How to Get an Upturned Nose without Surgery

How to Get an – When it comes to beauty, women do not leave anything to chance. And is that although we say that we do not care about the aesthetic part or have a rather casual look, the truth is that we are always aware of details that are usually a topic for us. One of them is the nose, since not all of us have the privilege of having one that is small, spattered and harmonious in sight, so we think of the possible solutions to feel better with this part of our face. The best known (and most expensive) alternative is to enter the pavilion for a specialist to take over and remodel it; However, this option is invasive and long term. The good news is that the surgeon is not the only solution: There are exercises and makeup techniques that will help you look a thinner, longer, narrower and sharpen nose instantly. If you want to achieve a simple ” splash ” effect, here are some tips to help you achieve it.

Tips on How to Get an Upturned Nose

1. Nose Respirators

One of the alternatives you have to achieve your goal is to resort to an external element that helps you. For this purpose there are the so-called “rebounders”, which seek to lift and of the nose, in addition to helping to breathe better. How?, because a prosthesis made of flexible material, anti-allergic and curved, which is placed in the nostrils. If you want to try this alternative, you must take into account that it is necessary to incorporate a foreign element to your respiratory system, so you should evaluate if you are able to live you’re day to day with that prosthesis without causing discomfort.

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2. An “express solution”

If you need your nose to be more spattered “now,” because you have a marriage, go to an appointment with a special person or you should shine in a particular event you can opt for a solution that ensures momentary results. To carry it out, you should press the upper bridge of your nose for a period of between 2 to 5 minutes, putting the thumb to one side and the middle and of the same hand to the other side. Being the cartilage quite moldable, with this technique you are modeling it to take some form (subtly, do not expect to have a totally different nose). Keep in mind that this process is not the most comfortable in the world, but if you experience too much pain it is best to eliminate it from your beauty routine.

3. Exercise your nose

A more “long-term” solution is to do exercises with your nose that help to tune it, to splice it and to narrow it. It is necessary to emphasize that before performing this routine, you must apply cream in the area to work. An exercise that helps to break your nose is to grasp it with your fingers, taking both sides and pushing it up, while with the other hand touch the tip and also carry it up. However, the force you do to perform this exercise must be concentrated in the opposite direction (ie, down). Another movement that will help you achieve your goal is that your index fingers are placed under your eyes, in the area where dark circles and bags are formed and press upwards. In carrying out this process of resistance, forces your nose to narrow,

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4. Makeup also helps

Make-up has always helped women to correct those “details” that are not very pleasing to them, in an economical, simple and “do it yourself” mode. In this case, we can also achieve the “splash effect” by resorting to our cosmetiquero and looking inside it elements that will help us give the nose the way we want.

To lift it, you must apply a dark corrector on the tip and also on both sides, then blunt and apply clear powder.

To tune it, use a foundation shade darker than the color of your skin and apply it from the inner area of ​​the eyebrows, to end in the so-called “nasal fins (which is the area where the graves are). Blending the base with a firm and thick brush or brush.

You can also make up the part of the nose holes with a slightly clearer base that you use for your skin and in that way, you will help make it look more spattered.

5. is also an alternative

A more professional way of blowing your nose, but requiring the advice of an expert, is to apply injections of Hyaluronic Acid, through which it is sought to profile it. To carry out this procedure, the product is injected into points that are “strategic in the area” to elevate it, disguising bones that are notorious and raising the tip. Before applying the filling, those who perform this esthetic procedure apply local anesthesia. You should keep in mind that this cosmetic intervention is not permanent, but its duration varies from 9 to 12 months, depending on the characteristics of the patient.

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Remember that even though magazine covers sell us a concept of “what is beautiful”, where the noses of artists and models are perfect and splashy, you are unique and have characteristics that make you a “great woman”. Beauty is not measured by the size of your nose, but by how beautiful you feel inside and out.

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