A Wholistic Approach to Beauty – Inside Out and Outside In

We always think of beauty as coming from the outside. We rave about our favorite skincare line, the latest in vogue, the best masque and shampoo. We often forget that beauty comes really from the inside and appears on the outside. So to be is a complex dual mechanism which mixes intrinsically inside out and outside in.

What you will put on your skin should be eatable . If this is toxic to eat, would not it be toxic for your skin? I mean, is not the skin an organ, actually the largest organ designed to protect us?

I think that the most important beauty tip one’s can have is really to pay attention to what they eat. The nourishing food they eat should be their skin and hair care “foundation”.

Processed food if you want to have beautiful hair and skin may not be the right option.

Now if you target some of the most nourishing nutrients out there, you will see that they double their game. They will be as good for you inside and outside.

Sugar is toxic so I would not recommend it even for your skin and for your hair. Sugar causes premature aging, glycation reactions and is highly toxic and inflammatory. But is probably the one of most amazing moisturizing out there and has the ability to retain moisture (humectant), making it especially beneficial for dry hair ! Please understand that it may lighten the color of your hair. Use as much honey as needed ( does still not apply too much at once because your hair become sticky ) and mix it with other ingredients such as or banana and even water or apple cider vinegar. is preferable as it contains up to 80 essential nutrients such as enzymes, antioxidants, antibacterial,  B-complex vitamins, vitamins, A, C, D, E… Would you eat ??? I do.

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Vanilla beans are a wonderful yet super expensive hair and skincare ingredient. It contains tons of anti-aging antioxidants good for the hair and good for you skin. It smells delicious and is just incredible. It prevent free radical damages and can reduce the occurrence of and fine line on the skin. It is very gentle yet super powerful and delicious.

I also wanted to talk about is actually the most delicious, well, to me. It is dark… dark raw cacao mass and raw cacao butter. It is amazing to contemplate the amount of beautiful things that dark raw chocolate does for you in the inside: it makes you happy, less stressed (Theobromine and magnesium), it helps fighting free radical damages (epicathecin and flavonoids), it contains tons of vitamins and minerals which can promote health, blood flow and cellular healing. All those things that it can do for inside your body will be reflected on your skin and hair. And guess what, this is something you can use as your masque for your skin and for your hair. With over 600 compounds raw chocolate really illustrates this conception of holistic/wholistic beauty.  Please do not mix any dairy with it, it would get rid of the flavonoids

Health is really beauty

Now Hnina raw dark chocolate bars combine just those ingredients: organic raw cacao mass, organic raw cacao butter, organic raw honey and organic pure vanilla beans. No other ingredients are contained. It is my beauty product to go inside out and outside in.  You have it all into a chocolate bar. Beauty can be delicious, unprocessed and get you entirely healthy inside and outside.