Blood Type Diet for Types O, A, B and AB to Get Proportional Body

for types O, A, B and AB for Proportional Body. The diet is actually very beneficial for everyone. No exception for those of you who are skinny. Diet is important given the importance of health and healthy living patterns would be very helpful to get a more powerful body on the old time later.

Although skinny stature, should we also start keeping intake of our eating because of the entry of harmful substances or other types of packed with excessive cholesterol levels and a preservative or dye will also make our body was in danger, such as cancer and stroke.

There are many kinds of diet that has been widely known by the public. One of them is a kind of , i.e. the type of diet that is based on blood type the dieters. The results of the research on this diet produce a range of food reactions against the condition of the body of any person with a different blood type.

This is very reasonable, considering the condition of the body of any person is actually not the same, so that the application of these types of diets are effective in people one, not necessarily effective to apply to others.

O Blood Type Diet

Blood type diet, foods are classified into three main groups, namely food that qualifies as a good, neutral, and the last is the foods that should be avoided. Eat that is included in the category of very good, could be the kind of food the healer, then a neutral food is a type of food that does not have a lot of influence when it is consumed, then the category should be avoided can be a poison or are detrimental.

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diet first. Consumes a lot of green vegetables, foods with high levels of animal protein, and seafood are some of the types of foods that includes categories very good for consumption. Avoid vegetables such as eggplant, potatoes, mushrooms, and bean sprouts or any type of vegetable containing a lot of lectin.

This is useful to prevent themselves from the risk of gastric disorders, allergies and joint pain. Other foods such as tuna, sardine, tempe, tofu, meat, chicken, and soy milk are some of the types of foods that are neutral for blood type o. types Do cardio in the morning sports such as jogging, cycling or swimming, so as to provide a good impact to refresh the body.

B Blood Type Diet

The second is the diet. have high levels of antibodies are the most among blood type to the other, so that people with will generally rarely afflicted by the disease. Consumes a variety of marine fish, processed dairy such as cheese and yogurt, broccoli, carrots, Eggplant and because it would be very good for the health of your body.

But otherwise, avoid too often consume processed meat chicken, duck meat, processed peanuts, wheat, avocado, corn, pears, star fruit and soda water as it can magnify the risk of blood clotting and heart attacks. While other types of food such as beef, squid, chicken, eggs and butter beans are neutral to you. Exercise frequently with moderate exercise, such as dance or ballet, which will be very suitable for you with blood type B.

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A Blood Type Diet

The next diet aimed at diet blood type a. blood type A is perfect for becoming a vegetarian. People with this blood type is recommended to expand the consumption of fruit and vegetables instead of eating red meat, duck, rabbit meat, seafood such as shrimp, squid and lobster, as well as the kind of high-fat foods such as cheese, milk, ice cream and foods high in carbohydrates, such as sweet.

However, blood type A is still allowed to consume tuna fish, egg, whole wheat bread, dates and chicken meat because of its neutral or tend not to have significant influence towards the body. While the types of sports that are suitable for blood type A is a casual sports such as walking, tai chi, or sports outdoor light for 30 minutes per day.

AB Blood Type Diet

The last is the AB blood type diet. Blood type that include intermediaries blood type A and B blood types, this is the mysterious and unique. People with can adapt to a variety of food. Much easier than people with other blood type. So the consumption of meat and vegetables that will impact very well balanced for the AB blood type.

To increase the body’s immunity, should expand the consumption of goat milk, tuna fish, low calorie sour cream, and red grapes. In contrast, people with blood type AB, better not to consume the duck egg, crab, fruit banana, and soda water. There are also several types of diseases that need to look out for, among other things, joint pain and inflammation of the bone. To avoid this, work out regularly with the intensity that often, for example, light jogging, pilates, or yoga.

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