All You Need to Know about Recovery of a Liposuction

If you have recently undergone or will undergo a liposuction operation, you will be in doubt as to how the recovery process will be.

is an operation aimed at eliminating that can be called “stagnant” and that you can not eliminate by much effort that you do. That is, in many cases, you can already do the strictest diet that you create, as well as the most complex exercise, that there is no way to get rid of it.

For these cases of localized fat (like typical ), liposuction can eliminate all that unsightly excess with excellent results. And in this article, we will explain how the recovery process will be.

How is the recovery process?

When referring to liposuction you should not do it as something strange or unknown, since it is not a complicated or excessively . It is true that bruises will appear and the operated area will become inflamed, but nothing comparable to other more aggressive aesthetic operations.

Although many patients think it is one of the most damaging to our body, this is not always the case. In fact with the techniques that are used today, in a very short period of time you will return to a comfortable and normal life.

For a correct recovery of the liposuction, you will first need to be a few days at rest. For this, you must be farsighted and think about asking for a job, or ask for a vacation for an extended time. Rest is essential when recovering correctly.

The doctor who operated on will recommend a series of medications for you to take during the post-operative period. The most frequent medications are anti-inflammatory to take 3 times a day, and in some cases may also recommend antibiotics and thus minimize the risk of infection.

So that all these medicines do not affect your stomach, it will also prescribe a protector. Do not be afraid to join with too many pills or medicines to take, you will see that it will only be for a few days.

In many cases, it is recommended the use of a sash that acts by exerting pressure in the area where it has been intervened, so that the fabrics are recomposed as soon as possible.

This belt usually has a cost in the hospital, so we recommend you wear it before the surgery, you have tried several models and many patients have given us their opinion of which belt is the most comfortable, so that based on our experience we recommend this model of toning or post-liposuction strip color flesh  is comfortable, easy to put and very disguised, being even one of the models that are more recommended in hospitals, that if at a much more affordable price Than in any clinic.

Tips to follow

Your doctor will likely suture the small cuts you have made to introduce the cannulas that extract the fat, and it is also likely that you have then bandaged the entire area with a compression bandage.

It is normal that you have to stay a few days without wetting the area operated, try to have the area completely isolated when you take a shower to make sure that the wounds heal well.

However you should not neglect the hygiene and care of this area, that is why your surgeon will recommend the most appropriate products to avoid infections once the usual cures.

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Another tip is to always ask what additional products you recommend to buy or what clothes are most comfortable for the area.

You will also have to be a few days without great efforts, so forget about cleaning the house, doing exercise and all activities that involve movement.

During those days you will have to be combining the bed and the sofa, so buy yourself a few magazines and get a list of good movies to entertain you, the days will pass much faster.

You will also have to go frequently to perform the relevant cure as discussed above. These cures can be every two or three days, but that will tell you the surgeon in question.

The cures are not painful because they will be limited to cleaning the area to avoid infections. The stitches usually fall on their own over time, but in case one of them jumps, you must tell the surgeon on your next visit.

Finally, you will have to go to the doctor’s review after a few days. In that review, the aesthetic doctor will check that everything is going well, and in the process will resolve all the doubts you may have during the recovery.

As a general rule, recovery from liposuction does not pose major inconveniences and is something that happens fast. If you see that you feel too much pain, or your wounds are too thin, consult your surgeon as soon as possible.

The first few days you may have something worse, but with the passage of time, you will see that it is not so much and you will adapt to the situation. You can sleep better, get up well from the bed… all with a slight annoyance, but nothing that can not stand.

Recovery of a liposuction by zones:

Obviously, each zone that you deal with this type of intervention will have different times when it comes to recovering:

Liposuction of arms: Usually it is a surgery that gives very good results in the medium term, besides the arms, is zones of your body that you can have controlled with less difficulty. Their recovery oscillates depending on the amount of fat removed, but the actions of everyday life are usually carried out after 48 hours, avoiding sports or abrupt .

Abdominal Liposuction:  Without a doubt this is the liposuction par excellence, the most common and that more people are done. Using girdle and massages will help improve results and advance recovery. The usual times can be between three weeks and a month to remove the girdle and perform physical exercises. Although in the first week you can do most of the usual tasks.

Liposuction of legs: Sometimes it is usually somewhat more tedious recovery of leg liposuction, as they are your tools for walking. If you keep rest and perform the massages and you use the belt properly, you should be able to begin to carry your normal rhythm of life in about 72 hours. Although the girdle should stay longer with us, about a month depending on the type of liposuction.

Will I suffer major inconveniences?

As a general rule, recoveries of liposuction or liposculpture do not create greater inconveniences than those you have indicated.

It is very rare for infections or derivatives to appear, as we say, it is barely invasive and the methodology to follow is safe, however, it is true that liposuctions of a certain magnitude can appear such complications.

Anyway, in that case, you can consult with your doctor and he will prescribe the medications that he considers appropriate so that you suffer the minimum possible annoyances and recover very fast.

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One of the keys to obtaining good results after a liposuction is to use a firming cream so that the treated tissue recovers as soon as possible. After comparing more than 10 different brands you have come to the conclusion that the most expensive does not have to be the best, and the winner of this comparison has been the Nivea Q10 firming and remodeling 200ml  cream that we recommend to use after the intervention, But also before, because their results are very good in the short term and you get a cream of a brand of confidence like Nivea at a price of less than 10 $30.

Liposuction is a very grateful operation since the patients who submit to it consider that the effort and money employed has been worth it.

With liposuction, you get very good results and you will get a nice figure. In many cases, it ends up with aesthetic complexes of many women (the dreaded cartridges) and in other cases removes localized fat at points that are not aesthetic.

Whatever your case, if you really want to get rid of those fat clumps, ask your cosmetic doctor about liposuction. In this blog you can find much more information about it, so we encourage you to browse and expand your knowledge on the subject.

Like any other aesthetic intervention, in liposuction, you must evaluate the pros and cons, and know in what situations you will find after the intervention. That is why it is important to know that the recovery of this intervention can be annoying on some occasions, but that little by little will get better, and you will obtain some spectacular results.

Always want to put special emphasis on using an appropriate and quality girdle, follow the recommendations and guidelines that the surgeon after the intervention and avoid sudden movements in the affected area.

In addition, from our experience, we know the importance of massage during the post-operative, so it would be very interesting to know if they perform the same in the clinic or if you must pay separately, perhaps the price of the intervention include some massage session.

How to avoid liposuction and its recovery by losing fat naturally?

Today, there are thousands of miracle products in pills, powders, and even miracle diets.

Many of these products are totally useless, from aesthetic surgery10, you propose an alternative method to surgery, based on scientific data, with a method that will make you lose weight consistently, without stopping to eat, with guidelines and that will improve the State of your body.

This method known as a fat-burning factor divides into several steps the way you lose weight in a healthy, regular and consistent, and that you can carry out during the rest of your lives.

We invite you to try this product sold by Amazon by clicking on the following link Burn Fat 90 capsules and so you can comment with us the results offered.

And remember, whenever you plan an aesthetic intervention, go to professionals.

Postoperative of a liposuction or liposculpture

When you realize, your body is accumulating too much fat and because of this are formed “rollitos” that make your body is losing form. One of the quickest ways to improve your silhouette is to resort to cosmetic surgery.

The surgery indicated for these cases is the liposuction (or liposculpture). In it, an intervention is performed where tubes are placed that absorb the unnecessary fats. This type of operation can be performed in areas such as the neck, arms, breasts, hips, and buttocks, the latter two being the most requested.

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The operation lasts approximately 1 to 2 hours depending on the areas to be treated. The intervention is not dangerous but is only recommended for people who do not have health problems.

After leaving the operating room the surgeon will tell you how long you should be observing, this also varies according to the amount of fat removed, you can stay interned for a couple of hours to see how you evolve and until the effects of anesthesia are over. Or in many cases, you should stay in the clinic until the other day to avoid any risk.

Home Care after Liposuction

When you return home you should take some post-operative care so that everything goes well and after a few days you can see the results of the surgery.

Rest is key to recovery from this surgery. Liposuction is a very strong operation for the body, and to avoid any complications, you must rest for almost 1 days. After the week, you should start walking, even if you only do it inside the house, but this is really necessary to avoid pulmonary embolism.

It is difficult to explain, but you must keep in mind that it is not good to be lying down all the time, not to be moving all the time. That is why you must remain at rest but during the day carry out some walks.

Remember that during the first few hours after the operation you can only follow a liquid diet. And the next day you can start to consume food but without fat. Also, remember to drink plenty of water.

The pains and bruises that are in the treated area are common marks. You can ask the surgeon to prescribe us some anti-inflammatory pain reliever to calm this, although he will probably prescribe it without us asking for it.

There may also be infections as in all cases of surgery. To prevent this infection you must take antibiotics, remember that you should not self-medicate, you must ask the surgeon to prescribe the indications for us.

Bleeding is also normal but should be controlled, if it is abundant you must call the doctor quickly. So also if the body temperature rises to more than 38.


If liposuction was performed in the abdominal area, during the first month you should use a sash to hold the muscles firm. And when you remove the girdle it is best to use elastic garments that fit the area.

Massages are another fundamental part of recovering faster. You must look for a professional masseuse to provide these types of services.

Other Care

For three months after the operation, you cannot expose yourselves to the sun. Neither smoke nor drink alcohol, as tobacco impairs healing, slowing it down and even causing some complications. Also during this time, it is advisable not to perform any type of physical exercises that require some abdominal strength.

Remember that the final results of liposuction can only be noticed after 6 months when the marks are already healed, there are no bruises or bruises and the area is completely disinfected. You will see that all the care and attention of this time had its result.