcinogenic effect. Bioflavonoids contribute to heart health and combat atherosclerosis, as well as Alzheimer’s disease.

These pigments are found in many of the same foods that contain vitamin C, an essential nutrient for the daily diet, and are an ideal complement to vitamin C, to the point of improving its effect on the body.

Foods rich in bioflavonoids

are generally the best options to include bioflavonoids in the diet. One of the characteristics of foods rich in bioflavonoids is its great coloring, although not all enjoy as much color as garlic. These are some of the most to enjoy these wonderful and nutritious substances.

Red pepper or sweet pepper

Red peppers contain up to three times more vitamin C than orange juice, according to some medical sources. Scientists agree that raw peppers are one of the most effective ways to enjoy the beneficial of bioflavonoids.

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These delicious fruits of the forest are a great source of bioflavonoids. Other types of forest fruits are equally rich in this type of antioxidants. What has been worth them to be used as specific claims in wines and foods derived from the fruits of the forest for the benefits they bring to health.

Citrus fruits

Oranges are a significant source of bioflavonoids. Lemons and limes, as well as peaches, nectarines and other fruits, contain vitamin C and are rich in bioflavonoids.


This green vegetable has a good amount of vitamin C as well as some other for a healthy diet. As with other foods, consumption of raw broccoli is preferable for best results.

Coles or Repollitos of Brussels

Brussel sprouts are healthier. Rich in antioxidants, they also have their own flavor and is a delicious way to get vitamins and bioflavonoids.

Tropical fruits

Fruits, such as mangos and papayas, are very rich in bioflavonoids and other nutritional elements contained under their skin. These are increasingly accessible in supermarkets worldwide. Do not miss out on the many benefits that can provide you, plus an incredible taste.


For most people, garlic is a super food. Our food culture is aware of its properties. Scientists are now considering it among the richest natural foods in bioflavonoids, and therefore capable of providing the properties we associate with curative foods.

Spinach – Popeye was no joke

This food has all the qualities we would associate with a green vegetable rich in antioxidants. Spinach is a good nutrient for all uses; you can even substitute for lettuce for a highly nutritious and otherwise colorful salad.

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Tea and infusions

Green tea and other infusions are known to possess many powerful chemical elements that contribute to longevity and good health. The mentality of caffeine drinkers should experience a change in the benefit of tea to enjoy the effects of the essential vitamins in the drink they consume in the morning.

Foods rich in bioflavonoids: raw or processed?

These are just some of the best example of fruits and vegetables that are rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin C to choose from. Foods rich in vitamins are always more effective raw, so we must be aware of the difference between buying fresh produce or eating canned, cooked or processed foods.

In general, colorful fresh fruits and vegetables are preferable to a diet that contributes to health in different ways.

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