Fitness Trends 2019: What’s announced and new exercises to try

Workouts are no longer just part of the daily program of ambitious athletes or . They have become an important element of a healthy and active life. Whether for balance, stress reduction or you have certain body goals, the regular exercise is always recommended. As in other lifestyle areas, there are always news in sports. Whether modern technology gadgets, innovative methods or completely new sports, new developments come and go on the fitness scene. Every year new exciting workouts are developed that you can try out and thus provide variety in your everyday life. Which will be particularly popular in 2019? Is it about completely new sports, methods or new exercises that provide the training? Is it worth?

Fitness Trends 2019: HIIT – Intensity Interval Training

In the last few years, the HIIT has become increasingly popular, especially among busy people, as it takes little time. It is about a short-term and very under high stress. You train, then pause briefly and then repeat the whole thing. HIIT training usually takes about 30 minutes, and in no time at all, muscles are built up, calories are burned, and stamina is increased. So it’s no surprise that HIIT is one of the most popular fitness trends in 2019.

Fitness Trends 2019:

Group training is becoming increasingly popular and can be used in many different sports. It’s about training with a who leads a group of at least 5 people. (For groups under 5 people it’s about “group personal training”.) The participants are guided by the , motivated and the mistakes are corrected quickly. On the one hand, group training links the movement with the social factor. On the other hand, you are highly motivated in the team and by the growing fitness community. The method leads to successful results in sports such as cross fit, running, outdoor boot camps, spinning, gym training, etc.

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Fitness Trends 2019: Digital Helpers and Smart Gadgets

For some, sports are neither a balancing nor a social event. You have clear fitness and body goals and would like to use the time in fitness as effectively as possible and plan individually. In addition, it is important to remain flexible in everyday life and to integrate regular training in the daily program. Thus, digital helpers are becoming increasingly popular, because instead of a fitness program that is suitable for masses, you will receive an individual training plan that is completely tailored to your individual goals. Through feedback and daily data, the workouts are optimized and adapted to the user.

The technology is developing at a rapid pace and becoming more and more precise. Meanwhile, the sensors are not only worn on the wrist as a digital bracelet or smart watch, but integrated into running shoes and sports clothing, for example sports bras that guide the breathing rhythm or yoga pants that correct the exercise. However, these hi-tech helpers will not replace the trained fitness trainers, but serve as an ideal complement to them.

Fitness Trends 2019: Boxing as fitness training

To survive in combat, boxers need a number of different traits such as agility, speed, stamina, strength, and mental strength. Boxing is a complex sport that has become an attractive workout for both men and women. It is very effective and also loads of fun. Hardly any other sport is so versatile and trains all muscle groups like boxing. It greatly enhances coordination, stamina and strength at the same time. In addition, the training is very intense: you box for three minutes and then have a minute off. With this change and depending on the intensity, you burn as many calories as when jogging or about 500 calories for about an hour. Boxing trains concentration, as one must always pay attention to the attacks of the opponent and can foresee them. So a boxing workout also helps to reduce stress.

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Fitness Trends 2019: DNA test shows which fitness training is optimal

Scientists have invented that about 66% of athletic performance depends on our genes. Thus, with the help of a DNA analysis, one can determine whether our talent is in the field of weight training or endurance sports. In this way, an individual training program can be put together. In addition, the athletic performance in addition to the genes also depends on the and the regular training.

Fitness Trends 2019: Bodyweight Training – Handstand

Bodyweight training has been a very popular method since 2013, but nothing new. This is to use only his own body weight as a resistance during the workout. Although humans have always used their own weight in different sports, the training method is interpreted by fitness experts in a contemporary and socially acceptable way. An excellent exercise and foundation for heavy bodyweight workouts is the handstand. It can be extended as “Handstand Push-ups” or “Handstand to Plank”. Handstand works best step by step, if you start with a handstand on the wall at the beginning. Here, coordination and sense of balance are asked. In addition, standing upside down can be a major overcoming for many.

Fitness Trends 2019: Versa Climber

Versa Climber is a fitness machine that became particularly popular in 2017 when Lady Gaga appeared at the Super Bowl. Since the singer should be fit since and not only in terms of her body, but also in terms of her stamina. So she has paid attention to her diet as well as changed her workout routine. A special fitness machine proved to be extremely effective – the Versa Climber. It is a stepper with climbing function and trains almost all muscle groups: legs, buttocks, shoulders, arms and back. The device was actually invented by NASA astronauts in the 1980s to train their bodies for weightlessness in space. In the meantime, it has become a .

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Slacklining as power training

Slackline comes from the English “slickline” and is balancing on an elastic synthetic feather band, which is stretched at some height between two points. Slacklining is fun for both young and old and is very popular with elite athletes as well as ambitious athletes. It likes to be outdoors, but is also suitable for training in the hall. Balancing on a narrow elastic band demands high coordination ability. You try to keep the body in line and minimize the wobble of the tape. At the same time the stabilization musculature of the whole body is strained highest. The muscles on the upper body and the knee joint are strengthened.

Fitness Trends 2019: Animal Moves or Animal Workout

In nature, it is typical for the animals to imitate other species. From this innovative athletes and fitness trainers have developed a workout that copies the movements of kangaroo, hare, crab and more. Although it looks funny at first glance, a strenuous whole body workout is developed according to this principle. Beginners must first learn the individual moves and then connect them one at a time into a whole workout. So you can train anywhere: on a lawn in the park, on the beach or in the gym. You do not need any equipment or special equipment for this.

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