How to Have Bigger Breasts Naturally

Many women today want to know how to have bigger breasts. In fact, surgery has become very popular in recent years. However, because of the risks and hazards that accompany it, as well as the high cost of this surgical solution, women are looking for natural ways to increase their breast size.

These are just a few effective tips on how to have the biggest naturally so that you feel safe again in yourself.


A lactovegetarian diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables helps develop the breasts. Other foods that will help you increase breast size include black olives and virgin olive oil, soy and especially soy eggs, cereal and grain oil, dill leaves, flowers and seeds, celery leaves, Heart of nuts, toasted peanuts, sunflower seeds. On the other hand, excessive intake of (eg coffee, chocolate, soda, and other foods that are considered as stimulants) are believed to prevent the growth of your breasts.


Although exercise does not directly help increase your breast size, it is good for firming and lifting your chest. By building the muscles underneath the breasts, it will give the appearance of the and you will see an increase in your cleavage. On the other hand, it is very important to exercise to prevent sagging of the breasts as they age, regardless of the size of the chest you want.

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Performing a moderate massage helps to stimulate the growth of your breasts and give you firmness. The use of and dill oil are recommended for use in the massage as they will help stimulate the development of your breasts.

The use of loose bra / Decreased use of bra

Another important thing to consider is to use a bra that does not tighten your breasts or if it is possible it is best not to wear any. This will make your of certain restrictions and will help the breast tissues expand more easily. In addition, certain clinical studies have attributed a certain relationship between and the use of the bra.

Sexual intercourse with continence

Studies have shown that women experience a in breast size, with more than 50 percent during intercourse. During sex, the amount of hormone in a woman’s body increases dynamically, and in a short time, her breasts will also increase in volume. But experts suggest paying attention to orgasms. During the moment of orgasm, hormonal changes change rapidly, and the body and breasts can lose their firmness and youth.

Breast enlargement cream

Another method that helps answer the question of How to have breasts naturally? Is through the use of creams.

Creams have become a popular alternative for most women, not only because of their effectiveness but also because of their convenience. However, I suggest you look for products that are completely natural, contain no synthetic hormones, and are safe for use and clinically proven.