Dangerous and Extreme Trends for Weight Loss

If overweight overwhelms you and you want quick measures to eliminate that burden, you should know that extreme measures to lose weight are usually dangerous.

Especially if we take into account the fact that obesity is a growing problem in the Western world, the demand for quick fixes has led to crash diets, miracle pills, magic powders and other painless solutions. In particular, the  loss offers on the Internet grow every day.

Not only in suppliers, but also in the form of new diet miracle of the XYZ doctor, with unverifiable experience in this field. Every offer is even more extreme than the other, with promises, to  weight fast, associated.

Moral of the story: Once something extreme is linked to a diet, and then you should not show interest in it. In this article, I put the most extreme and dangerous , so you have a look.

Extreme Ways to Lose Weight

Actually, this is a general warning: All diets really are extreme, and they will not necessarily work well in your body. Of course you ‘re going to lose weight, but in reality, what you’re going to lose is a lot of fluids in the first place. In addition, the body will not only resort to fat reserves, but also to vital nutrient reserves.

In an , whether it is a unilateral diet or an extremely low-calorie diet, you are eliminating an impressive amount of nutrients, which will inevitably lead your body to collapse. You have to seriously consider if the loss of kilos weighs more than the failure of your body. On the other hand, the fact is that once you finish that diet, you will quickly recover the pounds you lost. Pounds or pounds that are becoming harder to lose.

This was just a general warning. Let’s now look at the extreme diets to lose weight and you can understand in more detail, the damage they cause.

Diet Using Fat Burners

It all sounds very beautiful: An extract of vegetable raw materials to burn off excess fat. Better yet, just by taking a pill! Being a natural product, it will obviously be good.

Do not?

Something that is not entirely true, because there are also certain risks in the use of fat burners. Because fat burners are not governed by drug laws, they can be bought without a prescription. Something that could be interpreted as a sign that they can be consumed completely and without any danger.

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There are certainly drawbacks.

  • If used incorrectly, they can cause serious side effects.
  • The effect of burners lies in the fact that the rate of metabolism receives a great boost.
  • If the impulse is too extreme, the body could react very negatively.
  • You may experience memory loss, fainting, nervous behavior, increased blood pressure, increased and feeling go a thousand per hour.
  • In addition, the body gets accustomed to these products, so the effects on long term fat burning could be much less or even counterproductive.
  • The moment you stop consuming, you will suffer from actual withdrawal symptoms such as depression, nausea, headache and decreased consciousness.
  • It’s an addictive product, with a clear yo-yo effect, it’s definitely a lousy choice!

The popular

The Atkins diet has long been very popular. In my humble opinion, I am happy that the hype is over. Why? Because all the recommendations on the Atkins diet in no way correspond to the principle of eating varied and healthy. For example, the diet includes many fats, especially saturated fats. A known fact is that saturated fats significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Especially in combination with obesity!

However, many people were enthusiastic about such a diet, because great results can be obtained. These results, really, are barely perceptible at first. But it is important to know that these first results only allow the loss of fluids. The fat will not burn, which should finally be the target.

Now, a new Atkins low carbohydrate diet has come out! Later we will see this subject.

Pregnancy Hormone Diet (HCG)

Losing short-term weight with the HCG hormone was very popular, fortunately, many people have become aware of the dangers of this “diet.” Actually, it’s just a part of the diet. You can not eat more than 500 per day.

Something that in itself is a big red flag, because there really is very little food. That alone suffices to understand that it cannot function normally. In addition, at least you must inject a very small amount of the hormone HCG 23 times a day. This has a direct effect on the part of the brain that controls appetite and fat burning. It is a diet with an extreme yo-yo effect: in a short time, you lose many kilos, but also in a short time you recover them.

High Protein Diets

Diets that are very rich in protein are not necessarily dangerous. In principle, proteins are used by the body to produce ammonia, which eventually becomes urea. This material over time is removed from the body naturally. But if you do not manage to drink 2 liters of water a day by following this diet, the urea residues are not completely eliminated.

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Making it easier for urea to accumulate in the body, so you can notice changes and acquire a brown/yellow skin tone, nausea, itching and  breath. By the way, you can also have problems if you eat very little protein. Think again about diarrhea, anemia, susceptibility to infections, dryness of hair and skin, fatty liver, fluid accumulation and loss of muscle mass.

LighterLife Diet

Another controversial diet with great English hype. The normal diet is replaced by soups, shakes, mousses and energy bars. This in itself is not so bad, except that it is quite one-sided. Problems occur with the fact that the maximum number of calories should be kept at 500.

A diet incomprehensible to me, since it can be very harmful to health. On the other hand, connections have been established between this diet and disturbances of the heart rhythm, myocardial infarction, memory loss, specific eye disorders. They have even found a relationship between this diet and certain deaths.

It is worth noting that this diet was based on a Cambridge study, whose objective was to prepare food rations for areas where natural disasters had occurred. That is portions of food punctual.

Grapefruit Diet (Grapefruit)

Again we have another crash diet. This time a little more “generous” with 800 calories per day, but still too little. In addition, you must eat a large grapefruit daily. The action of grapefruit enzymes would ensure the combustion of fats and therefore lose weight.

Regardless of whether this works or not, there are also risks involved. These same enzymes block the degradation of estrogen, a female hormone. Especially women who use oral contraceptives are at risk. There is a likelihood of blood clots from the excessively high concentration of estrogen in the blood. And of course, I do not need to tell you, they can happen at any time.

Strange Chinese Remedies

The Chinese herbs and their mixtures are becoming increasingly popular. Something that, of course, has nothing wrong since the ancient wisdom of the East has proved its worth. Many techniques and herbs certainly work very well. But the fact is that you can also abuse reputation.

Especially over the Internet, you can buy all kinds of strange remedies that, according to them, come directly from China. This is often the reason that there are no intelligible instructions to follow, and the Chinese label is undecipherable. I’m talking about trust because it’s always better if you buy a product directly from the source. Do not fall for this, because they are often old scams.

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As long as a product has no label and instructions for use in Spanish or English, you do not know what it contains, and you do not know what effects it may have.

Diet without carbohydrates

The new Atkins diet!

In general, carbohydrates are often identified as the culprits of obesity. In fact, it is true that excess carbohydrates contribute to overweight. However, carbohydrates are the major energy providers. Very few carbohydrates will ensure that body fat is used to get the energy that muscles and organs require.

Something that at times is good, but if fat stores are few, you can suffer dehydration, low blood pressure, nausea, feeling tired, bad breath and a slower metabolism.

My advice on extreme tendencies to lose weight

Diets that have extreme demands for  are usually not the best option. Too few carbohydrates, too few calories, unilateral eating or other extreme measures to lose weight do not do justice to the body. Not only can they be dangerous to health, but also the effects in terms of are often nonexistent or at least not permanently.

The best way to eliminate excess weight in a healthy way has always been by combining a healthy and varied diet along with regular exercise or sports and hormonal balance. A friend on Facebook, Aide, I wonder if the food works to reduce the abdomen, I can safely say, that food is one of the three legs, on which a bank holds firmly. And this has nothing to do with extreme measures to lose weight, whether the diet of pineapple, dukan etcetera.

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Are you aware of the damage that extreme health measures can cause to lose weight?

The most important thing… Your health.