Five Natural Methods to Increase Breasts Size

If it has the small or medium sized breasts, you know you can increase the size or improve the shape and firmness through various natural methods breast enhancement, such as , pills, creams, certain herbs and foods.

The five most methods

1. Bust Massage

Breast massage helps shape, tone and stimulates the growth of breast tissue. In addition to massaging your breasts regularly, it can help you realize any lumps or signs that may indicate that you have , that is, massage will help you avoid .

Beauty institutes, primarily in Asia, use breast massage as a healthy way of lymphatic drainage, which stimulates breast growth. It has also been used as a postoperative treatment for women who have undergone breast surgery or mastectomy. That’s because massage helps reduce scar tissue and stimulates tissue regeneration.


An important part of females who are part of the massage to increase the volume and charm of their breasts also often use certain special herbs to enlarge, reaffirm and tone the bust.

A widely used popular herbal ingredient is saw palmetto. Fennel seeds are also said to increase a woman’s estrogen. Fenugreek, wild yam, soybean dandelion, ginseng, and blessed thistle is also useful for enlargement and breast enhancement.

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Many specialists ensure that onions are effective for breast augmentation. The fresh onion extract mixed with honey and turmeric powder is said to be excellent. The mixture is used in the massage of the breasts in order to reaffirm and to avoid sagging of the breasts. After the breasts have been massaged with this mixture, leave a couple of hours before washing.

Many of these herbal supplements can be supplied orally and can also be obtained in the form of creams, lotions, soaps to be applied on the skin of your breasts.

3. Pills for breast enlargement

Hundreds of women say taking some kinds of pills causes their breasts to grow. However some women ensure that the breasts return to their original size when they leave the pills to consume. Anyway, pill makers claim that they increase breasts 1 to 2 inches in an estimated time of ninety days. These are composed of certain that stimulate estrogen receptors in breast tissue which results in enlargement of the bust.

However before you proceed to the consumption of these pills it is necessary to ensure that the manufacturer is reputed.

4. Breast Augmentation Creams

Breast augmentation creams are sometimes used in conjunction with pills to increase the results. The manufacturers of these creams say that they shape the breast and improve the tone and texture of the skin.

The ingredients used in the manufacture of these lotions include acids such as stearic acid and ascorbic acid, algae extract, chamomile, lavender, sage, jojoba oil, glycerin, blessed thistle, dandelion, among others.

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A lot of these creams are claimed to be made up of the same substances as the pills so they will help you boost the gains made by the pills. Women who have used creams say that after using them for some time their breasts increased with firm tissue.

However, some girls say that one of the adverse effects they have experienced with the use of lotions or creams is pain. It is therefore recommended that improvement creams should be used no more than three months.

5. Healthy eating, drinking and living

Breasts can also be enlarged by means of a good diet and a change in lifestyle. Since the bust is nothing more than fatty tissue covered with skin, healthy living and proper nutrition will definitely improve the quality of breast tissue.

Foods that are in vitamins A, C, E will provide healthy skin which will contribute to the increase of the bust. Drinking plenty of water is also beneficial because it will allow the woman’s body to better eliminate toxins, this will undoubtedly favor your breast tissue. Also, foods such as fennel seeds and saw palmetto increase estrogen levels in the body which will result in larger breasts.

Lastly, you must keep in mind that what is effective for one woman for another may be ineffective, this is because bodily constitutions are different in people. So it is essential to study well your body, before choosing any of the natural breast enhancement methods. Also be very careful with some extreme or unconventional methods like bombs and hypnosis. Although some say they work, their claims are not backed by medical science.