How to Lower the Clitoris?

is located in the upper part of the vagina and is extremely sensitive. It has more than eight thousand (this is twice the number of in the glans of a penis) and is responsible solely for female pleasure. In some it may increase in size for several reasons. Let’s show you a few reasons why it can grow and show you how to thin the clitoris.

Why can the clitoris increase in size?

Almost all women have clitoris of small size, which are almost hidden. However, in some cases there may be an overgrowth called “clitoromegaly”. At the time of sexual arousal, the spongy bodies of the clitoris fill with blood and may have a similar appearance as a small penis.

One of the reasons the clitoris increase in size is the use of steroids. Generally an increase in male hormones like testosterone increases your size.

In fact, the clitoris is almost 10 cm long (almost like the average flaccid penis), but ¾ his are hidden from our view, inside the woman’s body.

Another reason for the clitoris to increase in size is menopause. After her, the clitoris can become 2.5 times larger than it was when the same woman was a teenager.

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Pregnancy can also be the cause of clitoromegaly. With hormonal variation, the clitoris can vary in size.

The last cause is genetics. Some women are simply born with a bigger than average clitoris.

The good news is that there is a simple procedure that can reduce the size of the clitoris and provide better being and .

How Does Work?

The reduction of the clitoris is a simple that can help a lot of women who feel uncomfortable with the size of this part of the female genital tract.

It is performed under local or epidural anesthesia, depending on the medical indication. It is very fast – lasts for about twenty minutes. The patient is usually discharged on the same day of hospitalization.

The procedure is as follows: The base is surgically reduced, preserving the sensory nerve. With this, the clitoris is repositioned and its size is reduced.

The excess tissue of the clitoris is removed carefully to avoid future pain and discomfort.

It is good to cite that this surgery can also be done on women who have excess skin covering the clitoris – which can compromise the quality of sexual intercourse.

Advantages of Clitoral Reduction Surgery

The correction of the clitoris is advantageous for many women who have lived with this discomfort for a long time and because of shame or fear, have not yet been able to solve this situation.

Below we list some of the many benefits that plastic surgery on the clitoris can provide the woman:

Better self-esteem and self-confidence

Many women cohabit with a clitoris of exaggerated size and feel bad because of it.

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Self-esteem may be affected and the woman may even avoid having sexual intercourse out of shame in that genital area.

With clitoral reduction women regain self-confidence with their partners and also elevate their self-esteem with their body completely.

More pleasure during sex

A very large clitoris can also compromise a woman’s sense of pleasure during sex. This is because, although there is no evidence that (such as penis size) can influence the mechanics of sexual intercourse, many women are embarrassed by the exaggerated size of the region and can disrupt pleasure.

Therefore, when they do the clitoral correction, many women feel better with confidence during sex and consequently improve their performance and feel more pleasure.

Fast recovery

Although there is sedation for plastic clitoral reduction surgery, anesthesia is usually local, which makes recovery fast, there are even cases where discharge occurs immediately after the procedure, which lasts, on average, 20 minutes.

The recovery is quiet and usually in a month the woman can already return to normal activities and intercourse.

There are no intense pains after surgery

After surgery, contrary to what many women may think, there are no intense pains. There are small nuisances that can be controlled quietly with anesthetics, indicated by your surgeon.

A fact that explains why plastic clitoral reduction surgery does not interfere with nerve and sensitive clitoral terminations.

The scar usually stays on the skin that covers the clitoris, not being easily visible.

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