Breast Augmentation Through Hypnosis?

Can hypnosis, beyond the evidence that exists in other aspects of this psychiatric technique (also used in psychology and other branches of medicine) based on suggestion, influence an aspect of the body such as the size of the bust, Causing it to ?

According to the report “The reality of aesthetic  in Spain 2014” of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic ( SECPRE ) of the about 65,000 cosmetic operations that took place in Spain in 2013, 87.8% Place in women. And, of these, about 16,100 interventions were .

The reasons for undergoing it are diverse (such as reconstruction after a mastectomy, or influence of stereotypes of present society), but the overall result if it has a psychological factor beneficial to improving the patient’s self-esteem. The price of the operation is thousands of euros (there is a wide fork between € 2,500 and € 6,000) and, unfortunately, the intrusion is present with alleged surgeons who do not have the necessary preparation.

The cost of a real operation, the fear of going through an operating room, and the interest of many people in this aesthetic refinement have generated a breeding ground suitable for some “savvy” who have put their own “techniques” in motion with a clear mood money.

Breast augmentation “low cost”? Hypnosis??

One of these supposed techniques would be to apply hypnosis to get an increase in . With a very cheap price per session (those that promise unsubstantiated help to stop smoking walk about 40 Euros) in relation to operations could be an alternative to consider… or maybe not.

The hypnosis is a technique of definition somewhat diffuse and several streams, so we indicate here of the :

“A natural state of active and attentive focal concentration, coupled with a state of relative disconnection of peripheral attention. Since it is a normal and widely distributed characteristic, and that hypnotic entry occurs spontaneously, it is a fairly frequent phenomenon.”

We add, for the sake of clarity, the definition suggested in a commentary by the British Society of Psychology:

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“The term” hypnosis “denotes the interaction between a person, the” hypnotist “, and another person or persons, the” subject “or” subjects. “In this interaction, the hypnotist tries to influence the perception, feelings, thoughts and behaviors of the subjects, asking them to concentrate on an idea or image capable of evoking the effects that are intended to be achieved. The verbal communications that the hypnotist uses to reach these effects are called suggestions. The difference between suggestions and any other kind of instructions is that suggestion implies that the responses experienced by the subjects will be involuntary or will be experienced effortlessly.”

It has some psychotherapeutic usefulness as an adjunct to other treatments in some cases, but whose possible effects do not go beyond what we would achieve with a placebo. In favor of this being an autosuggestion mechanism with possibilities wider than the known placebos, and be able to facilitate greater independence of the patient.

Unfortunately, that diffuse and placebario side lends itself to being used by those who do not mind inventing a pseudotherapy appealing to the unknown, without presenting evidence of effectiveness or fundamentals (although if they are clear that the money ends up in their pocket)

As heirs that advertising we found in comics (with images of “before” and “after”) promise centimeters or growth sizes. Some examples, this, this, or this one. There are even circulating on the Internet various sound files with audios that supposedly lead to a hypnotic suggestion that gets the desired increase in size.

Efficacy tests: none

After tracing the network we have located the following references as possible “evidence” that hypnosis makes breast augmentation possible:

  • Peter HC Mutke, MD (UCLA) Apparently sent in 1971 a paper on mental techniques for the development of Chest to the department of neuropsychiatry at the University of California (Los Angeles, USA) It should not have gone very far because it has never been published and is unreachable on the web. It does not serve as proof.
  • Williams, JE “Research on Stimulation of Breast Growth by Hypnosis.” ( ” Research stimulating breast growth by hypnosis“), published in “Journal of Sex Research,” 1974, 10: 316-326. Calamitous study, where in a first phase only 6 subjects are studied, and in a second to 13 being the same subjects their control. It does not work.
  • Staib, AR, and Logan, DR, “Hypnotic Stimulation of Breast Growth.” ( ” Hypnotic Stimulation of breast growth“), published in “The American Journal of ,” 1977, 4: 201-208. In an attempt to emulate the previous study are still shorter study subjects: only three.
  • Willard, Richard. D. “ through visual imagery and hypnosis.” ( ” Breast through visual imagery and hypnosis“), published in “The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis,” 1977, 4: 195-200. Dr. Willard uses 22 subjects (few) of study for 12 weeks (scant), and (lack of control) without even a previous study of the subjects during a similar time. It is not able to establish a causal relationship. Remember that the body is not invariable over time. It does not work.
  • Roy Beran (a neurologist at a children’s hospital in England) presented a study in February 1979 at a conference of hypnotherapists, claiming that after 90 days of hypnosis the volume of the chest was doubled. The study is uncountable, and raises doubts about the veracity of the extraordinary presented by mr. Beran. It does not work.
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The constant in these studies is the low number of subjects, the absence of a rigorous control group, the low (or null) methodological rigor and the impossibility of establishing a correlation between cause and effect. The lack of continuity in the study of hypnosis for breast augmentation shows the little interest they produced (despite the importance of the supposed effects that this technique would have) the studies and their results.

These references, by the way, will find them in the same order (and with identical texts in English between them) in numerous pages favorable to the pseudoapplications of hypnosis.

A separate mention for Dr. Donald L. Wilson’s book “Natural Bust Enlargement With Total Mind Power” (1979) that would enter through the door of that imaginative literature of, for example, miracle diets, with affirmations of the caliber of “How Use the other 90% of your brain to increase the size of your breasts. ”

What if hypnosis works

But really the power of suggestion does not get to where hypnotherapists pose. In no case does it evade the will of the subject who receives it and neither will (or even self-hypnosis) lead us to transgress the laws of physics, or mentally turn the past into a supposed “regression”. Nor can animals be hypnotized.

While there are indications of the usefulness of hypnosis, these do not go beyond what the placebo effect can achieve. Even so, it may have utility in supporting pain treatments, etc. In that sense, if your study can be interesting.

But clearly we can say that there is no evidence any to support the claim that hypnosis can .

To finish and if you are interested in hypnosis, it is very interesting (and highly recommendable) regarding your current situation this talk by Antonio Capafons, president of the Association for the Advancement of Experimental and Applied Hypnosis ( AAHEA ) within the cycle ” Skeptics in the pub ” from ARP-SAPC :