How to do Hair Painting at Home

Would you like to look fuchsia, blue or green in your hair for just a few hours? Learn how to create your own painting very easy, and using only safe ingredients.

How to do at Home


Green wicks, a fuchsia ponytail or a blue fringe can be very entertaining accessories for a meeting with friends, or for a costume party. But dyeing hair with ammonia and harmful chemicals is too drastic a remedy, and temporary paints do not always leave our hair as healthy as we had before,

You will not think twice; with this technique, you will be able to make paint your hair naturally and safely, and in the colors that you like more.

List of ingredients

To make a temporary painting we will use some ingredients that you may already have at home at the moment, or that you can find in the market easily. In addition, they are very economical, so you can create home dye in as many colors as you want, for less than what you would spend in a single boat than they sell in stores!

For this task you will need:

  • Gelatin powder or juice powder (both unsweetened), or but vegetable colorant for gastronomic use, in the tone you want
  • Gel for hair, the one you use regularly (if you do not have it, only use the pulp of a leaf of  )
  • Optional: lemon juice (if you have )
  • Optional: a non-rinsing cream
  • Optional: oil jelly or cleansing cream
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And as for the elements, prepares:

  • Latex gloves
  • A bowl disposable or non-lame staining (not reusable in the kitchen)
  • A disposable spatula (not reusable in the kitchen)
  • A comb, for the application
  • Hair dryer for application
  • A bathing cap or plastic bag


“If you have very dark hair and want to lighten it before you start, apply lemon juice and dry it with the hairdryer using hot air.”

How to Make Temporary Paint for Hair

To make the temporary dye, put in the bowl the hair gel/pulp of Aloe vera, in enough quantity to cover the area you want to color. We use sugar-free foods because those that have been sweetened leave sticky hair.

Then add gelatin or powdered juice (or vegetable coloring), stirring until everything is integrated and evenly colored. If you do not find gelatin/juice / coloring in the desired tone, just mix the ones you have until you achieve that dream color. Remember to regulate the amounts to achieve different intensities.

How to Use Home Hair Dye

Before using this temporary tincture, keep these two precautions in mind:

  • If you have very dark hair and want to lighten it before you start, apply lemon juice and dry it with the hairdryer using hot air. This step is optional, and its results are quite definitive.
  • And if you’re going to leave the temporary stain on your hair for a long time, apply the protective treatment before using the paint. Add one or two tablespoons of the treatment to the mixture.

First, protect your skin from blemishes by sticking oil jelly or cleansing cream (or other similar) around your hair, including the nape of the neck, ears and all skin that may be stained. When finished, remove the cream with a damp cotton.

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To use hair paint, simply take a small amount with your hands (with latex gloves), and rub in one direction from the root and towards the tips. If you want to boost the tone, put on a bathing cap (or just wrap the hair with a plastic bag), and apply heat with the air dryer for some time. Remove the cap and let it dry in the air or with the help of the comb and dryer, to avoid staining your skin or clothing.

“If you want to enhance the color of this temporary coat for the hair, put on a bathing cap and apply heat with the air dryer for some time.”

Leave it for as long as you want, and rinse before going to sleep. Keep in mind that if you leave a few hours in the hair without rinsing, the tone may remain for some days… as long as you do not wash it.

This homemade hair dye is economical, safe, and will help you create unique looks for special occasions, or for fun times with your daughters!

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