Faster Hair Growth: These Are the Best Tips

You want hair like Rapunzel? Then you are exactly right here! We’ll tell you why your hair may not grow as fast as you want, and how you can boost your hair grow so that short hair becomes a wonderful mane.

Almost every woman wants full, long and healthy hair, but what causes a slow hair growth and how can one help the hair when sprouting? We’ll tell you.

The three phases

In order to influence the hair growth positively, it is helpful to understand the growth better. In the case of hair, a distinction is made between three phases. They do not grow at the same time; about 15 percent are simultaneously in the so-called resting phase. Here is a brief summary of our hair growth cycle:

Phase 1, phase of growth: (2-6 years) During this time the hair grows about one centimeter per month.

Phase 2, the transitional phase: (2 weeks) In this phase the hair stops growing and detaches from the hair root.

Phase 3, dormancy: (2-4 months) The hair is now completely separated from the hair root and is no longer supplied with nutrients, resulting in that the hair falls out.

The hair follicle regenerates after about four months and now begins to produce a new hair again.

The most common hair growth inhibitors

First of all, the maximum length of hair is genetically determined. So if you are so predisposed that your hair never gets very long, you can still use so many medics and tricks. Your hair will never be longer than your gene pool.

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But there are also reasons that make your hair grow very slowly: If the hair papilla, ie the connective tissue into which the hair root is embedded, for example, do not absorb enough nutrients for the hair, it can lead to a slowed hair growth come. This problem can occur particularly with vitamin deficiency, the vitamin B complex.

In addition, zinc deficiency lead to hair loss, in which turn out a lot of hair before the end of their growth phase. Here, too, alcohol may play a part: its degradation occupies a part of the zinc in the body. In addition, alcohol slows the metabolism, which may also have a reduction in hair growth result.

Persistent stress can also adversely affect hair growth. In addition, hair loss associated with stress, giving the impression that the hair does not grow, exacerbated.

Finally, diseases can trigger a slowed hair growth. For example, certain hormones, which are responsible for a healthy metabolism, are not released during an underactive thyroid gland. This may result in your hair not receiving enough nutrients to grow. Your doctor will advise you.

So you give your hair growth a boost

Massage: By massage with hands or a brush, you can stimulate blood flow in the scalp. This also promotes hair growth.

Caffeine Shampoos: Even caffeine can stimulate hair growth. In pharmacies and drugstores, caffeine shampoos are available in various price categories.

Biotin: Biotin ensures that the hair roots remain strong and thus promotes a longer period saw the growth of hair. Biotin can be purchased as a dietary supplement in drugstores and pharmacies in the natural state it lies for example in pumpkin seeds, spinach, avocados and strawberries.

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Gentle styling products use: Too much styling can damage the hair and dry. As a result, long hair is broken and hair growth is inhibited. It is best to use products that moisturize the hair and dispense with hair straighteners and curling irons.

Proper care: In addition to numerous amenities that you get about in the drugstore, also olive and argan oil recommended for the care of dry and . According to the Encyclopedia of , Argan oil also promotes the natural hair growth.