9 Home Remedies To Boost Your Breasts Naturally

Breasts turn out to be one of the most attractive physical traits of us women. In addition to making a woman look more attractive, they can boost her self-confidence and self-esteem as a woman.

Unfortunately, not all women are gifted with the perfect pair of breasts that match their height; weight and personality, so many want to know how to do a .

Enhancement Naturally

Many women have small breasts that make them feel uncomfortable when they are in social circles or with their partner. Although the reasons for small breasts can vary, most women who wish to increase breast size usually opt for surgery. In addition to being an expensive procedure, this breast procedure does not always bring and can leave permanent that can be even more devastating to manage.

Home Remedies To Boost Breast Size Naturally

To increase the size of the breasts does not need surgery, there are many natural ways to achieve the desired size of the breasts. So if you are in search of those resources that can help you get bigger breasts, here are some great ideas that you can try within the confines of your home. These remedies may take some time to produce fruitful results. But you can be sure that the final results will be effective, and they would come without any side effects!

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for Breast Augmentation

Massaging your breasts regularly is considered as one of the best home remedies to naturally increase breast size. A breast massage for about 30 minutes every day can effectively increase the size of the breast for a cup in just one month!

Massaging the breasts increases the flow of blood as well as the flow of phytoestrogens found in the bloodstream to the chest (key hormones in ). Massaging the breasts regularly would also stimulate increased production of prolactin, a breast enlargement hormone that would be decisive in increasing breast size.

How do you have to do the massage? Rub the palms together as fast as you can to generate some heat and energy. After rubbing your hands together quickly for about 6-10 seconds, place them on your breasts. Rub your breasts inward (to the right on the right breast and to the left on the left breast).

Continue to rub the breasts for about 2 seconds. Follow this with a minimum of 300 sessions each morning and night every day for a month to effectively increase the size of your chest. The exercise can take about 15 minutes and you would have to rub your hands at regular intervals to maintain the heat and energy.

Home Treatments To Increase Breasts Without Surgery.

The use of electronic items to automate household chores has left women with sagging bodies and drooping breasts. One of the best ways to increase breast size naturally is to perform those tasks that require arm exercises manually. An excellent example would be sweeping, mopping, moping, food or even play with our children in case we have them.

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Eat Estrogen Foods For Breast Augmentation

The size of your breasts can vary greatly from the presence or absence of certain hormones in your body. Although the presence of male hormones like testosterone can prevent breast growth, lack of estrogen can also reduce the development of the breast, leaving us with small and underdeveloped breasts.

The best way to overcome this is to eat foods rich in estrogens. Excess levels of estrogen in the body could regulate hormone levels and help achieve bigger breasts in a short span of time. Some of the best natural sources of estrogen include chicken soup, anise seeds, soy foods, vegetables, legumes, fruits, eggs, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, etc…

Eat Healthy Fats

Increasing your intake of healthy fats can help increase your breast size as long as you control your weight and do not gain weight elsewhere. Avoid unhealthy fats that can create long-term health problems. Healthy fats are found in foods like eggs, avocados, walnuts, olive oil, (oily) fish, peanut butter, etc…

Eat radish

Radish has been linked to breast augmentation in several studies, and is known to contain potent astringent properties that help improve blood flow in tissues, including those found in the breasts.

Increasing blood circulation to the breasts would help increase breast size quickly and effectively.

Home Remedies for Breast Augmentation

Lack of certain minerals and vitamins in the body can lead to hormonal imbalances which in turn can cause undeveloped or small breasts. In these cases, opting for natural supplements can help prevent these deficiencies in addition to promoting natural breast augmentation. Some of the natural supplements that aid in breast growth include:

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Amino acids

In addition to increasing breast size, amino acids are known to help burn off excess fat deposits in the body and prolong the aging process. Amino acids also have properties that emulate the growth hormones necessary for breast augmentation.


Vitamin deficiency can have a negative impact on breast size. While each vitamin (vitamin A, C, E, and B6) has its own specific function in enhancing the breast, these vitamins can help promote breast development to a great extent. For example:

Vitamin A helps promote skin cell regeneration and rejuvenation. Vitamin C helps in the restoration of collagen, thus increasing the cellular support of tissues and skin (including those found in the breast). Vitamin B6 in the formation of new blood cells. And vitamin E helps regulate cholesterol levels in the body, thus preventing the formation of excess fat deposits in other parts of the body. Taken together, these vitamins can help increase breast size naturally, without causing any side effects in .

Wear Clothes For Breast Augmentation. Make It Look Like You Have Big But Big Breasts

The clothes you wear may either highlight your breasts or make them look flat (even if you have a normal bust size). If you have small breasts, opt for stuffed bras and clothing that would make your breasts look bigger.