How To Get Rid Of Fungus On The Toenails

The are very common, especially in men over 50 years. Of course, they are also seen in women and other ages, but the frequency in that group is really high. , which is actually called onychomycosis, is quite unsightly, and in some ways, it is important to resolve them, as they are also an infection. However, the frequency of this problem in the nails of the hands is clearly smaller. A curious fact is that although fungi can be transmitted from one nail to another on the same foot, or from one foot to the other; The same with the hands, from hand to hand, the transmission of the foot to the hand (or from the hand to the foot) is very frequent.

Toenail fungus can be detected in the first instance as a change in the color of the nail. It becomes darker and opaque, with distinctly brownish tones. Over time it is noticeable as the nail becomes thickening more and more, while it becomes softer. At the edge of the nail, this is very noticeable. The nail grows more slowly and can fall. In those cases, the below is red and swollen.

When the fungi are in the nails of the hands, it is not so likely to see that thickening, but if the color changes. Infected nails change color and become soft until they fall.

As in all cases, it is best to prevent rather than cure. Let’s see then how we can do to prevent this .

How to prevent fungal nails

  1. Keep nails clean and dry.
  2. Wear the proper footwear. The shoes should not be too broad to hurt, but not too tight. Synthetic shoes that are completely closed should be avoided if possible. For fungi, nothing better than a dark and narrow environment, where you can accumulate the normal sweat of the foot.
  3. Wear appropriate socks or socks. Nothing better than natural materials to be used as stockings or socks. We should always choose 100% cotton.
  4. Do not walk barefoot in pools and club showers. The probability of catching fungi in such cases is quite high. What you should do is always use footwear suitable for such situations.
  5. Do not share towels with other people. These are an excellent route of contagion.
  6. Do not share items that are used to trim the nails or for their aesthetics. This applies in the home, but especially for the places where the service is provided. In such cases, the material used should be conveniently sterilized.
  7. People with diabetes should redouble their because they are more likely to develop this problem.
  8. Just to mention them, the nail fungus of the hands can also be prevented. In this sense, it is always recommended to wear gloves when doing tasks involving wet hands, not sharing towels or hygiene or beauty material for hands.
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How to treat toenail fungus

There are several topical (local) treatments with antimycotics. is that the efficiency despite the prolonged treatment is not very good.

There are also oral treatments. They are more efficient than local treatments, but they also do not guarantee a cure. There are a few cases where there is an improvement that seems complete, but then there is a relapse after a while.

Home Treatments for Toenail Fungi

Home treatments for toenail fungus are quite simple, they are effective, but they require perseverance since in many cases they require time. If we think about the importance of eradicating this problem, a minimum of perseverance is not so impossible. Let’s see which are the best options.

  • Olive oil and tea tree. This is a very easy treatment to do. We will mix in a suitable container, a tablespoon of olive oil with 5 drops of . For three weeks, on alternate nights, we will apply on the nail that has the problem. Just do not forget that day is treatment and which is rest. If we note, it is easier.
  • Olive oil and oregano. In this , we will mix one tablespoon of olive oil with 5 drops of oregano essential oil. We mix thoroughly before applying, on the nail that has the problem. As in the previous , it applies for three weeks, but the difference is that it is not necessary to alternate one day if and one does not.
  • We can use lemon juice to soak the nail that has mushrooms or massage directly with the lemon. Care must be taken not to contaminate the other nails. If we pass lemon by the nail that has a problem we should not pass that lemon preventively by another nail. It is applied every night for a month.
  • Special enamel. Let’s prepare this with a colorless enamel, 5 drops of white iodine, 7 drops of lemon juice and a finely chopped garlic clove. What we will do is mix all the ingredients and leave to macerate a week. At the end of the same, we applied the enamel on the nail with the problem. Be very careful not to use the enamel brush itself, touch the nail and re-insert it into the enamel. Instead, we will apply it with a little cotton or swab so as not to contaminate the enamel we have prepared. We apply it every night and let it act. The next morning we remove it with enamel remover and at night we apply it again. This treatment is applied for two weeks.
  • Apple vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is an element that we should always have at home. It serves us both to make a home remedy, as to use it as a cleanser. In this case, it is very simple because we are only going to soak the nail that has mushrooms, in a bowl with pure apple vinegar. We let it act for 20 minutes and do not remove, but we directly dry very well, with hair dryer, at moderate temperature. It is important that the nail is dry. Repeats every night for a month.
  • Sodium bicarbonate. Like vinegar and lemon, we should always have baked at home as it has all sorts of uses. Making our cleaners or home treatments is a good habit, and baking is extremely useful. Let’s prepare a paste with the baking soda, and a few drops of water, which we will add one at a time to not pass us. With a cotton we apply on the nail that has the problem, trying to penetrate it as much as possible, not only on the surface of the same, we leave to act and withdraw. We repeat the treatment for three weeks every night.
  • Garlic tea. This is a very simple remedy, very cheap and very effective. Let’s boil a cup of water and add 6 large cloves of garlic. Let macerate a little. When the temperature allows (please do not exaggerate with the high temperatures) we will submerge the nail in this infusion. We let it act half an hour and then we washed very well. Instead of drying with a towel, we will do as in the previous case and we will use a hair dryer at moderate temperature until it is well dry. The only bad thing about this treatment is that it should be applied every day for at least a month and a half.
  • Thyme tea. Let’s prepare a well-loaded thyme tea. For that, we are going to boil a cup of water with a good bouquet of thyme. Let cool before applying. For that, we are going to use a cotton, that we wet in the tea and soon we apply in the nail. We do not dip the same cotton in the tea, because that way we are going to contaminate it, and since it is not consumed in an application, it can be stored. It is applied every night, left half an hour and then dried very well, not washed, with a hair dryer at moderate temperature.
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It is important always to consult with the doctor since it is an infection, which although it is minor, has relevance. In the case of elderly patients, especially if they are diabetic, the consultation should be immediate since the care of the feet is fundamental. The doctor will indicate the appropriate treatment for each case, will authorize the home treatment if applicable, or may choose to remove the nail if there is no other option.