Green Tea For Losing Weight – Helpful Tips, Varieties And Their Effects

It sounds just awesome: just drink green tea for losing weight and get rid of the excess few kilos. In fact, the bitter substances contained in the (secondary crops and catechins) act as appetite and help to suppress the desire for sweets. In addition, the caffeine of the tea stimulates the and also has an invigorating effect. This increases the energy turnover of the body and thus also the burning. What is green tea and how does it work best?

Green tea for – What does green tea contain?

Green tea from Japan or China differs from black tea, which is literally drunk here, not essential. The tea leaves are the same, but they are fermented and lose their secondary plantings. On the other hand, the green tea in Asia is usually only roasted and steamed, so the catechins and the typical green color remain better preserved. It is precisely these ingredients that strongly act against appetite and protect against Alzheimer’s, intestinal and prostate cancer. In addition, they should be anti-inflammatory, protect the body from free radicals and slow down the increase in blood glucose levels after eating. Green tea also contains vitamin C and E, as well as caffeine and theanine.

The special combination of ingredients in green tea has shown in several studies that this affects the fat absorption in the stomach and intestine. The energy metabolism is increased and the metabolism is stimulated. The bittering substances reduce the sugar starvation and promote liver function. This leads to a promotion of the weight reduction.

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Green tea for losing weight – How does green tea work best?

Basically, each green tea has a positive effect on the diet and on a healthy . But only the -quality green teas are good for health. Green tea drinks in the Tetrapack usually contain additional sugars or other sweeteners and are therefore not really dietary. In order to contain as much as possible of the valuable bittering substances in the tea, leaves should be preferred and no bags or capsules. Supported by the diet, one should successfully integrate the green tea into the daily diet. If you want to take off with green tea, it is recommended to take 2, 3 to 5 cups preferably in the morning and at noon.

A has proven that the amount of secondary plantings increases the longer you pull the green tea leaves in the water. Pour at 100 degrees and allow to draw for seven minutes is considered to be optimal. Other recommendations for use are contrary to this information and advise that the green tea is infused with slightly cooled water, about 80-85 degrees, and allowed to draw for only five minutes. Otherwise, the tea tastes too bitter and becomes unpalatable without sweeteners.

What varieties of green tea for weight loss

In order to promote weight loss, a combination of different types of green tea is particularly effective. High-quality Sencha, Gyokuro, Bancha, Matcha or Benifuuki powder are particularly suitable for this. This should be taken at least 2 – 3 months regularly about 5 cups daily. If you do not want to decide directly for a variety, you can try some.

People often suffer from damaged intestinal flora. Palms need lots of sugar to survive and can even trigger hunger attacks on sweets. The different varieties of green tea contribute to a strengthening and permanent recovery of the intestinal mucous membranes. Above all, it is not a matter of fighting the fungal cells, but of improving the metabolism. Therefore, the regular intake of green tea can be a very effective measure. Certain varieties such as bancha and sencha tea can be very helpful. They lead to a decline in hunger attacks. The South African Hoodia tea is a strong appetite suppressant. In the following we will give you useful information about the different varieties.

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Sencha tea – fat metabolism

Sencha tea is a Japanese tea variety, which basically works very harmoniously and comprehensively. It improves the function of the liver, the cardiovascular system and the .

Gyokuro – sugar metabolism

Gyokuro has special active ingredients that positively influence the metabolism of sugars. It is also one of the best for renal disease.

Bancha tea – against fungi in the intestine and over-acidification

Many people do not know that an over-acidification of the body can seriously interfere with fat metabolism and lead to an overweight, or make weight loss extremely difficult. Bancha tea can be very helpful against fungal daffodils and healthy intestinal flora.

Matcha – the strongest antioxidant

Through a poor diet or toxins, many free radicals are absorbed into the body, which strongly impair the metabolism. On the other hand, the antioxidants work and one of the strongest is the green powder matcha. Taking Matcha can have a very good effect on the metabolism. It also increases the basic turnover – the calorie burning per day with the same movement.

Benifuuki powder – for the liver and against sugar starvation

Benifuuki has special bittering substances that can not be found in this form in any other plant. In addition, the powder is extremely useful for the liver and for the entire metabolism. It is also helpful against allergies.

Hoodia tea – appetite suppressant

Hoodia is a plant taken by the indigenous population of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa and Namibia to suppress appetite. It was an effective remedy for famine or when no food intake was possible. Hoodia tea is also considered to lessen the mood. The plant is however very rare, grows very slowly and is under species protection. It is recommended to mix Hoodia with another milder tea and not to drink pure.

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Special combinations of different teas spread throughout the day produce a much greater effect than just eating a green tea. Another factor is the preparation of the tea. The correct dosage, the water temperature and the drawing time are of great importance for the intended effect. In the following we present a few concrete combinations:

Secha + Gyokuro – Promotes fat and sugar metabolism

Bancha + Matcha + Benifuuki – for the intestinal flora, against fungi and hyperacidity, strong antioxidant

Hoodia tea as a supplement to another type of tea for good mood and as an appetite suppressant

Depending on the type of tea the ingredients differ extremely. The best effect of the green tea can benefit, if this is of high quality. It is advisable to consume a premium quality which guarantees an efficiency of> 90%. In case of severe metabolic problems a super premium quality (> 95% efficiency) should be taken.

The positive effect of the green tea when it comes to losing or curing diseases is scientifically unclear. In Germany, the Institute for Nutrition Research in Potsdam also researched green tea. It is unquestionable to note that the green tea contains many bitter substances, which gradually inhibit the appetite for sweets and promote the melting of the body fat. But you should be aware that it is not a miracle weapon in the fight against the calories. Green tea can only support a diet strongly, but also sufficient exercise and a conscious diet is also extremely important. For an optimal effect you must regularly consume unsweetened green tea. After all, it tastes good and when the metabolism profits by the way, it is all the better.