How to Increase Glute Muscles

The buttocks have been characterized by being a region of the human body very striking in the eyes of many, its anatomy is usually variable. It is perhaps the most admired place of the body by and men.

I ask, who wants to have bulky, firm and striking ? Surely the answer would be a resounding affirmation of all. Of course, this is possible, but it requires education on the subject, disciplined work, effort and adequate food.

To improve your glutes, you must know some aspects of relevance that we will develop in this article as:

  • Eye-catching and curious facts about your glutes.
  • Basic Anatomy and Kinesiology of Buttocks
  • Four aspects to reflect on your glutes.
  • Effective to strengthen and tone your glutes.

I hope this article offers you useful information, and a great help that cultivates knowledge in you and thus improve your health and that of your family.

Some Fun and Curious Facts About Your Buttocks .

I’ll start by giving you curious and relevant information about your glutes:

  • They are called back, pompis, buttocks, nachas, innards, tail, seat, hip, poto and tail, among others.
  • There are wide, medium, narrow, very large, flat and very flat.
  • It is a very notorious, striking and sensual part of the human body.
  • In them is the largest and most powerful muscle group in the human body, responsible for all locomotion (standing, sitting, climbing, lowering, stooping and standing)
  • Its round shape is a result of the overlapping layers of fat .
  • Some studies believe that large pompis are healthy for women.
  • The female buttocks are usually more voluptuous than the male ones, thanks to the estrogen that helps the fat deposit in that place.
  • According to evolutionary theories, the coccyx or coxal bone was a tail that evolved so that we could sit down.
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General Information and Kinesiology of your buttocks.

First of all I want to make of your knowledge that the term kinesiología is intimately related to the study of human movement, Next, let us go to its physiology and mobility:

consist of 3 primordial muscles: the , medium and the . Let’s look at each of these.

The Buttock

It is the largest in this group, its main function is the extension and flexion of the upper thigh so it helps you get up, sprint and press.

The middle buttock.

It starts at the outer surface of the ilium (a bone that is part of the pelvis) above and in front of the anterior gluteal line.

Its insertion converges into a tendon that connects to the lateral surface of the major trochanter belonging to the head of the femur.

The Minor Gluteus .

The middle and lower glutes perform similar functions, depending on the mobility of the knee and hip joint.

For example, running the gluteus minor helps to stabilize your legs giving support; When flexing, the hips turn internally the thigh, that is to say to the middle line

Let’s Look Now, 4 Important Aspects About Your Buttocks .

Will the Barbells Squats Make My Buttocks Grow?

The experience of many athletes of effort, evidence that doing squats with bars helps to considerably increase the volume of the glutes.

This is true, and if you have a healthy column you can do it progressively. This exercise should not be the only option.

These squats are effective for your glutes and should be combined with other similar exercises to achieve greater benefit.

You should add lunges (leg presses), deadlifts (glutes), and squats (machine). The important thing is that you do them well, maintaining a good technique and with the appropriate effort to avoid injuries or undesirable pains.

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Buttock Implants and the Genetic Factor.

With the advent and globalization of plastic surgery as a fundamental pillar in a constantly evolving society, gluteal implants have emerged as an option for those who are not in line with theirs. This has become important for both .

Many people try through exercises to increase the volume of their glutes, without obtaining favorable results; One of the main reasons for these undesirable results is the influence of the genetic factor.

There are some people who have flat glutes, and many other huge buttocks, but this is usually under the influence of the hereditary factor, this is clearly evidenced in a mother-daughter comparison, when the mother lacks prominent buttocks probably her offspring also suffer .

It is important that you try to develop your glutes with constant and adequate physical exercise. The same nature of the exercises can be a greater aid than implants, even in the long term.

Implants may involve certain levels of risk to your health; Can cause infections, deformations, paralysis among other conditions.

Ratio Hip – Buttocks.

Did you know that the width of your hip depends on the width of the ilion bone? (The largest and highest bone of the pelvis).

Of course, if this bone is wider, it gives a greater width to your hip and therefore more buttocks, and if it is narrower the buttocks will be narrower and smaller.

The hip has a direct relationship with the waist. If the waist is narrow and the hip is broad, the glutes will be larger; If the waist is broad and the hips are narrow, the glutes will be smaller.

Remember that all this is subject to the influence of the genetic factor.

Fat-Muscle Ratio

There is a very close relationship between the muscles of your buttocks and the fat that is there.

Fat is found on your buttocks as on any other part of the body, this helps to give volume to the muscles. The more fat, the greater glutes and vice versa.

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If your buttocks are very broad, possibly a certain amount of fat that you have to eliminate through exercises, to make them firmer.

Effective Exercises for Your Buttocks.

Finally, let’s see the dynamic part, the practical section that will help you improve your glutes. Currently, there are multiple exercise routines that you can do from your home, park, court, square or gym.

Among the most appropriate exercises are:

  • Dumbbell squats, squatting with bar, squatting machine, press of one and two legs in devices that allow the full extension of the thigh.
  • Rigid legs lifting, hip thigh extension, hip abduction sitting machine, hip thigh abduction, abduction of thigh with base pulley.
  • These exercises should be performed correctly, and with the accompaniment of a healthy diet that meets your caloric needs.

Culminating with this section I must emphasize that the buttocks are a group of muscles of vital importance for the mobility of your body. They are unequivocally the natural cushion that supports us when we sit down. I hope now the values ​​more, the exercises with more frequency and constancy.

Finally, as a health professional, I have the responsibility to emphasize that unfortunately we are immersed in an increasingly decadent society, where we think that appearance is everything, I want to say that it will never stop being more important what you think of yourself , That what others think of you, accept yourself as you are, it is easier to be accepted by others.

I finally want to ask you, did you like this subject? I hope so. Any input or question, will be well received.

Here I leave a video to exercise the glutes!