How to Care For Acne and Oily Face

How to Care For acne and . For adolescents aged teens that are in the period of growth, growth hormones that are essential for the development and growth are one of the determinants of a person’s health.

But there are times when the body produces excess growth hormone so that often lead to many skin problems. This problem turned out to be not only experienced by teenagers who are entering puberty, but also adults. This is caused by genetic factors inherited his family, as well as dietary factors and patterns of life lived by that person.

The problem on this skin face is also varied, ranging from the problem of dry skin, , , and that tends to look dull and not pure white. For those of you who have a complaint about how to care for a troubled face, here are a few tips that you can try:

How To Care For Oily Face

How to care for oily face. Oily skin is certainly an issue that is very annoying for you. In addition because the look of skin that looks shiny when exposed to light, oily skin is also often look dull and not fresh. Especially for you who are required to wear or the on her face, oily skin make the is not durable and is easy to wear off.

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Ways to overcome this problem is to diligently clean your face regularly, followed by the use of a special toner for oily face. This is important, because if the wrong choose toner instead will only aggravate the quantity of oil on your face, because in general these facial cleanser or toner causing the skin to become dry so it is less suitable for oily skin. In addition, do not use a cleanser with scrub every day. We recommend that you use as much as once a week, and select natural material.

After diligently maintain the cleanliness of the face properly, try to care for your skin with celery. Plants that are identical to the complementary ingredients it contains L-tryptophan that serves as a natural anti-oxidant, vitamin A, B1, B2, and C that is useful to reduce the oil content of the face, also butilphalida-3n compound that can prevent inflammation because usually oily skin will eventually cause the onset of acne.

How is very easy. Simply clean the celery and then cut into small pieces and smooth. After that, the boiled pieces of celery in boiling water for approximately 15 minutes. Then, turn off the heat, and let cool. Use water celery stew that has this cool to wash your face. Let the water soak for a few minutes, then wash with clean water. Do regularly and see the difference.

How To Care For Breakouts

How To Care For Facial Breakouts. For , we suggest that you should begin diligently cleaning the face from dust and dirt. Don’t make it a habit to let the full face of makeup in a long time, let alone do not clean the face before going to bed. Impurities that are hidden or left behind in the pores of the face is the main factor in the growth of acne on your skin.

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For cleaning the rest of make up, first of all use facial foam and then continue with a facial cleanser or toner so the remnants of dirt or makeup on the face lifted completely.

After the face is clean, new use of special products that are useful for deflating the acne. Please choose which sulfur or sulfur-based natural, because its content is very effective for reducing inflammation, and dry up the acne.

Next to eliminate the former acne, use lemon after cleaning the face. Don’t forget to keep your diet and drink lots of water as a way of taking care of the face to prevent breakouts again.

How To Take Care Of The Face for Looks White

How to take care of the face so that it is white. Once free of the problem skin breakouts and excess oil, should pay attention to the condition of your face. A healthy face skin fresh surely will be seen when you look more white. No need to attempt to whiten the face to white as cotton, enough to make it look bright and healthy, so your appearance will be more noticeable shine. Most importantly, do not use any products to whiten the face. Moreover, containing hazardous materials.

Use that are more secure. Use goat’s milk or cow that is still fresh. Use the milk to rinse your face, let stand until it sink in, then rinse with warm water. In addition, the use of natural honey as a , followed by a warm water rinse. The latter, use egg yolk as a face mask.

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Let sit for 30 minutes to allow the substance to absorb into the skin, then rinse with warm water. The use of warm water as the washer face is useful so that substances that are useful for whitening face can be digested completely by facial pores. It is also useful for cleaning up the remnants of the natural mask so as not to cause acne.

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