Droopy Eyelids: Causes and Treatment

Having has several causes, the main one being flaccidity in the face in the eye area, aging, , can be a , among others. There are simple or complex alternatives that will be the right treatment, but this, depending on how advanced the problem is.

Without a doubt, our eyes are one of the most important parts of our body, and having drooping eyelids can mean an , which if not given due attention, can become complicated, leaving as a last option . In some cases this problem can be reversed, in others, depending on the cause, the only solution will be a .

Causes of

Droopy eyelids affect the symmetry and beauty of the face, so it is important to know first what causes this, and what factors help to develop this problem, before it becomes complicated and can be difficult to treat.

The fall of the eyelids is characterized by the skin hanging on the top. This anomaly is also known as ptosis. There may be unevenness in one or both eyes. Making the face look tired, aged.

The main causes that cause the drooping eyelids are:

  • Flaccidity of the skin
  • Muscle weakness
  • Genetic origin
  • Aging
  • It may have been the consequence of having suffered some type of facial paralysis
  • May occur in cases of migraine
  • If there was any stroke
  • Nervous and muscular disorders
  • Injuries
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Without a doubt the main cause is the aging, something natural. However, it is important to identify when it already causes a , also now with the current treatments can eliminate this aesthetic problem.

In addition, the causes for the appearance of drooping eyelids may be due to conditions or diseases such as diabetes, cancer, brain tumor, migraines, migraines, among others.

The condition of the drooping eyelids may be mild, moderate to severe. This, depends on each case, not all people will be presented in the same way. Since the origin is different or the factors that intervene.

In some people the eyelids are barely visible, in others it is very noticeable, not only making the face look bad, but it may also limit or affect daily activities, thus becoming a health problem.

Droopy eyelids?

In some people, the skin is noticeable, but not affecting the vision, while in others it may make it difficult to open or close the eyes, since excess skin can prevent seeing well. Also, if there is fatigue, the eyes look misaligned, or the vision is double. It is necessary to contact an expert.

Sometimes the drooping eyelids can look like this for a long period of time, without the appearance worsening, or, that progressively the skin of this area is going down, in other cases can sometimes be noticed yes and sometimes not. And sometimes it can only appear in a single eyelid, sometimes detect the problem of drooping eyelids in both eyes, it can be difficult if this problem is slight.

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Droopy eyelids make the face look tired, aged, with clear signs of the passage of time, and probably make the person look older than it really is. There are currently remedies, treatments and even plastic surgeries that will help eliminate this aesthetic problem.

Droopy eyelids: Treatment

There is a great list of recommendations and suggestions that are simple to follow and that will help lessen the problems of drooping eyelids, of course if it is mild.

The use of creams especially moisturizers will help to prevent this problem is developed can give light massages around the area of the eyelids, it is recommended to use a good cream for day and night

In case of injuries, it is important to consult with the doctor and dermatologist so that you can suggest the best treatment

It is important that if you have a disease such as diabetes, muscle, or other types such as those that have been the causes of drooping eyelids, ask the doctor about the best treatment

A good diet and habits, will help to stop the damage that free radicals cause, thus preventing premature aging

Surgical treatment for droopy eyelids:

In certain cases, the fall of eyelids can not improve, so you have to resort to surgical treatment or plastic surgery, which is known as blepharoplasty which is a corrective surgery for the upper eyelids, this is clearly a procedure that a certified specialist Must perform.


This surgery is characterized by eliminating excess skin and / or fat from the lower and upper eyelids, giving symmetry to this area, and as a result, a rejuvenated face will appear. It is important to clarify that this treatment is a good alternative in case the problem of drooping eyelids is only an aesthetic problem, in case it is altering the vision, it would have to resort to another type of surgical alteration that the doctor suggests for To improve vision.

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In general, dropped the expectations that the patient has are met, the relatively recovery is without discomfort. And it is usually done on an outpatient basis, although in the case of combining this surgery with other types of corrective procedures, a hospitalization will be necessary.

It is recommended to consult with an expert any doubts about the surgery, in addition to having to fully evaluate, through a clinical history and family history, to determine if this treatment is the best and suitable for the eyelids Droopy.

Other droopy eyelids treatments …

The specialist might suggest the use of special eyeglass frames as treatment for drooping eyelids. They help lift the eyelids, this is an option for those who can not perform surgery such as blepharoplasty, or those who have suffered from facial paralysis.