How to Avoid Sagging Breasts Naturally

Every woman wants to have breasts in perfect shape and position all her life. Unfortunately, this is not possible in most cases. The fall of the breasts is a natural process that happens with the passage of the years when the breasts lose flexibility and elasticity. A pair of sagging breasts can seriously damage as a woman feels about herself, she may feel diminished her attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex. Knowing what causes sagging breasts and tackling the problem proactively can help a lot.

What causes sagging of the breasts?

To begin with, the breasts do not have muscle, they are made of fat, and milk producing glands, it takes care of itself to maintain in good form. Although sagging usually begins after age 40, it may start earlier. According to several studies, when a woman reaches the end of her thirties, the skin becomes loose and begins to show signs of aging. According to the Oregon Health Education Institute, this is especially true with the breasts, particularly with women who have had a pregnancy.

Apart from pregnancy and age, other factors can cause breasts to fall like menopause, rapid gain or , plenty of aerobic exercises, nutritional deficiencies, smoking, wearing unsuitable bras and over-tanning.

Many people think that breastfeeding causes sagging breasts, but this is false, a 2008 study concluded that breastfeeding is not a risk factor for breasts sagging. The main cause is pregnancy itself, weight gain during pregnancy causes the ligaments to stretch, which can lead to sagging breasts in the future. You can minimize this by gaining weight healthily during pregnancy.

Some diseases such as breast cancer or breathing problems such as tuberculosis cause the sagging of the breasts. Tobacco and alcohol can contribute as well.

A variety of creams and lotions can help with the firmness of the breasts. If you prefer natural methods there are many simple and easy options that you can try.

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Factors that promote sagging of the breasts

Of course, we must know very well not only what we should do but what should never be done. Here we will see some inevitable factors, like the passage of time, and others that we can avoid.


As we have seen, the tissues that hold the breasts in place, over the years lose firmness.


It is very common that excess weight is accompanied by an increase in significant , which causes them to fall.

Sudden changes in weight

Weight gain and subsequent loss (with the consequent sudden loss of breast volume) are important factors in having sagging breasts.


Hormonal changes in pregnancy, the sudden increase in the volume of the breast, are factors that favor the sagging of the breasts.


The loss of the hormonal stimulation that the breast receives during the climacterium favors its fall.

Excess of sun

Although it does not seem to have much to do, it is an extremely important factor. As we have seen, the breasts are held especially by the skin. If it loses elasticity and firmness, such as when exposed to the sun a lot, the breasts lose their natural support and fall.

Exertional exercise poorly performed

The exercise itself is not a problem, but it is when it is done very abruptly and without adequate support.

Smoking Habit

Again it may seem like something that does not have much to do and is a very important factor. If you smoke you lose elasticity and firmness in the skin, which will drop the breasts.


As tuberculosis and cancer are often determinants in the fall of the breasts.

Wear an improperly sized bra

Especially when the breasts are large. There is a controversy about the suitability of support in all cases, but it would seem reasonable to think that not using it can only benefit women with small breasts, although there is insufficient data to affirm it.

Nutritional deficit

If we do not have a proper diet, with the necessary nutrients, neither the skin nor the connective tissue will be able to cover its function of keeping the breast in place.

What happens to breastfeeding?

We have emphasized this point especially since there is the very widespread myth that breastfeeding favors the fall of the breasts. It is absolutely false. What if it happens, as we have seen, is that the pregnancy itself produces sagging of the breasts. If the mother chooses or does not breastfeed after the birth does not change the fall of the breasts. It is important to make this clear since many women do not choose to breastfeed for fear of having their breasts fall.

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How to keep your breasts firm

Stay at an ideal weight

This implies not only not being overweight but also avoiding such unhealthy ups and downs

Drink a lot of water

This is key to maintaining a well-moisturized skin that can perform its functions without problems

Have healthy nutrition

This means that we should consume fruits and vegetables daily, proteins in adequate amounts, healthy fats and a limited amount of carbohydrates. The old nutritional pyramid with a broad base of carbohydrates has been found to be very negative for health

Adequate exercises sustained over time

Three times a week is a minimum acceptable amount


The Granada is one of the anti-aging fruits that can help . Pomegranate seed oil is rich in phytonutrients that can lead to the firmness of the breasts.

Aloe vera

This incredible plant has properties to strengthen the skin that can lead to preventing sagging of the breasts. The antioxidants in aloe vera help counteract the damage of to the breasts. Apply aloe vera gel to the breasts and give a circular message for 10 minutes. Leave the gel for 10 minutes, then remove with cold water. Repeat this remedy up to 5 times a week to get favorable results.

Natural Way to restore firmness to the breasts


As we have seen, the breasts do not have muscles but if they are just ahead of them. Strictly speaking the exercises themselves do not lift the breasts, but greatly enhance the appearance, since if the pectoral muscles gain tone and volume they “push” the breasts up and forward. The most recommended exercise are the famous push-ups or lizards. Also, we strongly recommend all exercises with weights to work pectorals. The important thing is always the constancy of them. Four sets of 12 push-ups three times a week give very good results.

Home Mask for Breasts

It is like the face mask, the mask for the breasts gives firmness to the skin and the region around the breasts. You can wear this mask at least once a week.


  • 1 tablespoon yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of vitamin E oil
  • 1 egg

How to apply:

  • Apply this over your breasts and gently rub
  • Leave it for 30 minutes
  • Remove with cold water

This mask is very easy to do and works very well. We should mix one tablespoon of natural yogurt, one tablespoon of oil with vitamin E and one egg. With this, we make a paste and apply it on the breasts, with a gentle . Leave at least half an hour and remove with warm water.

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Beauty Salon

Massages with olive oil, coconut oil or aloe vera, are an ideal way to keep the skin very healthy and firm, and consequently the breasts in place. On the other hand, the mere fact of massaging increases circulation which is also highly recommended. If we have an aloe vera plant at home, we should only cut a leaf, remove the edges with thorns, and open the middle. This transparent inner gelatin is used. These massages are done two or three times a week.

Massages with ice

These massages are very effective but you have to be careful how to do them. We should only use an ice cube and do circular massages. The secret is that it can not be done for more than a minute, as it can damage the skin. The idea is to repeat them every few minutes. For example, we do it for a minute, we rest 5 and we repeat. This three times, every two or three days.

Oils of plants

Massage your breasts with vegetable oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, or grape seed oil which will also help tone the skin of your breasts and your tissues. Almond oil and grape seed oil can help firm the skin of your breasts. For best results drop 2 drops of essential oil from vegetables before rubbing them in your breasts.

Essential oils

Essential oils like fennel oil, mind oil, carrot oil, lemon oil and cypress oil have skin cell rejuvenation properties that help to improve the flexibility and elasticity of the skin.

Massage your breasts with these essential oils at regular intervals during the day to improve the tone of your skin and the region around the breasts.

These oils can burn your skin so you should apply them in small amounts. 2 drops are more than enough for our purpose.

Avoid these factors that cause sagging breasts:

  • Smoking, for all the above, but also damages overall health.
  • Expose to the sun in excess. As in the previous case, it may also have serious health consequences.
  • Wear an improperly sized bra or bra.

As we see, both what we should do and what we should avoid, are things that benefit our health in a global way, which makes it even more advisable.