Buttock Augmentation without Surgery

There are several options to increase buttocks without having to apply the . As we know a and some exercise will always help our body to maintain itself, but there are other more simple and effective options to be satisfied with your .

There is a new treatment to perfect them without using surgery and is giving much to talk about, over time technology has helped to please beautification wishes of many people, focusing on certain areas and many believe only to have improvement through a Surgery with a scalpel.

Forget the pain and a long recovery because in the treatment of buttock augmentation without surgery there is none of that.

Many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have fashioned a protruding butt, but not all of us are lucky enough to have such a butt, although now there are alternatives to be able to look back with an increase in perfect glutes without having to undergo surgery or surgery.

There are several options for the treatment; one of them is to apply a “cups” which will make a suction with the objective of attracting all the fundamental matter to a certain point of the buttocks and to achieve the desired firmness.

Then the dermotherapy is done, the volume is increased, then the radiofrequency is applied, according to medical data it induces the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. After this, a passive gymnastic treatment is applied which will aim to produce a toning of the muscle.

According to the , these procedures had a rise of 143% between 2000 and 20, it seems that the curves have imposed in recent years on the classic slim and slender models that seem to disappear with the years in many countries.

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The gluteus is a three-dimensional area difficult to harden and achieve an increase by means of suction, so with patience, you will achieve a more toned and in a complete process and will last two to three months. A session lasts 15 – 20 minutes depending on the treatment applied.

From the third session, you can see results, you can see how it is more firm and as the progress of the sessions will be marked, the result of glutes augmentation without surgery.

The diets and exercises are still necessary to have an increase and remain firm, otherwise, you will see how they are losing firmness and again will be seen below.

Most important of all, before doing this or any other treatment is to consult your GP and of course be sure of the specialist and the doctor knows the treatment in depth.


As in Aesthetic Ultrasound, prices depend on many factors such as the country where the treatment is performed, the clinic where it is applied, the sessions necessary according to the volume of the buttocks… Prices range from $1,300 to $5,000.

to maintain a bulky buttock without a buttock augmentation:

  • You will perform twice a week with a gauntlet of crill an exfoliation to your buttocks, when you are in the shower with an exfoliating gel and with the glove you will perform a massage on both, this will stimulate the circulation and favor the cellular regeneration, it is very important to use the Crill gauntlet for greater exfoliation.
  • If you want to reach a bulky butt add potatoes, roasted potato, fried potato, anyway the potato is good if you want an increase because it goes directly to your rear, increasing the same.
  • Every morning should be put on the buttocks Nivea (the lifelong), this cream is very greasy and nourishing, and your glutes will absorb. With this cream, you will notice that your skin becomes thicker as well as nourished, and thus avoid stretch marks because lifting the buttocks, toning and giving them volume are likely to disappear. You can use any cream but this one I recommend it because it is very unctuous and has enough fat.
  • For sleeping it is advisable to wear pants that raise your buttocks (in any interior shop or in a flea market) sleeping with them causes the buttocks to get up.
  • Squats, climbing stairs in a dancer’s position (tiptoe), this position will cause them to stand up, tone up, increase and look wonderful.
  • Buy omega3 in capsules, you can buy them in any supermarket, herbalism… (usually they are quite economic). Also, buy . The omega3 capsules have for example salmon oil and other fish will give us volume, combined with capsules, which are rich in vitamin E.
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At night mix three capsules of omega3 and one of germ oil of wheat, when it is well mixed, distribute with an intense massage with circular movements, then when you see that it does not absorb more, put on the pants I told you (If black is much better so you do not see the small spots left with the oil) as this will help your buttocks have a more . Then in the morning you will shower and put on the Nivea cream with other small circular massages.

After three weeks you will notice good results, it is clear that as everything has to be maintained, I recommend that you continue to do so for a prudent time.

Important: Before doing this treatment, consult your doctor and do it under your approval.

Where to buy buttocks product:

If you are interested in buying products to increase the buttocks and to be able to carry out the treatment at home, you will have to accede to stores specialized in this type of products, also there are online stores where you can make your purchase quickly. I have made purchases on the next page to buy buttocks products, it is a known page and so far I have not had any problems.

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