Flowers for Your Wedding – The Most Beautiful Wedding Trends For 2019

involves a lot of work and can sometimes turn into stress. Appointment, place, guest list, , wedding dress etc. – the list is long. One of the most time-consuming points in the organization is the . For example, when it comes to selecting the wedding flowers, color themes and seasonal dependencies often play a big role. But just as in fashion, there are also wedding trends that come and go, develop or change. Before you dive into the world of wedding preparations, do not miss the opportunity to find out about the latest trends for the year 2019 in the field of “”.

1. Native flowers for wedding

According to Maddie Dawkins, there is nothing better than fresh local flowers bought from a local flower grower. It may not always be the cheapest solution for wedding flowers, but it is a preferred choice for environmentally conscious people who are aware of their carbon footprint and want to support local development.

2. with greenery and little flowers for wedding

Of course, green bouquets and arrangements have gained in popularity in recent years. Many brides also prefer this option because it is cheaper than . This trend is still going strong and will not change in 2019. The create a wild mix and look uncomplicated elegant and chic. In the winter months, eucalyptus, olive branches and silver-circling are the stars in green bouquets. As spring approaches, brides may introduce many fresh fragrances with herbs such as mint, rosemary and lemon thyme. Also great are white flowers that stand out beautifully against the green background.

3. Ranunculus are the new peonies

Peonies are a wedding classic (and rumored to be Meghan Markle’s favorite flower), but they are not the only species of flowers that is hot this year. Cloni (Clooney) Ranunculus is the new favorite flower for spring weddings. She comes from the same family as the buttercup and is extremely tender and romantic. can be wonderfully combined with freesia and sage green foliage.

In the summer, peonies will undoubtedly be present everywhere in . But wedding florists recommend experimenting with different varieties of the romantic flower. Especially beautiful is the peony “Mother’s Choice”. It is such an elegant and that can be used alone as a highlight in a small bouquet of flowers.

And from September? The magnificent dahlias enchant us with their beauty. They combine perfectly with roses and gypsophila and are available in a variety of colors. Berries, blue thistles and branches can still complement the bouquet wonderfully.

In the winter months, everything revolves around the classic rose. Brides who marry in winter often want to convey a feeling of warmth and festivity through the wedding decoration. Roses such as “Faith”, “Sweet Avalanche” and “Quicksand” are particularly noble and perfect for a vintage wedding decoration. They also look nice in a mix with cones and berries.

4. Muted shades are in, ivory and pink are out

After the ivory, rosé and blush shades in 2017, muted and deep tones like plum and sage green are now on the rise. In terms of color contrasts and a relaxed, more natural, romantic style, the bouquets are reminiscent of a Renaissance painting with still lifes. For brides who would like to have a splash of color in their bouquet, candy colors are recommended. Coral, pink, lime green provide a real wow factor.

5. Bouquets are getting smaller

Why bother choosing the dress of your dreams to hide behind a giant bouquet of flowers? Smaller bouquets that complement only your dress are easier to wear, more flattering for the camera and super elegant.

6. A single flower instead of lush bridal bouquet

In 2019, a new floral trend is emerging, dwarfing last year’s favorites. Individual flowers in XXL format are the focus.  Choose an oversized tropical leaf like Monstera in combination with an orchid or choose a large-flowered flower variety such as a peony, Shirley Temple ‘or a dahlia, Cafe Au Lait’.

The trend is for quality over quantity, but is also an attractive option for the bride on a budget. A fancy “Single Stem Bouquet”, if done right, can have just as great an effect as a lush bouquet. The single-stem trend would also make sense for the bridesmaids and flower girls. A maid of honor, who has to juggle so many responsibilities on the big day, would also be satisfied.

7. Boutonniere to match the bridal bouquet

Boutonnieres are fastened in the buttonhole of the jacket lapels. And since no groom likes to wear a small garden on the lapel, the boutonniere trend 2019 also points in a more discreet direction. Men prefer “simple and chic” accents to elaborate decorations. For example, a single, wonderfully fragrant Gardenia flower would be perfect enough. The sturdy flower will look fresh all day long and into the night.

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