How to Clean Your Face With Coconut Oil

Many of us have preconceptions about certain facial treatments and, as you can imagine, I am no exception.

I always thought that people who put on their face (or any edible product) were desperate and it was kind of weird.

However, I must admit that once I left those ideas aside and dared to test the effect of coconut oil on my skin, not only did the result fascinate me but since then I have repeated the treatment many times and never it has disappointed me.

For this reason, I encourage all of you to try this that will surprise you and save you a lot of money since it is much cheaper than the creams and treatments that usually advertise in magazines or commercial advertisements.

The favorable result is due, in part, to being completely natural you will not overburden your skin with preservatives, additives, or synthetic or genetically modified ingredients.

The method of facial cleansing with coconut oil is one of the most pure and effective ways to remove impurities and dirt from the skin.

So before you refuse a natural treatment, I recommend you try it … you will not lose much and you can get a shiny and magnificent skin.

The Incredible That Will Convince You To Stop Buying Face Creams

Coconut oil has been used for hundreds of years as a treatment on both the skin and the hair. Its use was much more common in Asia, in countries like Thailand and the Philippines, where foreigners came to buy that oil that was still unknown in the rest of the world.

The problem with most moisturizers is that they are mainly composed of water, so you will feel your skin hydrate instantly.

However, as soon as that water dries, the skin will become dehydrated again; Which will end up becoming a circle that will only make you spend money on creams that will only solve your problem in the short term.

Coconut oil, in addition to being completely natural and containing no harmful or harmful ingredients to the skin (such as those derived from oil), facilitates the removal of all dead cells found on the surface of the skin. They give that dry and rough texture.

It is also ideal for use on the scalp, scattering it from the roots to the tips, to hydrate your hair and avoid greasy and brittle appearance.

With just one tablespoon of coconut oil you can moisturize your entire body … so you only have to try it once and you will feel the difference instantly.

In addition, it is important to note that coconut oil also has benefits for your overall health, among which we can highlight a strengthened immune system, an increase in basal metabolism and also an increase in the body’s defenses thanks to its antiviral effects, Fungicides and antibacterials.

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Coconut oil has a lot more benefits  aside from helping you cleanse your face.

How To Clean Your Face With Coconut Oil And Make It Smooth And Soft?

You will only need three things. First, clearly, coconut oil. It is advisable to use one that is organic and has not been refined, so that the results are even better.

It is also important that you have a clean towel and, last but not least, you will need a face and it is essential that you are willing to look radiant.

Once you have all this, you should follow a series of simple steps:

  • Put in the palm of your hand a teaspoon of .
  • Rub your hands quickly so the oil gets hot.
  • Gently massage the oil on your face with small circular motions for at least one minute.
  • Rinse a towel with warm water. Once it is warm, drain excess water and place it on your face for 30 seconds.
  • Gently, remove the oil from your face.
  • If necessary, repeat step 4 and 5 again.
  • Stand in front of the mirror and admire the wonderful results and benefits that coconut oil will have on your face.

Some Tips And Advice On Coconut Oil For Gentle And Beautiful Skin

First and foremost, if you have never used coconut oil before, it is important that you try on a small part of your skin and wait for 3 or 4 days to evaluate the reaction of your body.

The skin of some people tends to react poorly to coconut oil and may end up suffering an allergic reaction or cause due to clogging of the pores of the skin. If this is the case, you can use another oil, such as , which will not cause that pore blockage of the skin.

You also should not be alarmed or surprised if you suffer from a small detox reaction when you clean your face with some oil.

This occurs because all the impurities that were under the skin are brought to the surface by the oil, which can produce a small outbreak of grains. But do not worry, it will be only the first time and, after that, you will have a soft, much brighter and cleaner skin.

What Should You Do Before and After Cleansing Your Skin?

In most cases, you will not need to even worry about taking off your makeup before using coconut oil as it is a fantastic make-up remover and works particularly with waterproof makeup.

Only in some cases, when the cosmetics used are too many (especially in the eyes), it is necessary to use wet wipes and make-up removers to remove cosmetics before using coconut oil.

Once you are applying it on your face, it can be spread all over the face, including the eyelids, but you have to be very careful not to enter the eyes (unless, of course, you want to see everything blurred by half an hour).

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When you finish spreading coconut oil on your face, in many cases, you will not need to put on any moisturizing lotion. In fact, it is recommended to stop using other creams since it could recharge your skin, which will not favor you too much.

Even if you have dry skin, first test how you react alone with coconut oil before resuming or continue using some moisturizing lotion.

What could help you is, sporadically, to clean the impurities of your skin, either by a homemade or exfoliation. But this should not become a daily practice because, in such a case, it could have the adverse effect.

Since cleansing the skin with oil works intensely and at a deep level, it is advisable not to do so more than once a day (if possible, at night, before going to sleep). If morning or after work or training you feel that your skin is dry or lacking freshness, it is best to try a mask with natural ingredients that restore the natural pH of the skin.

What Type Of Coconut Oil Should I Use To Take Care Of Your Skin?

For , it is preferable to use virgin coconut oil which has not been hydrogenated, bleached, deodorized, or modified in any way and which belongs to the first cold pressing.

In other words, the more organic and fewer treatments, the better.

That’s why you always have to verify that you have a certification that it is virgin and ecological.

It is also important to evaluate the sealing of the container. Many traders buy coconut oil in bulk and re-pack it to save costs, but they do so without taking into account minimum safety and hygiene measures. Therefore, it is best to buy large companies or organic producers.

It is important to remember that, in case of needing to store it, the coconut oil solidifies at room temperature (temperatures below 23-24 ° C).

However, in temperatures above 25 ° C liquid will return, without this in any way modifying the properties of the oil.

It is usually indicated that the expiration date is 2 years from the time of manufacture, but if kept in the proper conditions (away from direct sunlight, without contact with moisture and in an opaque container) can reach Preserved for dozens of years.

Other oils you can use

Coconut oil is just one of the many oils you can use to cleanse your face and moisturize your skin.

So, if for some reason this oil did not work, you only have to perform the steps that I described above but using the oil that you prefer.

In fact, the traditional method of cleaning with oils uses a mixture of different oils to, in this way, take advantage of each one of them.

Mixtures of oils

If you want to make a mixture of oils to take advantage of and maximize the benefits that you will get, you must first choose an oil astringent, that is, one that cleans all the impurities of your skin.

There are two types of oil that you can use: on the one hand, beaver oil and, on the other, hazelnut oil. While both oils are perfect for all types of skins, it is recommended to use beaver oil in cases of skin prone to suffer from acne.

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Once you have chosen the oil you want to use astringent, you must choose an oil that penetrates your pores and, at the same time, hydrate the skin. The most popular options are: jojoba oil (ideal for all skin types and recommended in particular for sensitive skin), avocado or avocado oil (perfect for dry skin), pure sunflower oil (for mixed skin) and Coconut oil (if you have not noticed it yet, it is my favorite).

Now, to mix the oils I try to respect the following proportions:

For greasy skin: 30% astringent oil and 70% .

For mixed skins: 20% astringent oil and 80% penetrating oil.

For dry skin: 5-10% astringent oil and 90-95% penetrating oil.

Tips and tricks for mixing oils

First, it is important that you always get high quality oils, virgin, organic and cold pressed. Keep in mind that these oils will penetrate your skin and, if they contain pesticides or other harmful elements, they will enter your body.

If you have sensitive skin, then I recommend that you do not use more than 10% of astringent oil, at least at the beginning.

Once your body becomes accustomed, you can begin to increase the amounts, always depending on how you react and feel your skin.

No matter what type of skin you have, you should always try the oil you choose on a small part of your body first to check if your skin reacts badly to any of them or if you are allergic to any of its components. If you have not checked it before, it is best not to use it on your face.

Finally, if you’re a little lazy like me, you can use only a penetrating oil instead of mixing.

I hope after reading this article you dare to put aside the creams and start using much more natural products. Although, sometimes, it may take a little more time (for example, if you decide to make a mixture of oils), the truth is that your skin will thank you and, when you see the results, you will not regret it.

I will never tire of saying that coconut oil is one of the keys to healthy, hydrated and lighted skin. It does not take much more so that you get the result you want so much, just a little dedication and care that, once you become a habit, you will enjoy incorporating into your routine.

Now, I would like to know if you will be encouraged to clean your face with coconut oil. If so, do not forget to tell me your experience and results and, if you have any questions, you just have to leave a comment and I’ll help.