How to Grow Breasts with 2 Daily Massages

You should not feel depressed or less sexy because you do not have big breasts since from today you can start with a method to increase your bust! There are many ways on how to grow your breasts, this is the surgery, the pills and the .

If you are thinking between surgery or pills, I want to change your decision because from experience I want to tell you that I was saving a long time for my , or as it is actually called augmentation mammoplasty, but thanks to a friend I could know how to grow the breasts . But before deciding on this natural method, I came to the following conclusion: pills can have harmful side effects to my health and surgery is costly, invasive and can put my life in danger with infections.

Look at these Massages to know How to Grow Breasts

As you have already concluded, a natural way to increase the breasts is economic, as you can do it from your home with things that we commonly have on hand or are easily accessible, and is also 100% safe for you.

That’s why today I want to recommend 2 massages that will answer your question on how to grow the breasts naturally with massages. But before recommending these massages, I want you to know that the natural way for your bust to grow in a short time, should always contain a proper diet, a routine of short exercises for the and the so-called massages.

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Remember that the breasts are very important glands for women, both sensitive and useful in all women. For the above, you should do the massage in a soft but firm.

The massages to increase the bust have their advantages and disadvantages: it is an because you only need your hands to make them, it will not cause you stretch marks, you will strengthen the skin and you will give a youthful aspect; On the contrary, it is a way to increase the bust that acts a little slowly, so you must be constant, as it happens with the abdominals, if you do a couple of days you will not see results, but if you prolong the exercise, You will see fabulous results. I remind you that each person has a different body that reacts in several ways depending on the stimulus provided, so there will be women who get results in a few days as others should wait a few weeks to notice that their breasts are larger.

It is advisable that when doing these massages use abundant lotions or moisturizers or moisturizers to facilitate the maneuver. But if you want to boost the effects of massage on your bust, you should use natural products to perform them, such as almond oil, orange oil, ylang-ylang oil, green tea extracts, etc., and all natural products to increase the bust .

Before, I’ll give you a small recipe so that you can make a lotion to increase your bust and so you can complement the massages: Take the juice of a small onion, which must be freshly prepared, add turmeric powder and a little Honey of bees

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Now, let’s go into massages:

How to Grow Breasts with Massage is Possible

  1. Circular Massage: With the lotion or oil of your choice, massage your fingers in a circle clockwise around your breasts and then do it in the opposite direction. Try not to touch the nipple with the lotions, instead take small wipes with warm water to make your nipples regenerate and have looser skin.
  2. Linear Massage: Take a little oil, cream or lotion of your choice, and with the tips of your fingers massage the base of the breast towards the center without touching the areola or the nipple, that is, as if you were from your Chest to the middle of the breast, as if you were drawing a cone over each breast.

Do not forget that you should do these massages at least twice a day, and the best time to do it is the morning before your bath if you are going to use products that leave scents like the onion, or after your bath if you do the massages With creams or oils with rich fragrances, and at night before bed.

Always keep in mind that to increase your breasts you must be constant and persevering. If these massages complement you with the correct diet and exercises that help your muscles, you will get good results in a short time. But if you want to have permanent results , I recommend the “How to Increase Your Bust” method that has been translated into a guide that will tell you step by step how to grow your breasts naturally , safely and effectively . I advise you to read this guide and put into practice the whole method so that once and for all you can definitely increase your bust. I know that you are determined to increase your bust and I also know that with this guide you will achieve it, just like me!

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If you have any questions about the contents of this guide, go to the Frequently Asked Questions Click Here Now section , so you can solve all your questions immediately.

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To finish, if you want to see my personal experience and Honest Opinion on the method that Pilar Merlino created to increase the bust, I made when I used the method and increased my bust, just as you want to do it!