How to Boost Your Breasts Naturally

What woman does not want a good size bust? In many parts, it is the social standard of beauty. Many women think that the only way to increase their bust is with surgery. There are natural and non-aggressive ways to increase your bust.

We are not going to achieve a huge bust, but it will greatly improve the one we already have with a minimum effort that we will do at home. Let us first see how the anatomy of the breast is.

The breast is just below the skin, and ahead of the muscular plan. It is composed basically of breast tissue, which is a series of small glands and ducts which converge in the nipple. The other component of the breast is the and is responsible for the volume in most of the time. Of course, when a woman is breastfeeding, the increases by milk production and not by higher fat content, so it is important to store fat in the breast. The amount of fat in it is determined by genetic factors.

How To Increase Bust

1. Exercise.

Increase the size of your pectoral muscles:

A) Do the chest press

How to do chest press:

  1. Grab 2 dumbbells and aquetaste on a bench
  2. Take the dumbbells at the level of your shoulders and your arms at 45 degrees from your body
  3. Raise the dumbbells to your push limit
  4. Returns to home position
  5. Repeat 10 times.

B) Flexion of elbows or lizards

How to do the elbow flexions:

  1. We lay face down on the ground and we got up with our hands at shoulder height.
  2. With our hands holding the weight, we slowly lower our chest until it almost touches the floor
  3. Return to the starting position
  4. We do 40 repetitions

 C) Wall flexion

A very effective exercise are the pushups. If they seem very complicated, we can opt for a simpler but equally effective way.

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How to do wall bending:

  1. We are going to stop 60 cm from the wall.
  2. We extend our hands and support the palms in them, which will be at the level of the shoulders.
  3. With the feet well supported and the body in full extension (right), we flex the arms with the elbows out until almost touching the wall.
  4. Slowly we return to the previous position.
  5. With three sets of 15 repetitions, we will see not only how our bust improves but we are going to tone the arms.

Do not worry about getting too muscular. It is a myth that women get muscular with exercise with weights. The woman does not produce testosterone levels than a man, which makes it very difficult to gain muscle for a woman. To look muscular, women take up using anabolics.

Exercise will not increase either the breast tissue or the fat in it. What it will do is increase the volume of the muscle that lies exactly behind, which pushes it forward and makes it appear larger.

2. Eat a balanced diet.

As we have said a good percentage of breast volume is fatty tissue. It is not a matter of making a diet to increase the reserves of fat, but to have a well-balanced diet, just so that the fatty tissue is only where it has to be. Many proteins, fibers (vegetables, legumes, and fruits), healthy fats and not a significant amount of carbohydrates, are basic. Foods with the lowest processing possible will make us healthier and better-looking people.

If you are very skinny consider gaining weight, much of the bust is composed of fat, if you increase your weight, your bust increases too, see: How to gain weight

3. Improve the visual appeal of your bust

A) Improve your posture

Many women find that being hunched makes them see smaller . Stand straight, lift your chest and move the men back, you will notice that your will look larger than a stooped position. You can practice with a book on top of the cave to make sure you walk right.

B) Wear clothes that startle your chest

Try to wear clothes that help your chest look . Any garment that has raised or raised material in the part of the breasts will make you see with the chest. Another trick is to wear clothes with horizontal lines on the chest.

C) Use bra with push-ups

A good push-up bra can add great size to your chest, other than it can lift your chest a lot. You can move from a small chest to a larger size instantly with the push-up bra.

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4. Use drugs to increase your bust

A) Increase your bust with birth control pills

A side effect of many birth control pills is the increase in . You can take the birth control pills at the same time as you could increase your breast you take care of the unwanted pregnancy. You should not take them just to boost your breast, as these pills can take many , you should be prescribed by your gynecologist.

B) Use estrogen therapy to increase your bust

Estrogen, is the female hormone, one of the side effects that may have the use of estrogen as a medicine is breast augmentation. Estrogens can be prescribed for menopause or other conditions. Taking estrogens brings many side effects, consider taking it only if your doctor already suggests for some other disease or use.

C) Using progesterone to increase your bust

Progesterone is another female hormone. One of the side effects of progesterone is breast augmentation. Like estrogen-progesterone has many side effects, just use it when your doctor prescribes it for another cause.

5. Use of herbs and supplements for breast augmentation

There are many herbs and supplements that many women insure helps to increase the size of the bust, however, none of this is proven. The herbs or supplements that ensure breast augmentation are:

  • Pueraria Mirifica- It is a herb native to Thailand. Used in Thailand for rejuvenation, it contains a polystyrene that supposedly helps increase the size of the bust.
  • Bovine Ovary – Many women use the bovine ovary to increase the size of their breast because of its property of increasing the secretion of growth hormone by the pituitary gland.
  • Fenugreek
  • Fennel
  • Dwarf palm

6. Massages

The well-done massages manage to increase the bust or the volume of the breast. It is important to do them daily, just a few minutes and using a good moisturizer to be able to slide much better the hand. They should be soft and avoid involving the nipple or areola. A first is done with the fingertips, well moisturized, describing circular movements throughout the breast. We started by a precise site and ended up in it. For example, in the upper sector.

We massage the masses in a circular, clockwise, always with small and soft circles. Once this massage is done we can do the following. This massage is done with the palms of the hands. With your hands wide open, we will place the palms under the breast, lifting it gently. We move in and out smoothly for two minutes. The last massage is very simple. We are going to give circular movements, but unlike the first one, that we were surrounding the breast with small circles, in this case, it is a unique movement that surrounds the breast. Two minutes, one clockwise and the other in reverse are sufficient. As we see, with a few minutes we can achieve great changes to increase the bust.

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To consider

The best figure we can have is not only achievable but leads to satisfaction. This is not a completely flat abdomen, and a perfect buttocks or bust amazing. It is about having the abdomen as flat as we can without torturing our lives (that is, work must be done), the best that our effort can give us, and the bust as firm and healthy as possible.

Acceptance of one’s own body leads to high self-esteem, but one should not confuse acceptance with resignation. We are not perfect and we will never be, that we accept, but if it is a fact that can be improved and in that we will strive. We have already seen how to achieve that flat abdomen, how to improve the buttocks, let us now see how to increase the bust.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about enlarging the bust is prosthetics. We have nothing against them, we must admit that when they are of good quality, they are placed by a good surgeon and are of the right size, they are a valid option. The problem is that they are not always of good quality, the surgeon is not always good (the asymmetries are then a serious problem from the aesthetic point of view) and the appropriate size is usually several cubic cm lower than the one chosen in most cases.

Breast self-examination is a basic step in achieving the early diagnosis of breast cancer, which greatly increases the chances of cure. It should be done monthly at the same height of the cycle in women of reproductive age and on the same day of the month those who no longer have . The doctor should teach us how to do it, as well as indicate how often mammograms should be done in our particular case. People with a personal or family history of breast cancer have a closer follow-up to resolve incipient situations.

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