Fitness exercises in the office – Effective 10 minutes of training

Many women work while sitting and the visit to the gym is postponed after the hard working day just for the “next time”. However, from long sitting you feel slapper and tired, since the processes in the body have become slower. Then do not delay and do these 10 simple fitness exercises in the office and secure yourself a better figure and good mood for only 10 minutes a day.

in the office – 10 minutes workout with

Take a short break from the stress and find 10 minutes during the lunch break for the 10 particularly light and inconspicuous fitness exercises by the professional trainer Shannon Smith who can make any lady in the office or at home without additional equipment alone.

10 simple fitness exercises in the office – train triceps and upper arms

Triceps can also be trained by the . Secure firstly a non-slip chair and stretch your legs forward, so that they form a 90-degree angle at the knee, the pelvis with the chair also. The hands remain behind the pelvis and are supported by the seat. Now lower the upper body, the buttocks, and the arms slightly bend in the elbow. Make at least 20 dips.

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Lift up while sitting at the office chair to strengthen the

Very good for the abdominal muscles is the lifting up while sitting. Pull the office chair slightly further from the desk and place the two hands on the side of the seat as a support. Hold one leg on toe tips at 90-Gard angle and lift the other up. Try to reach the bottom side of the work surface with the toe tips and then press them about 10 centimeters down, but the foot will not fall down. After 15-20 reps, change the legs.

Fitness exercises in the office – chair twist for narrow waist

The following exercise provides a narrow waist and trains the abdominal muscles using your office chair. Sit in the middle of the seat, hold the basin in the right position, the legs at a 90-degree angle, and the hands at the neck. Then, turn the upper body towards the backrest and lift the knee up so that it almost touches the opposite elbow. So the left knee should turn slightly to the right and at the same time move the right elbow to the left. Repeat 15 times each side.

Fitness exercises in the office on toe tips for slender legs

Stand up on toe tips and hold your heels dug side by side so that your legs shape the V letter. Use the desk as a support to maintain balance, but keep the basin straight and not bent. Then go into the crouch, but do not reach to the ground and then lift yourself half high. It is important to keep the thigh tense and perform the exercise on tip toes. The movement mutes this of the spring and should be 30 to 60 times.

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Pilè knee bends the thigh

To perform this exercise, stand upright, with feet slightly wider than shoulder width and the toes facing outward. The basin is straight, in neutral position. Then the knees and hips are raised and lowered without changing the curvature of the vertebrate. In the lower position, the basin is at knee height and the torso should be tensed, avoiding flexion of the hip. Increase the difficulty with wall lift – lift the two heels off the floor and hold briefly in this position. Repeat 20-30 times.

Fitness exercises in the office – one-shot

Position on one leg and slightly bend knee – the knee should be above the second toe. Keep the pool level and keep it still. Very important in the exercises in the state is that the load falls on three points. They can be supported from the chair or desk, and can be circumscribed in the air with one foot, bent in 90-degree angles in the knee. Change your position every 30-60 seconds.

Fitness exercises in office – wall press

With this exercise, the abdomen and thighs are trained – stand in front of a wall, the legs stand hip-width apart, bent at 90-degree angle, and in this position press with the hands and back against the wall as if you try, To push them away. Keep the abdominal muscles tense for 30 seconds and repeat as you please.

When lifting the heel, lift the heels

Stay in the same position as in the last exercise -wash-press, and alternately lift the heels first from the left and then from the right leg up. Strict the calf muscles and those from the abdomen. Repeat 20 times with each leg.

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Wall supports – simpler variant of the reclining supports

The wall support is a simple form of the support and is a good exercise for women against pudding or Schwabbelarm. The arm, chest and shoulder muscles are trained. For the initial position, the body should be held at a distance of about one arm length and palm placed on the wall. The hands can be shoulder-width or arbitrarily wider or narrower. The elbows are slightly bent. Then you begin to lower the body slowly towards the wall until the lower and upper arm have a 90 degree angle. Slowly return to the starting position. It is very important to avoid the hollow cross as in the case of the support. It is recommended to vary the distance to the wall, both the hand position, so that coordination and difficulty is trained. You can try it instead of doing the exercise with the whole sole of your toe. 15 times should be sufficient for beginners.

Fitness exercises in the office for all muscle groups – alternative to the progression steps

The last exercise is an alternative to the known failure steps. In this case, use the backrest of the chair or the desk as a support and tilt the upper body forward. The legs are bent in 90-degree angles, the abdominal muscles are strained and then follow steps backwards. Repeat 10-15 times with one leg and then with the other.