Celebrity Long Bob Hairstyles – Tips by Haircut and Trends for 2017

Celebrity -As long bob applies the hairstyle, the length of which ends somewhere between the neck and arm. The modern and feminine or even referred to as “praise” is not dependent on the face shape or hair type and color, and therefore of the top hairstyles is indispensable.

– the Ultimate Hairstyle

If there is a haircut that is absolutely good for every woman, then this is the Long Bob. Regardless of whether your hair structure is thin, normal or thick, this trendy cut is the right thing for you. The long bob is ideal for any face shape – for round and oval as well as for angular faces. The Long Bob can be straight cut, intersected, fringed or asymmetrical. This ultimate hairstyle can be worn with or without a pony and can be styled as desired. For example, the Long Bob can be worn smoothly with thin hair and is the optimal haircut for fine hair in a graduated variant. The cut is most pronounced with fine hair, as with the actress Naomi Watts at the 71st Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills.

Celebrity Long Bob Hairstyles – the haircut with numerous variations

To ensure that you can wear your Long Bob in a variety of styles with little effort, a sturdy Long Bob is the right hairstyle for you. Long bob, which is strongly stepped or yet only with light steps emphasizes the face and looks very elegant. The smoothed Long Bob with side crest of Jennifer Aniston, for example, is excellent. The darker hairline emphasizes your blond hair. The tips are defined and narrow.

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If you have , make sure that curls and long bobs are a great combination. Clear, long bob and curls also fit together wonderfully. This cut can be worn either with straight laces and curls in lengths or as wild curls. Curls look incredibly feminine. If your haircut is to become more glamorous, then Long Bob with curls in retro style is a suitable variant for you.

Celebrity long bob hairstyles with

The Long Bob, which can withstand gentle waves in the lower lengths, can also be worn very smoothly. Even infinitely cut, the praise can be brought to the right shape without any trouble. In this photo, Ciara wears your blond Long Bob with a deep side crest and as you can see it is sufficient to stroke the hair behind your ear so that your hair looks perfect.

Celebrity long bob hairstyles-Invisible layers conjure volume

The incision has to be flattering, flowing and softly declining with each long bob. Rosie Huntington Whiteley presents itself with a slightly wavy, shiny and voluminous Long Bob. The secret of the voluminous praise are the “invisible layers” on average, which take the weight without any penetration, and keep the length. In addition, Long Bob is always beautiful in blond.

Celebrity long bob hairstyles-Light styling with the hairdryer

You can add extra volume to your hair with a little oil. Hollywoodstar Jessica Alba also followed the hairstyle and wears her brown hair with a copper-colored stitch in a voluminous Long Bob to the side crest.

Define Celebrity Long Bob Hairstyles tips

You can spice up your praise by giving special attention to the . The brunette Jennifer Lopez wears a layered Long Bob in honey brown color with lighter strands, which reaches to the shoulders. The defined tips give your Long Bob look a special finish.

Celebrity long bob hairstyles-Uncomplicated and cheeky style

The carnage of Cara Delevingne looks uncomplicated and loose. For the first time, she presents her Long Bob at the worldwide comic fair in San Diego. With their blond hair to the side crest the tips jump out.

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Trendy Celebrity Long Bob Hairstyles with waves

You want to refresh your hair with waves? That is very easy. If you want to achieve light waves, you need a larger round brush and a hair dryer. For stronger shafts you can use a curling iron. Kendall Jennar, for example, is wearing her Long Bob shoulder-length and with a light wave structure. This cut fits perfectly with its dark brown and shining hair.

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The wavy celebrity long bob hairstyles easily achieved

Elegant, feminine and at the same time natural, a Long Bob with waves. Victoria Beckham has separated from her long mane and has chosen a long, slightly wavy bob with side crest. She has chosen a soft dark brown tone for her hair.

Modern celebrity long bob hairstyles without effort

Without great styling effort, every praise can look enchanting, even the most casual. Emilia Clarke is wearing a very casual Long Bob at the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards this year. The slightly wavy hairs are very clever behind the ear.

Long bob hairstyles is different

If you want to be striking, the asymmetrical Lange Bob is the right thing for you. He is the absolute sight. This fashionable cut is characterized by the fact that there is a large difference in length on both sides or as in this photo between the front part and the back part. With these brown, smooth hair, the tips are slightly turned inwards and extend to the upper arm. This Bob is to be cut regularly and precisely. An asymmetrical bob shows character, looks good in every hair color and makes you unique. A distinctive A-line bob fits particularly well on solemn occasions.

Celebrity long bob hairstyles in ombre look

If you would like to experiment with your hair color, then you can opt for the praise in Ombre look. Ombre Hair with gentle transitions of two different color is still a hip color trend for the hair. When OMBR é the contrast between light and dark can be clearly seen. At Miley Cyrus, for example, the color combination brown and darkblond looks very nice. Above the hair are darker than in the lengths. The bright elements do not necessarily have to be placed at the top of the tops, they look impressive up the top of the head. The great Ombre look in combination with the soft waves gives Miley’s Langen Bob individuality.

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Use color to emphasize the long bob hairstyles

If you want to bring color into your everyday life and therefore always want to look special, then you decide for an unusual hair color. The charming Rita Ora, for example, wears your platinum-blond straight hair with pink stitch to the side crest.

The Lange Bob has many variations

The long bob hairstyles is incredibly changeable. The different hair colors make the praise cut always different and unique. Jessica Chastain is wearing the classic Long Bob with a longer front end in the “Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology” on May 2, 2016 in New York City. With its smooth, red hair and the side crest, this cut looks great.

Celebrity long bob hairstyles with pony

If you want to wear a hairstyle with a pony, you can combine it with the praise. The Long Bob with Pony is perfect for round and edgy faces and flatters them. In the photo, Jennifer Lawrence wears the Langen Bob as a step cut in shoulder length. Some slightly curled strands bring extra volume into their hairstyle. Due to the lighter highlights the pony gets a casual lightness.

Celebrity long bob hairstyles without pony

If you want to try out a Long Bob without a Pony, try a middle crest. This is exactly what Emily Blunt has done, she changed her style with the chic, dark Bob at the premiere of “Salmon Fisching in the Yemen” in London.