How to Increase Bust Without Surgery: 10 Effective Steps

If you are a woman who has not been one of the many favored with a big , you can not miss these 10 steps that I bring you today, which I personally tried and helped me a lot.

Many of us have wanted to have large overnight, and you may come to think that surgery is one of those quick solutions, because with an intervention of a few hours we can increase the sizes we want … but things they are not so simple.

Since this is surgery like any other you know, it is invasive and risky, since it involves the application of general anesthesia and direct intervention in the tissues of your body, which is reached through medium-sized incisions.

Look at how to increase Bust without Surgery

Many doctors recommend that any surgery be performed when it is needed and is the last treatment option. As you may know, augmentation surgeries have risks associated with muscle and skin infections, post-operative pain, numbness in the nipple area or throughout the , notorious scarring and sometimes even keloids, cancer associated with surgery (Large cell anaplastic lymphoma), etc.

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I know that after this, you will not want to have this surgery, or at least, until you have exhausted the possible resources. But today I have good news, which can also be told by many ! You do not need to go through .

Today you can know how to increase the bust without surgery, thanks to these 10 simple steps that today I want to give you, which I divided into several sections:


1. Consume Herbs Rich in Phytoestrogens

The intake of different herbs that you can find in the supermarket will help you a lot. Some of these herbs are garlic or fenugreek, dandelion root, watercress leaves, rosemary or saw palmetto. The advantage of all these herbs is that, like the rest of them, they are very economical.

2.Consume Seeds Containing Phytoestrogens

, fennel seeds, flax seeds and grapes, and the main soy, are those that will help you in this way to increase your breasts. Look for recipes in which you can use these seeds, since many of them, despite being easy to get, are not so easy to use in your common food.

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables that help with the production of estrogens

Try to have a diet rich in natural foods, such as meats that contain high amounts of protein. Some fruits and vegetables such as wild yam and pears, oranges, sage,

Manual Techniques

4. Breast

Knowing how to increase the bust without surgery  by means of is not something complicated.  increase the sensitivity in the breasts, since they stimulate the nerves and they increase the circulation. A few minutes a day can help you a lot, as it also helps you prevent or eliminate sagging, making your breasts look and firmer. These should be done in a clockwise and counterclockwise manner, in the morning and 5 minutes before bedtime.

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5. Massage to the breasts + Natural oils

If the massages to the bust have helped you, imagine how they will help you if you potentiate its effects, and even better, with something natural. Sesame, geranium or almond oil will give you a hand, not only making the massage softer, but also stimulating the increase of estrogen in the breasts. When you leave the shower do not forget to apply moisturizing and firming creams to the breasts with upward movements.


6. Exercises to increase the bust

One of the basic exercises of how to increase the bust without surgery is one that serves to strengthen the since this is the one that supports the mammary gland. You can practice exercises to strengthen your arms and back, as a better position also helps the bust. An example of an exercise for the is to put the palms of your hands together in front of your chest, press your palms between them and relax; Of this exercise you should do at least 10 repetitions. Do not forget to do exercises like push-ups and weightlifting for the chest.

7. Yoga to increase bust

This type of exercise is an ancient technique from India, which is suggested to be taught by an expert, as it has positions and movements a little complex, so he goes to classes to Learn several exercises that help you with the muscles of your chest. There are some like Bhujangasana, Stabdhasana and Ushtasana, among others, that will help you a lot.

Extra Help

8. Keep your weight stable

All of our muscles and skin suffer when we go up and down in weight in a very short time. Keep a healthy and balanced diet, including in your diet the recommended foods before, and you will see that you can increase your breasts. Likewise, if you lose a lot of weight and do not exercise, the fat in your breasts will suddenly go away and there will not be much muscle that supports the breasts.

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How to Increase Bust Without Surgery and Naturally

9. Use the correct size of Bras

You will think: How to increase the bust without surgery using brasier? This really helps ?. Well the answer is yes. If your bra is too large, most of the time it will not have good support, so the muscle will look flaccid and your breasts will fall off in a short time. Now, if you wear a very small bra, it will press your breasts all the time, and possibly hurt your muscle and skin. That is why you should choose your size, both cup and back, and thus your breasts will look more beautiful with the clothes you wear.

10. Proper necklines

Do not wear necklines that make you see the smallest bust; An example of this bad neckline for you is the round neckline, because it emphasizes more on your shoulders, making you see with a wider back, but at the same time with flatter chest. Your friend’s cleavage is the V not too deep, and with the right bra, your breasts will look bigger immediately. I also recommend wearing blouses and dresses with empire cut, or high waist. Although they seem simple, these tips are vital when we are learning how to grow the breasts