Good Effect of Yogurt after Antibiotics

are always helpful for the moment, but in the long run it is not a solution. Against many complaints can also help a simple yogurt.

Yogurt after antibiotics

Many complaints are often prescribed by antibiotics, which are taken for a certain period of time. This is usually accompanied by new problems, which can be treated with a delicious yogurt quickly. The point is that almost every third person suffers from the use of antibiotics and .

This is not only unpleasant, but drains the body unnecessarily water. A large showed that can prevent these symptoms.

The microorganisms in the yogurt cause the balance to be re-established under the Darmbacteria and the is working again correctly.

Drink a lot and eat yogurt

In case of diarrhea, it is important to drink a lot, which is recommended not only by experts. A good stomach tea or water can have positive effects. The specialist magazine “JAMA” also announced in a study that probiotic yogurt is a safe means to deal with the complaints.

In order to reach a conclusion, 82 studies were analyzed by the researchers around from the Southern Evidence-Based Practice Center. The fact that probiotic yogurt can help against antibiotic-induced diarrhea is confirmed by 63 studies.

Prevent diarrhea

In order to prevent the diarrhea completely, yogurt should be enjoyed daily. In the study, the diarrheal risk of the control group was reduced by almost half.

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Do not take with any antibiotics

The dairy food is not always helpful. There are some which can be inhibited by the consumption of yogurt.

Whether dairy products have a negative effect can be found in the package insert or by a discussion with the treating physician.

Study confirmed

The Cochrane network launched its own survey study in 2010, the results of which supported the results of the previous studies. Here, too, it emerged that probiotic can reduce the diarrheal disease by an average of one day earlier.

This would positively highlight the balance of the 63 studies dealing with the effect of probiotics in diarrhea.

Excursion – what are antibiotics?

The term “antibiotics” comes from the Greek “anti” for “against” and the Greek “bios” for “life”. Active substances which are mainly used for the control of infections with micro-organisms such as bacteria belong to the group of antibiotics known today.

The so-called antimycotics (from the Greek word “mycos” for “mushroom”), are special antibiotics, which are used against fungi diseases, since mushrooms in the widest sense are micro-organisms. One of the most famous and oldest antibiotics is the penicillin.