How To Make Lips Smaller

Normally women want to have bigger, fleshy and , but it really does not matter the size of the to make them sexy. Large and small can be just as attractive as long as you learn to get the most out in both cases. There are women who want smaller lips, do you think?

It’s true, not all women want lips like those of Angelina Jolie, there are those who have fleshy lips and what they prefer is to pretend that their lips are smaller than they really are, is not the usual but it happens. Are you of the women who prefer to look a than you actually have? You’re in luck! Today I’m going to give you some tricks to make your lips look finer but always sexy!

The colors are very important to be able to choose the shades that best feel and also make your lips look smaller. The first thing that you will have to do is banish the gloss or the gloss of your usual since when we put gloss on the lips we are making them look bigger visually (besides providing hydration). The most appropriate colors for lips to look finer will be neutral shades such as beige or light brown.

The lipstick will have to be the same color as the lipstick (if it is clearer better) but you will have to avoid at all costs the dark colored pencils.

Another trick to make your lips appear than they really are is that in addition to painting them in neutral color and without lipstick or a softer color than you have the lip, is that highlights and potentiates other areas of your face as Cheekbones or eyes.

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Do you know any more makeup trick to get ?