Advantages and Disadvantages of Breast Augmentation with Stem Cells

The are a symbol of indisputable femininity. All women want to look big and firm , however the size and shape of it is due to genetics and size cannot be improved with exercises as can be done with other parts of the body such as the glutes.

Unfortunately, not all women have , so they try to increase it with fillings on bras or with cosmetic firming treatments, which does not usually deliver the expected results in the majority of cases.

The best way to change the size of your breasts in a short time is through surgery. But many women do not want or are afraid to go through the operating room. The good news for women who do not want to undergo is that they can increase the size of the breast naturally with stem cells from the patient’s own body and at the same time thin the abdomen or legs. In order for the surge to occur, there is no need for the surgeon to use a scalpel or implant implants.

It is a less dangerous technique, with more natural and permanent results, with the disadvantage that results take longer to be appreciated, because the increase is due to a natural process.

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The new technique of breast

How is breast augmentation procedure performed with stem cells?

First a  of an area of ​​the patient’s body should be performed. You must choose an area in which you also want to lose weight, it may be the abdomen, thus creating an effect of a thinner waist and larger breasts. If you have too many big thighs you can choose that area for so you thin one or two sizes.

For liposuction, local anesthesia and a small thin cannula will be used to introduce it into the area and remove the fat and cells needed. Then they will place what they extracted in a device in which they will centrifuge the fat and separate the stem cells from the other residues. The stem cells that were separated should be purified before placing them.

The surgeon will inject the fat and stem cells in the area of ​​the breast, using local anesthesia. The area will be without scars or marks.

As the days pass in this area will develop adipose tissues which will increase the size of the breasts.

How much is achieved?

The stem cells make the breasts can increase one or two sizes, contrary to surgery you can get more increase.

How long does it take to see results?

After the treatment you can begin to notice the results after six months, because in this period of time the will regenerate.

How long does the treatment procedure take?

It takes approximately one to two hours, including liposuction and stem cell transplantation.

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What are the advantages of breast augmentation with stem cells?

The advantages of breast augmentation with stem cells are several:

  • Fast and safe procedure.
  • Treatment is not painful.
  • It leaves no scars or marks.
  • In addition to increasing the size of the breasts you can thin down localized areas.
  • You do not need implants.
  • You do not need to retouch or inject more cells to maintain the effects.
  • Excellent results.
  • Effects and permanent results.
  • All women can use it.
  • Ideal for women who have lost their breasts because of cancer or those who do not want to get implants.

What is the disadvantage of breast augmentation with stem cells?

The disadvantage is that you need to wait 6 months to wear large breasts, as opposed to surgery that has immediate results. Also the price of this type of breast augmentation is higher than the price of conventional breast surgery.

If you want to know more about stem cells, click here.

In other articles, we have discussed alternatives to increase the breasts naturally, which may be another option for stem cells. It is important to know all the alternatives and to know that depending on our situation, we can choose one way or another to achieve a better look at our breasts.

Whichever option we choose if we want to increase our we must go to specialized centers and clinics where qualified professionals will resolve our doubts and solve any fear we may have in relation to the intervention. It is always preferable to look for the quality of the centers and specialists instead of attractive prices for the pocket, as the latter can be linked to results not so desired for anything expected, thus endangering our health and well-being.

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We invite you to share your experiences, and the results you have obtained if you have already done this treatment. If you need more information, we recommend you go to an expert, as it is a novel technique, and many of the professionals who perform this technique, can not guarantee certain results. That is why it is fundamental to know the possibilities of treatment before opting for one or the other option.