Do Birth Control Pills Make Breasts Grow?

One of the most common questions among young women is: Do increase size? Yes, birth control pills can make your breasts grow. However, what you can grow will depend on the person, the time you have been taking, and a variety of other factors. Birth control pills are not only known for making your breasts bigger, but it can also make you gain weight and make your menstrual periods more manageable.

The reason that birth control pills can help increase the size of your breasts is because they contain estrogen, which is the female hormone responsible for developing the breasts. What happens when you take birth control pills is that they fool your body into believing you are pregnant because it stops ovulation.

When women are pregnant they experience an increase in breast size. So when you take pills for birth control, your breast will grow in size due to the increase in the female hormone it produces.

Surely the main reason you take birth control pills is to prevent getting pregnant, but one of the of contraceptives is that they will make the size of your breasts grow. Although these pills can help women , in some cases, there are women who do not experience growth at all.

Some birth control pills increase breast size more than other brands. If you take birth control pills that only have progesterin, they will not make your breasts increase in size. However, if you take birth control pills that have estrogen and progesterone, these can help your body promote and you will also experience other types of side effects.

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Other side effects that you will experience when taking birth control pills include breast tenderness, fluid retention, and others.

Negative effects of birth control pills

Even though there are some great benefits to taking birth control pills, such as , avoiding pregnancy, and a long etc., but there are also some negative effects. Some of the negative effects that can occur when taking birth control pills are:

  • Menstrual bleeding
  • Excessive weight gain
  • nausea
  • swelling
  • blood clotting
  • Headaches

The cause of these negative side effects is due to the greater amount of female estrogen that is introduced into your body. Keep these negative effects in mind before you start taking birth control pills with the aim of making your breasts bigger.

Types of birth control pills that make your breasts grow

Some of the best birth control pills you can start taking in order to grow your breasts include:

  • Necon
  • Modicon
  • Tricyclen
  • Orthocyclen
  • Zovia
  • Lenessa

These are just some of the birth control pills that many women have reported having achieved good results in terms of breast growth. Just remember that you may experience other effects as well as gain weight.