How To Always Be Beautiful Without Makeup

You will need:

  • Masks
  • Night and day cream
  • Homemade
  • Colorless powder
  • Mascara, clear shine or confidence lipstick

who almost all their life, do not use cosmetics, such problems do not interfere at all. But those thoughts have always been accustomed to the “bright star” shape, abandoning the use of decorative cosmetics in the usual amounts, often feel uncomfortable and Insecure. Do not immediately try to radically change your image – it is possible to start with small changes, for example, buy a softer tone lipstick, which is only a little emphasis on the pattern, but in terms of makeup The eyes are limited to the little dye eyelash mascara. It is important to remember that the way it would look in other people’s eyes, depends on how it refers to their appearance – if you consider an unusually , everyone you will realize this beauty.

You must know that by denying make-up, is not to throw away the trash, and all other products for facial and body treatments. That is the reason for cleaning the pores of the skin from dirt and sweat, regular use of suitable creams (day And night), a daily massage of the face – all this is necessary in order to look attractive and well-groomed even without makeup. If the skin is often pimples and rashes appear, it is necessary to attend cosmetologist-dermatologist. Problem in any case more effective than simply masking it under the foundation layer. Sometimes a rejection of this type of assets that clog the pores of the skin can significantly improve their condition. And, of course, to renew their youth, as it is no secret that decorative cosmetics often contributes to the early appearance of wrinkles.

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It is important to keep in mind that not all suitable means for a skin and sometimes allergenic components may be contained in them. Therefore, talk about how to be beautiful without makeup, it is important to pay sufficient attention to selecting the right means for skin care. You can consult on this subject with a dermatologist or use the popular universal recipes. For example, the bags under the eyes and bruises can be removed by rubbing the face with ice cubes. The network can also find many homemade recipes for facial masks based on natural ingredients. To moisten the lips can apply clear lipstick or hygienic shine. And to deal with powder colorless oily glow helps any suitable skin (it is best to shop at a natural cosmetics store or makes your own).

As mentioned above, natural does not imply a lack of care. In particular, you can never forget the eyebrows, hair and . The eyebrows should have natural width and be thick enough and atypical values ​​should tweeze hairs. Useful on a daily basis to put on the eyebrows mixture of burdock, castor oil and almond oil. Cabello should always be clean and have a shiny and healthy appearance. When the paint is better give preference to natural tones. Regularly should be used Moisturizing mask and balms. Strengthen can, every 2 days by wiping them with a slice of lemon. To achieve shine allows the use of colorless varnish. In addition, soft and natural looks delicate French manicure.

No matter how ingenious means you did not use to improve your appearance, it is impossible to imagine natural beauty without proper nutrition, sport and recreation. The diet should necessarily be present foods that contain fiber in large quantities. The main part of the menu should Be sure to include components such as fruits, herbs and vegetables – that the products in these categories contribute to the rapid and effective elimination of toxins and waste from the body, the skin ceases to be bombarded, and on its surface are no longer appearing by Spoil the appearance of pimples. It is important to consume sufficient daily amounts of clean water. No less important is restful sleep and – at least 8 hours of sleep the next night.

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Among the most important factors that affect the condition of the skin and the body as a whole, there is no solar radiation. Regardless of the time of year, people are exposed to it. Meanwhile, is solar radiation plays an important role In the process of aging. That is why, at any time of the year, experts recommend applying on exposed skin (in the first place is, of course, the face and hands) at least a weak sunscreen. This is A very important point is how to be beautiful without makeup. In summer, when solar radiation is particularly strong, it is best to wear sunglasses – this will prevent the early appearance of wrinkles and “crow’s feet” around the eyes. However, the sun does not have to all the time, because a healthy tan is still no one injured.

To look spectacular, you have to learn to take care not only your face but also the body. Be sure to set a normal motor activity. This does not have to be common sports exercises – alternatively, you can sign up for yoga or dance. Very beneficial for the appearance and feel of massage effect done professionally – it increases the blood flow to the skin and accelerates its regeneration, rejuvenation processes. In addition, a lot of positive emotions and a huge can benefit from a wide variety of treatments: massages, baths with oils and detoction of essential herbs, etc. Properly approach the issues of face and body care, you can completely waive the use of expensive and harmful cosmetics, always .. look at all 100%!