Easy Tips on How to Make Your Feet Look Smaller

How to Make Your Feet Look Smaller – If your feet are than most others, then you probably try to make them look more proportionate to the rest of your body. Although making your feet physically smaller is impossible without risky cosmetic surgery, there are many simple things you can do to make your feet look smaller.

1: Wear the right clothes

Wears jeans and flared pants

You may be concerned that a bell-shaped leg at the bottom of your pants adds more weight and emphasis to the lower leg, and in a sense, that appreciation is right. However, by covering that part of your leg with more cloth, you can actually maintain the balance between the size of your feet and the size of your leg. Excessive trouser fabric lurks in the eye to wait for “more” on the bottom of your leg, so the larger foot ends up looking proportional.

Similarly, you should avoid jeans and pants with tight leggings. The tight leggings stick to you and prepare to look less expect in the lower part of your leg instead of more. As a result, the size of each foot stands out.

Avoid pants that highlight your calves.

This means avoiding ankle pants, capris and skirts below the knee. When the fabric of your pants or skirts ends just above the calf, the lower leg and foot are highlighted. Usually, this emphasis makes your calves and feet look heavier and larger.

Wear shorts and skirts that rise above the knee. This lengthens the overall appearance of your leg. You may be tempted to think that lengthening the appearance of your leg also lengthens the appearance of your foot, but by making the leg appear longer, you can actually make your foot more proportional to the rest of the leg.

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Alternatively, wear long skirts to the floor to hide your foot completely. This is a valid option, especially if the skirt widens and covers your ankles, since excessive fabric dwarfs the size of your foot in comparison. However, avoid the skirts that stick to the bottom of your leg and those that end just above the ankle, as these options will only highlight your feet.

Balance your feet with a wide belt

A large, thick belt can compete with your feet for size. A thin belt will cause your eyes to notice the size at the bottom of your legs, but a wide belt will add a similar mass to the top of your leg. As a result, the eye visualizes the leg in general, from the waist to the foot, from a more balanced and proportional perspective.

In general, thin belts make your legs look longer while wide belts make your legs look shorter by “splitting” your torso in half visually. Although you do not necessarily want to make your legs look plump, usually the extra length of the foot means you can afford to take some of the visual length off your leg without making it look too short.


Pipe skirts and other tight styles do not contribute to balance your . As a consequence, large feet are easier to see, especially if they are accompanied by thick calves.

However, there is no need to completely avoid the skirt. Try a cut skirt A or a circular skirt. These styles widen at the knee and the resulting effect makes the overall appearance of your legs and feet more balanced and proportionate.

Turn your attention to the top of your body

A good way to keep the attention away from your feet is to take it as far as possible. Wear printed blouses and lighter and brighter colors. Opt for eye-catching “top” accessories, such as scarves, necklaces and earrings, to bring the look to the top of your body.

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On the other hand, use darker colors on the bottom and avoid any stamping or designs there. The accessories that attract the look down, such as ankle bracelets, bracelets and rings, should be avoided.

Method 2: Wear the right shoes

Choose heels before low-heeled shoes

High heels realign your foot so that more of its length is shown vertically rather than horizontally. Since the feet are horizontal in their state, the mind automatically perceives the length of the foot as a horizontal measurement. Therefore, when more than the actual length is taken to your leg, the length that is perceived becomes shorter.

The type of heel you choose can also make a difference. Normally, thick and wedge heels are better options than high heels. The idea is that a thicker heel balances your foot better, while a thin one can be overflowed in a large shoe and could accentuate the size of the foot.

Avoid revealing sandals

Revealing sandals that display too much foot will make anybody’s foot look bigger. The idea is to wear stiletto heeled shoes that show less of your feet so they do not look so front and centered.

Keep your ankle exposed when you wear low heel shoes. When you look for them, choose low height options that do not extend too close to the ankle. Wearing shoes with straps around your ankles actually makes your feet look bigger than they really are.

However, wearing low heel sandals in addition to heels is important. If you care about the health of your feet, you will need to alternate between heels and low heel shoes with a proper orthopedic stent.

Opt for shoes with blunt and rounded toes

Your real fingers do not fit into the pointy toe of a shoe, so most of that tip is free space. That free space only adds more length to your foot, making your foot look longer as a result. Avoid pointed toes and choose a shoe with a more natural rounded toe to reduce .

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As a rule, try to choose shoes that fit the size of the entire outline of your foot. This includes the area of ​​the toe and the ankle, as well as the sole. Avoid shoes that have a heavy sole and extended around the edges because this can make your feet look heavier and coarser.

He wears boots with heels

If you have large feet, you may worry that heavy footwear such as boots can add perceived weight to the foot. The right boot will actually hide something about the size of your foot by covering it favorably and balancing the overall appearance of your leg.

Get acquainted with the booty. More specifically, he invests in a pair of high-heeled boots. The heel raises your foot and reduces the horizontal length that is perceived, while the boot covers your foot more, hiding its size under the material.

Experiment with bulky boots. The usefulness of bulky boots is debatable among fashion experts. There are two opposing currents of thought: some believe that having a large, visible amount of excess material causes the foot to look smaller in comparison, while others say that any excess volume around the foot will make it appear larger, even if that volume is particularly weak. Try this style and see the results on your own.

Hide your fingers

You should avoid open-toed shoes and similar styles. When your fingertips peek out of your shoes, you can give the visual impression that your foot is trying to push something out of your shoes because they are very small, thus making your foot look bigger. Avoid low-heeled shoes or boots with open toes if you want your feet to look smaller.