Asian Beauty Secrets

If you want to have an impeccable skin, fresh and shiny, follow these traditional Asian tips that have invited this culture with the for centuries.

Asian Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets of Asian Women

The Asian women share a beauty secret that, for centuries, has helped them have an impeccable, lusty, blemish – free skin so as humanly possible. Certainly, food and stress prevention and management techniques, together with the cultivation of happiness and spirituality, will be strong battlefields in the fight against wrinkles. But these daily care techniques also do their thing, and you can apply them every day from today!

Before you know them, remember at least once a week to do a home treatment that gives your body its nutrition, and helps to regenerate the cells and combat the action of free radicals, thus avoiding a wrinkled and aged . It uses products hypoallergenic and adapted to your type of skin, and as much as possible avoids regular soaps.

Secrets and products to have

There are many products and also elements that will help you have flawless skin easily, complementing your daily efforts and the weekly and monthly cleanings. They are easy to find items in any market, which you will get for low prices.

“It uses products hypoallergenic and adapted to your type of skin, and as much as possible avoids regular soaps.”

For example, always use gentle elements, such as spatulas to apply creams (warm hands can affect their composition), or use a Konjac sponge for deeper cleanings. This is a vegetable sponge that is made with the root of the Konjac plant; to use it soak in hot water for 10 minutes to soften it, and then gently rub in circular motions to clean and exfoliate. When finishing your cleanings and treatments, rinse with warm water to cold if appropriate, and dry tapping with tissue paper or a soft towel, without rubbing.

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On the other hand, when it comes to skin care products, these are some good Asian beauty tips to imitate, and that will complement your home treatments with :


  1. Hydrophilic oil: It is the ideal ingredient for the 4: 2: 4 method, well known in Asian culture. It is about applying a sufficient amount of hydrophilic oil to the clean and , leave to act for 4 minutes, then massage with a purifying cream for 2 minutes, and finally rinse the skin with cold water for 4 minutes. This will make a deep and gentle cleansing with your face.
  2. Rice Water: It is surprising that something as simple as rice water can be so efficient to have a flawless complexion. Use it to wash your body every day and you will notice a more unified tone and a more flexible skin in a few days. Learn to prepare it in this link.
  3. Mint: Fresh mint and green mint essential oil help to deflate, deflate, and are great for creating anti-aging home treatments. Cultivate a peppermint plant and use it fresh in your compounds, and also put some leaves in water to drink throughout the day.
  4. Sunscreen: It is not a “hygiene product” itself, but it is critical to having flawless skin. Use a protector suitable for your type of skin, with a factor of not less than 30 (and as high as you can, in fact). Be sure to apply it on clean, dry skin about 30 minutes before leaving home. Renew your application regularly and, if you are in the office or wearing makeup, be sure to wear sunglasses, hats, parasols, or keep you in the shade.
  5. Green tea: packed with antioxidants and many other goodies, green tea is an inevitable ingredient in the beauty routine of Asian women. Use it to cleanse your skin, put green tea bags over your eyes, and also drink one to two cups per day to have a huge antioxidant power from the inside.
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“Green tea is packed with antioxidants and many other goodies, and it is an inevitable ingredient in the beauty routine of Asian women.”

Keep in mind these Asian beauty treatments to add to your daily, weekly and monthly efforts. You will have flawless, healthy and energized skin that will make you look and feel wonderful.

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