How To Do An Anti-Cellulite Massage

Cellulite is the subject of a bad dream for many women who want to remain attractive in the eyes of men. To do this, and need to know how to do an firming massage which is the most in the fight for a smooth and Elastic.

How to do anti-cellulite massage: art

Anti cellulite massage is performed on all parts of the body or on one of the clients. An experienced masseur will perform movements along the lymph flow. The initial movement, as in the – this rubbing and stroking, it will prepare Skin for basic movements. They differ in intensity and strength. This tweaks and twisting and kneading. Consequently, the degree of severity of the skin of the cellulite individually selects duration and amount of these . At the end Of the massage are performed strokes and light rubs. After the session is completed, it is recommended to lie down for 3-5 minutes. With fairly frequent 7- forty minute procedures.

How to Make an Anti-Cellulite

Expert masseur also practiced honey massage. Driving in the upper layers of the honey skin leads to a burning effect and excretion of excess moisture. Besides breaking contributes to produced improved blood circulation. There is an increase in muscle tone and condition as a result – improvement in overall body condition. There has been a wonderful immune system and healthy sleep.

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Of anti-cellulite massage in the salon

It can be carried in the cabin, and to participate in self-massage. Only in the latter case, it is impossible to guarantee health safety. A significant advantage of anti-cellulite firming massage in the salon – is the choice of equipment and aids the special client who will help to make the procedure is not only but also enjoyable. Anti-cellulite used with antioxidants or as an alternative to – heating gels, creams.

The effectiveness of anti- cellulite massage

The efficiency of massage is achieved at the expense of “breaking” the layer of fat. Since the formation of cellulite are well below the superficial layers of the skin, the specialist sometimes is difficult to reach them. The procedure itself is very painful, and sensations Depend on the degree of severity of cellulite, the area of ​​massage and the threshold of pain.

Anti-cellulite is one of the most effective methods to correct this defect. A proper diet, vacuum massage, even exercise will help to fix the result.

Lessons of anti-cellulite massage